One thought on “New Zealand’s WEF Enabling Act: Evil Is Authorized If They Use The Covid Excuse. What’s Next?!

  1. I believe we are beginning to see, Mr Trudeau has been working very hard to crash our economy. With confidence, I say this from many examples known to the world by reputable journalism to back up my statements.

    How much more can middle class citizens take from Justin Trudeau’s careless mismanagement of our nation? I believe Mr Trudeau’s government is creating poverty for most, and riches for some.

    The lack of accountability in government is appalling. Canadians are desperately looking for support from government representatives, ministries, and departments of accountability. We look for help from intelligence agencies, the RCMP, and the Governor General to stop a reckless, destructive government from destroying what our forefathers built, and Canadians have died for.

    I believe positions of authority that have been appointed, are compromised. When an individual appointed to a position, reports back to the PM – the individual that appoints them, It’s a conflict of interest.

    So let’s not do what Mr Trudeau has talked about doing.
    Let’s not do anything about Foreign Real Estate ownership that is inflating our housing prices, and laundering money. Don’t do anything about Blind Bid Real Estate processes that inflate housing prices. Don’t slow down immigration of 1.4 million people into a crumbling countries economy that has no available housing. Don’t rescue citizens from their cries for help.

    Disabled Canadians, young adults, and elderly citizens cannot afford to rent let alone own a home. Mr Trudeau talks little about what’s affecting the lives of Canadians, or how he is doing anything to help with our desperate financial struggles.

    Don’t create a simple mandate of banning single use plastics that Mr Trudeau promised to do in 2019. Don’t plant a billion trees that Mr Trudeau promised the last 2 elections. His words contradict his lack of actions.
    Instead let’s sell off our resources, and our countries security to foreign nations.

    Mr Trudeau with assistance from Liberal, and NDP Members( who BLINDLY support the government until 2025), continues to ignore, deflect, and spend. I believe It’s totalitarianism on the inside, and a shell of a democracy on the outside. What democracy freezes bank accounts of peaceful protestors?? With the help of questionable reporting, he makes Canadians believe it is bad to stand up and disagree with him.

    With the amount of money the government has contributed from the empty purses of the citizens, It seems Canada is the only country responsible for global warming!Has any government informed their citizens about the suns contribution to global warming, or the effects the sun is having?

    I believe Mr Trudeau is deceiving our small nation of 37 million environmentally concerned Canadians who truly, and blindly believe what their government says, to fund a hidden agenda. I believe he is spending recklessly with the support of his party members, and the blindly loyal NDP party, without accountability.

    China, and the US account for over 54% of the worlds Co2 generation. Canada produces 549.23 million metric tons of CO2 emissions. The world produces 25,376 million metric tons. Canada only contributes a measly 2.2% of the worlds total Co2. So why is Canada’s middle class responsible for the worlds financial contributions?
    Why are we giving away trillions of dollars to rich corporations, and organizations of the world?

    I believe Mr Trudeau, and Mr Schwab want to abolish democracies for an elitist socialist reset. Canadian dollars would assist in generating support from very influential people and organizations to assist on a reset. I believe they have chosen to play god. They have decided “it’s for our own good”. They are our Saviour. It seems our government is following a script.

    Justin Trudeau and the WEF:

    The WEF:

    If the Virus was released on purpose, could the WEF be responsible for fabricating the great reset? Could this be the greatest crime against humanity, and the world?

    The world needs to know the truth about the Winnipeg Level 4 infectious Lab investigation. Mr Trudeau has covered up the information for over 2 1/2 years from Canada and the world. 

    The National – Winnipeg Level 4 infectious Lab :

    I believe the information from the Winnipeg Level 4 infectious Lab would be an important piece of the puzzle that could bring down the house of cards. Has China, and Canada contributed to a coverup? China refuses to let WHO investigators return to China to conclude their report. WHO experts concluded that the virus was man made, not from bat feces, or droppings.

    I believe Covid could have been the created catalyst to put the plan into action. Mr Schwab stated that the reset has been in the works for years.

    Everything seems to contribute to one big secretive plan.
    The problem with the new world order is, they don’t want to give back financially to set the world right.

    I believe World leaders never seemed to care about developing rules, and plans to contribute to a peaceful, healthy world. I believe government’s allowed lobbyists, and businesses to sway decisions for personal, or party gain.

    It seems the United Nations is just a club in name only. A gathering to appease the nations of the world. The United Nations has had the opportunity to create a better world since 1945. Unfortunately it seems the fruits of their labours, is rotten/decayed, look around.

    No one said, “Let’s ban together to keep our world population at a reasonable, sustainable number”., or did they? No one said “no”to toxic processes, that cut costs, but destroy the environment through agriculture, and manufacturing.

    Everyone saw a successful capitalist nation like the United States grow, and get rich from successful Ingenuity. They liked the model, and adapted it accordingly. Everyone wanted the riches that came from commercialism; it was a model they could financially benefit from.

    The cheaper the cost, the greater the profit. Companies have searched the world over for the last 50 years looking for the cheapest labour possible. The lowest common denominator goes to China, along with government representatives, and businessman’s dedication, and loyalty to their country, citizens, and democracy.

    Now, China controls everything, and countries find themselves helpless to do anything about biological warfare because everything they own is in China.

    I don’t blame China for fishing for business. They cast their rods, and they put the bait on the line, but it was the governments, and the businesses that took the bait, and who knows what else. If I was China, I would remember who sold out their country, and who they could never really trust.

    People of power, and wealth are responsible for the erosion of our world, and now they don’t like what’s happening. It’s like a child that is loosing at a game of monopoly. They get mad, throw a tantrum, and hurl the board in the air sending everything into chaos.

    The rich benefactors of the world blame everything on ordinary people, when greed, power, and a void of compassion have created the problems of the world.

    In their fury, they retaliate and decide they will take everything away from the middle class, and force them into poverty by developing a new means of control to benefit a select few.

     I’m sure next is to divvy up the wealth, control of agricultural, resources, trade, and jurisdiction  like any socialist nation. 

    But remember, 1 Timothy 6:10 “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

    Are there any democratic government representatives that are not involved? Are there any brave leaders, politicians, or business people that will fight for decency over the WEF reset?

    The world is at a crossroads. The WEF has decided they have the answers. Instead of working with the world on a solution, they have created a solution for us that is going to cost the democracies of the world to cave into a dictatorship. You will own nothing, and like it.

    The war in the Ukraine is devastating. I believe democracies of the world should wake up and take note. Erosion of democracy is coming to a country near you.

    Good people of the world need to come together and decide what is best for the people of the world. A plan that does not include an unauthorized, deceitful scheme that includes the theft of funds from democratic nations under false pretences. A plan that includes experts that contribute to a solution of fact.

    I personally know that behind the scenes, we have great representatives in the senate that are working hard with businesses, and the public to align Canada for a substantial future. The Senate Prosperity Action Group is an example of what citizens can accomplish by working together with government for a common goal.

    I pray patriotic citizens speak up and expose the truth so we can identify the threats of the world and deal with our problems in an open, honest fashion.

    I believe their is documented evidence to contravene the Criminal Code of Canada, Section 46(2). Will the people involved, and the people responsible, be held accountable by the powers of authority we rely on?
    Which side of history will you be on?

    “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”
    Albert Einstein

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