New Zealand’s Stealthy Pivot to Police State Status — Part 1: The Origins of the NZ Government’s Covid Elimination Strategy, Lockdown Laws and Mass Vaccination Drive

New Zealand’s Stealthy Pivot to Police State Status — Part 1: The Origins of the NZ Government’s Covid Elimination Strategy, Lockdown Laws and Mass Vaccination Drive

This illustrated investigation traces the origins of the New Zealand Government’s elimination strategy, its aspiration for high vaccination uptake and the nation’s embroilment in the World Health Organization’s pandemic trigger mechanisms – back to a 2002 Ministry of Health discussion paper published just as SARS-Cov-1 outbreak began. 

As far back as 2005, the United Nations’ World Health Organisation gained the power to construct trigger mechanisms to declare pandemics, that would eventually lead to the health departments across the 196 members nations being reoriented for an over-hyped health crisis.

Doctor Thunk Evil Without Being Evil finds that New Zealand’s Government gained for itself invasive powers to lockdown, search, seize and detain with amendments to the Public Health in 2006. Yet, the Government has exploited the over-hyped Covid-19 hysteria to expand its Medical Martial Law powers.

Moreover, the Ministry of Health’s Influenza Pandemic Plan of 2017 failed to model for the possibility that the nation might be gamed by a transnational criminal Global Health Syndicate in the future. 

Indeed, the track record of John Hopkins University’s Center for Health Security for scripting, casting, and hosting pandemic exercises is questionable. Especially, since a pattern of ties to the American Deep State, conflicts of interest and intrigue suggests its first bioterrorism pandemic exercise — which occurred three months prior to the 9/11 Coup D’état — was intended to seed a narrative that Iraq was allied with Al Qaeda.

Ironically, a recent Vaccination Order made it compulsory for most NZ border workers to be vaccinated, and came into effect on 14 July 2021, despite MOH’s 2002 discussion paper envisaging mandatory vaccinations would only be feasible in the event of bioterrorism.

By Doctor Thunk Evil Without Being Evil

 New Zealand’s Dystopian Pivot to Police State Status

The South Pacific archipelago of New Zealand is in the process of being fully absorbed into an emergent technocratic police state, complete with a bio-security operating system, amid the ‘Great Corona Reset’.

On March 19th 2020, and six days prior to locking down the country with a Covid-death toll of precisely zero, New Zealand’s Prime Minister and Minister for National Security and Intelligence, effectively consigned healthy skepticism to the national memory hole.

Amid rumours that New Zealand’s Government was planning to implement a full lock-down regime at the beginning of the pandemic, NZ’s PM Jacinda Ardern told the assembled media missionaries, “We will continue to be your single source of truth.”[1]

Ministry of Truth: New Zealand’s Prime Minister & Minister for National Security and Intelligence effectively consigned healthy skepticism to the national memory hole.However, the brutal truth is that New Zealanders have been cast as human monkeys whom are being re-coded with new language, images, and metaphors without our conscious consent.

This heist of our free-will occurs amid a totalitarian pivot across Western Civilization, while the world’s three major powers — America, Russia and China — re-forge their empires on a 2D geopolitical chess board.

Masking over Ideological Cracks: The sudden pivot across the globe to a totalitarian bio-security operating system belies a geopolitical agenda that originated from a pay-grade well above the level of the presidents, prime ministers, premiers, governors and mayors.

Meanwhile, scientistsdoctors and nurses outside ‘The Covid Club’ were (and continue to be) excluded, ignored, or Ostracised. The Covid Club’s favoured ‘solutions’, such as a global race to develop, deploy and deluge the world with vaccines, contact tracing apps, and ‘immunity passports’ – took on a warped logic belying a planet under siege of mysterious forces skilled in casting spells.

Yet, many human monkeys living in the archipelago of New Zealand scoff at the idea that the nation has been reset on an accelerated track to police state status.

The confusion has to do with misunderstanding the term police state, as well as how pre-set trigger mechanisms work in a ‘wedge of war’ framework within a Fifth Generation Warfare paradigm.

A ‘police state’ conjures the idea of fascist or communist totalitarian regimes with special security forces dressed dapperly in designer uniforms enforcing curfews, rounding up humans from scape-goated groups blamed for a crisis, or shooting dissident citizens after tip-offs from snitching neighbors.

The term police state describes a government that exercises power arbitrarily through the wielding of the police force, armed forces and intelligence agencies, rather than the Rule of Law Doctrine.

The exercise of the Rule of Law Doctrine restrains the abuses of power, but if crimes of power proceed unchecked, they can manifest into a totalitarian state controlled by a political police force that secretly supervises the citizens’ activities, inflicts punishments and controls the captured citizenry through fear. A Police State deploys propaganda to hide its power crimes, exploits news media outlets’ appetite for drama and brain-washes the captive citizenry.

Emergent Police State Apparatus: New Zealand’s Police man roadblocks while NZ’s Defence Force oversee security at the quarantine and isolation facilities
The uncertainty about NZ’s status as a police state is also due to a widespread lack of comprehension about how pre-set trigger mechanisms work once an engineered crisis approaches the thin end of the wedge.

Skepticism also persists because each of us human monkeys have to overcome obstacles to see a big picture view of the broader ‘wedge of war’ that led to those trigger mechanisms being set-off like an automated trap.

These pre-set trigger mechanisms short-circuited a considered rational response and occurred within a Fifth Generation Warfare paradigm, as I show in the sub-section, “Medical Martial Law Trigger Mechanisms with a Voodoo Magic Spell”.

Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW) attacks a culture at an unconscious level by manipulating perceptions to steal the identity of adversaries and, also the unwitting hosts who cheer-lead the reforms. In the process, 5GW reconstructs the identity of an entire class, or culture, or civilization – as Waseem Qureshi wrote (more generally) in his 2019 paper, “Fourth and Fifth Generation Warfare: Technology and Perceptions”.[2]

Because the violence is so discreetly dispersed, the victims are unaware they are in a war and, therefore, remain oblivious they are losing a war. Indeed, the more dispersed the warfare is in its actions, the more effective and immune the clandestine operation becomes. Therefore, Fifth Generation Warfare is the most dangerous of all time, because the wars themselves work best when they remain unidentified.

The Perfect Wars: Where Fourth Generation Warfare covertly used non-state actors to fight destabilizing civil wars, inflict terrorism and coup d’etats – Fifth Generation Warfare is the most dangerous of all time, because the wars themselves work best when they remain unidentified.

In this way, New Zealand morphed more fully into an emergent police state and are expected to continue to cheerfully accept house arrest, expanded Medical Martial Laws and submit to being re-trained as human forms of Pavlov’s dogs coerced into a dystopian bio-security operating system.

The rest of this illustrated documentary essay traces the regulatory steps that resulted in New Zealand moving in lockstep with the World Health Organization’s pandemic declaration, amid a contagion of orchestrated fear-porn that was spread through the global news-chain to frighten the world into submission.

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