News from Israel / Gaza

News from Israel / Gaza

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Syria Launches Missiles On Golan Heights As US Begins ‘Surging’ Defense Aid To Israel

Update(1612ET): The Syrian Army has fired missiles toward the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights Tuesday evening (local), breaking reports indicate. The Israeli Defense Force have confirmed the attack:

This raises the risk of a broader conflict which spirals, given the earlier exchange of fire in northern Lebanon between Israel and likely Hezbollah positions. Al Jazeera senior correspondent Zeina Khodr writes on the significance of the Golan mortar fire from Syria:

Rocket from Syria lands in Israel occupied Golan Heights- it was a matter of time before a message is sent to Israel from this front … “multi front assault possible”.

This came within an hour of President Biden in a speech confirming that the US will begin ‘surging’ defense aid to Israel.

And the Pentagon too confirmed:

A senior defense official said the Pentagon was “surging support” to its closest Middle Eastern ally in response to what U.S. officials have said are the brutal new tactics that characterized the weekend assault by Hamas militants into southern Israel. With the combined death toll exceeding 1,500, Israel’s government on Monday ordered a full-scale siege of the Gaza Strip, setting the stage for what could be a prolonged and bloody offensive in the small, densely populated Palestinian enclave.

This has already begun, says Boeing:

Meanwhile, various countries have begun evacuation efforts of their citizens from Tel Aviv:


* * *

Update(1310ET): The Israeli army has reportedly issued an order for citizens to evacuate the Metula settlement, which lies just along the northern border with Lebanon. This after a salvo of some 15 rockets was fired from southern Lebanon in a suspected Hezbollah operation. “In response to the launches identified from Lebanese territory toward Israeli territory, IDF soldiers are currently responding with artillery fire,” regional sources report. The IDF said it intercepted several of them, while most landed in open fields. Things are steadily escalating there:

A senior Israeli officer was killed in a confrontation with militants on the frontier with Lebanon on Monday, Israel’s military has confirmed.

The [Israeli] military said troops and aircraft killed two “terrorist infiltrators” who had crossed into Israeli territory. Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed that they were its members.

Later, at least three militants from Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement were killed as the military attacked sites in Lebanon in response to mortar fire.

Still, both Israel and Iran-backed Hezbollah have thus far narrowly avoided a spiral into all-out war at the Israel-Lebanon border. “What’s happening here seems to be a kind of contained tension. Lebanon is not yet a war zone. However, it’s an area of operation. But it seems it’s also a space for both sides to exchange messages,” an Al Jazeera’s correspondent, Ali Hashem, has observed.

Iran, meanwhile, has been on the defensive after major US media, especially the Wall Street Journal, cited US sources who alleged Tehran supported, funded and helped plan Hamas’ deadly rampage across southern Israel on Saturday. There’s speculation that the Iranians fear Israel’s Netanyahu government could begin targeting sites inside Iran. A regional source reports Tuesday on the unprecedented softening of rhetoric from Iran’s leadership, related to Hamas and Israel as follows:

Iran’s supreme leader has strongly rejected any involvement in the Hamas movement’s surprise attack on Israel. The public maneuvering, which involved Ayatollah Ali Khamenei strikingly repeating his rejection of an Iranian role three times in a 90-second span, follows controversial claims in US media that Tehran helped plan the Oct. 7 blitz.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a high-ranking Iranian source told that Khamenei’s remarks—his first since the Hamas offensive—may have been sparked by “him seeing the direction of the Israeli public diplomacy campaign.” Rejecting concerns of an impending Israeli attack as Khamenei’s underlying motive, the source said the supreme leader’s comments are “pre-emptive” as opposed to reactive.

Addressing the rare decision by Khamenei to be so vocal in his rejection of an Iranian role in the Palestinian blitz, a second senior source in Tehran told, “Give me one reason why he should do otherwise.” Also speaking anonymously given the sensitivity of the matter, he continued, “Why should one give them the perfect justification they need for an attack?” At the same time, the source dismissed the notion that being so explicit in rejecting a role in the Hamas attack indicates a sense of weakness on the part of Iran.

The Pentagon has meanwhile warned both Iran and Hezbollah against jumping into the conflict in a fresh statement:

The senior US official said Iran, Hezbollah and other groups backed by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) “should think twice” before joining in the war.

“Iran-backed adversaries like Lebanese Hezbollah should not question the commitment of the US government to support the defense of Israel,” the official added.

“We believe that the folks in the region understand what those capabilities are,” the White House’s National Security Council coordinator John Kirby, a former US Navy rear admiral, told reporters Monday evening.

This as the following just came across the news wires:


While there are yet no indicators that the US will conduct anything other than a “show of support” with the naval hardware dispatched near Israel, it will certainly be in a position to conduct some level of active intervention on Israel’s side if ordered by the White House:

The IDF said it had mobilized 300,000 troops and declared a full siege halting the flow of water, food and electricity into Gaza on Monday.

The arrival of the USS Ford – which is carrying an air wing and is accompanied by the guided-missile cruiser USS Normandy and four US Navy Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyers – is intended to send an unmistakable warning to Iran and the militant groups it backs throughout the region not to join in the conflict by launching their own attacks against Israel, Biden administration officials said.

The strike group led by the Ford is capable of intelligence collection and “long-range strikes,” a senior US defense official told reporters on Monday, noting its arrival signals “the United States is postured to respond to any contingencies and minimize the risk of a wider conflict.”

Republicans in Congress continue to question Biden’s unfreezing of the $6 billion for Iran. Some are calling for a refreeze in light of the Hamas attack. According to The Hill:

Blackburn and other Republican senators wrote a letter to Biden dated Oct. 9 calling on him to stop the flow of the $6 billion into Iran, even though the funds are only supposed to be used for humanitarian purposes.  

Your administration claims these funds are only available for humanitarian use, but money is fungible, and there is significant risk they could be used to further efforts by Iran or Hamas against Israel,” they wrote.  

“Moreover, allowing $6 billion to flow into Iran’s economy, even if the purpose is for humanitarian aid, allows the Iranian regime to reallocate even more funds to supporting terrorism,” they argued.

The White House response:

* * *

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have announced they have completely sealed the border with Gaza amid continued body recovery operations and assessment of damage. This as Israel has newly announced that over 1,000 Israelis have been killed.

The IDF and Israeli officials are also for the first time taking foreign journalists to the scenes where the armed raids out of Gaza took place on Sunday, including to Kfar Azza, a kibbutz near the border where some 70 Jewish residents were killed. The IDF has denounced the “massacre” while giving foreign press a tour of the empties out settlement.

Israeli victims in Kfar Aza, via AFP

“It’s not a war, it’s not a battlefield, it’s a massacre,” IDF Major General Itai Veruv was quoted as saying. “You see the babies, their mothers and their fathers, in their bedrooms, and in their protected rooms, and how the terrorists killed them — it’s not a war.”

“It’s something that I never saw in my life,” he said. “We used to imagine our grandmothers and grandfathers during the pogroms in Europe. It’s not something that we have seen in recent history.”

Another one, Kibbutz Be’eri, was the gruesome scene of the recovery of at least 108 bodies, while the music festival in the desert where footage of the initial Hamas invasion was captured had at least 260 bodies.

Among the Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), the IDF said it had killed some 1,500 in Israeli territory, and these bodies are being collected too.

Gunmen went on a rampage Saturday along roads and highways in the south of Israel.

In Israel, at 1,008 people have died and over 2,600 others have been injured, but assessing total casualties and also identifying the deceased has been a long, difficult process – also under war conditions as missiles fly above. One top Netanyahu aide, Yossi Shelley, is under fire for some controversial statements to the press:

Responding to questions during an interview on Channel 12 about the government’s reaction time, Shelley said that “the party made a not insubstantial contribution to the chaos,” adding “I’m not casting blame but sometimes there are cumulative conditions, this is a situation which no one planned.”

Shelley said the process of identifying the fatalities and the hostages was like “standing in line at the supermarket, it doesn’t matter how many shop assistants there are, sometimes it’s impossible to deal with everyone.”

On Tuesday he tried to clarify the statements amid anger from victims’ families. Shelley said, “I never in any way intended to say that the partygoers contributed to the results of the tragic event. The youngsters who were celebrating, including my beloved cousin Lori who was murdered, celebrate like the people of Israel should do on their festivals.”

Warning – graphic content below:

In Gaza, the death toll continues to mount amid constant Israeli airstrikes and shelling, with Al Jazeera reporting that the dead have reached 770.

While a horrific massacre by Islamic terrorists infiltrating southern Israel played out over the weekend, a massacre of mostly civilians by the overwhelming airpower of Israel’s air force is ongoing in the Gaza Strip. Nearly 200,000 Gazans have been displaced at this point…

On social media, there are graphic scenes of death, violence, and suffering widely circulating.

Politico has decided to go after Elon Musk and X for lack of censorship related to some of these videos:

Videos and images of mass shootings, kidnapped civilians and soldiers and other violence linked with Hamas’ attack on Israel are being widely shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, in violation of the company’s own rules against inciting violence.

POLITICO’s review of Elon Musk’s social media platform in the wake of Hamas’ attacks, which began on October 7, discovered scores of videos that allegedly showed militants murdering civilians and Israeli soldiers; viral hashtags associated with the ongoing violence that praised Hamas’ activities; and social media posts that included graphic pictures of those killed and antisemitic hate speech.

However, platforms like X are in part helping people to track missing persons, or to identify the deceased, as well as in some cases their killers.

Image: Times of Israel

Meanwhile, even though the situation in southern Israel is largely pacified under the IDF, Israel’s military still believes some terrorist infiltrators are present, but are hiding. A search operation by Israeli forces is still active after the majority of civilian residents from communities near Gaza have been evacuated:

Hamas fighters are believed to be “still hiding” in some communities in southern Israel even after the Israeli military took back control, according to Israel Defense Forces spokesman Maj. Doron Spielman.

“We are in control of the communities, but we actually assume that there are Hamas terrorists that are still hiding in these areas, including in the road where we are now,” Spielman told ABC News during an interview Monday in Sderot, Israel. “In all these communities, we’ve seen terrorist come out of hiding. Just yesterday, they took over an ambulance.”

“We’re still being very, very careful,” he added. “This is a war zone with active terrorists that are operating here.”

Videos have emerged showing highway shootouts between Israeli forces and Hamas which happened Saturday into Sunday:

There are also many videos documenting kidnappings which unfolded in real-time:

Hamas commandos, clearly well-armed and well prepared, filmed themselves breaching Israeli settlements and setting fire to the dwellings…

Graphic: The below shows the killing of a man who tried to flee (just off-scene)…

IDF reinforcements have continued to muster at the border. While the ground invasion has yet to start, it is expected and likely imminent, given Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu told President Biden on Sunday that “We have to go in,” in reference to a ground operation. He further conceded this will be a “long and difficult war.”

* * *

More on the ground coverage from local Israeli media sources…


Here are some of the headlines from Hal Turner. 

First, his live updates


King Abdullah II of Jordan Orders Humanitarian Aid to Gaza; IDF Says “no”

King Abdullah II of Jordan, in coordination with the Egyptian Government, has reportedly ordered the Delivery of Humanitarian Aid to the Gaza Strip through the Rafah Border Crossing.

However the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) is continuing to state that any Supply Trucks that attempt to enter the Gaza Strip through Egypt will be Destroyed.

The government of Israel needs to remind it IDF that THEY do not make policy; the civilian government makes policy.   The government of Israel also needs to remind the IDF that THEY do not get to starve people to death, which, now that Israel has formally declared “War” would be a war crime.  A crime against Humanity.

No Way Out! Rafah Border Crossing into Egypt Closed after Israeli Air Strike

The only way out of the Gaza Strip in Israel was the Border crossing at Rafah into Egypt.  That crossing is now (temporarily?) closed after an Israeli air strike; thereby trapping 2 million Palestinians.

Israel has given HAMAS until *today* to surrender and release all the hostages, or the Gaza Strip will be flattened. Yet Israel targeted a particular house in the town very near the Rafah Border Crossing to kill the leader of the Nasser brigades.   It was after that air strike that the Rafah crossing was closed by Egypt out of fear of more strikes.

The Israelis believe Rafah will be re-opened.  But believing it, and seeing it actually happen are two different things.   Without Rafah being open, the 2.3 Million Palestinians in Gaza are trapped and being hit with ongoing air strikes.

With the exits closed, the Palestinians trapped, and air strikes ongoing against those same people, some folks are saying this looks like a Genocide fixing to take place.

BIBLICAL PROPHECY- REAL LIFE: Netanyahu Warns will “Destroy Damascus if Hezbollah Enters War”

Biblical Prophecy seems to be playing out in real life right now, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just announced “Israel warns that the United States will join (the war) if Hezbollah joins. IDF will destroy Damascus, target Syrian President Assad if Hezbollah joins war; US warships will support Israel in war.”

From the Greek site, WarNews24/7

Historic Mission: Joint US-Israel Operation to Rescue 150 Hostages – Delta Force, Seal Team 6 and Shayetet 13 will enter the heart of Gaza!

American forces on standby in Greece

Israel and the US will attempt to free the approximately 150 hostages held by Hamas in tunnels in the Gaza Strip. This is a historic mission with a high degree of risk.

The operation is expected to begin as soon as the Israeli Headquarters established specifically for this purpose locates the exact location of the hostages.

To this end, US Special Operations teams and Intelligence Agents arrived in Israel as Advisors to assist Israeli forces in rescuing the hostages in Gaza once the ground invasion began.

Unofficial sources say that elite US forces will normally participate in the operation.

The Americans photograph Greece saying that “US special operations forces have been put on alert in a nearby European country (JSOC Unit)” to help even more if needed.

Earlier it became known that the Greek Navy has reportedly been placed on High Alert with the Psara frigate deployed with NATO’s Standing Naval Group 2 in the Eastern Mediterranean for operations alongside the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford.

With the firepower of two aircraft carriers, Israel goes to war with Hezbollah: the US also sends the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower with its battle group!

Israel’s plans are changing – Israeli circles see a “unique opportunity” on the horizon

The US is sending a second aircraft carrier with its battle group to the Eastern Mediterranean off the coast of Israel, responding in this way to the war preparations of Hezbollah, the Iranian Guards and other Shiite militias in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.

The development is extremely serious as the second aircraft carrier, like the first, is not going because of Hamas but because of Hezbollah and Iran. Israel, as you will see, is now having second thoughts about the course of the war.

Hezbollah and Iranian Guards open front against Israel in Golan – Fierce fighting in Lebanon: ATGM Kornet fires against Merkava – Phosphorus bombs fall

A major military mobilization is being seen in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon as Hezbollah and Iranian Guard forces gather and take up fighting positions near the Golan Heights.

At the same time, Abu Ala al-Walai, commander of the Iraqi Shia militia “Kataeb Saiyed al Shohada”, arrived in Beirut.

There, according to information, a joint command room of Hamas, Hezbollah and the Iraqi Shiite militias, a “war room”, will be created. 

We remind you that Hamas has announced a “general mobilization on Friday in the Arab and Islamic world”.

Hamas in its invitation in which it does not give more content calls on Arabs and Muslims to show their solidarity with the Palestinians and their “resistance” on Friday.

According to a Hamas spokesman who spoke to the Guardian, the armed organization “is ready for a long war with Israel”.

Is Hamas seeking an Israeli ground operation? He executed Israelis and beheaded babies – Iran’s threats to Israel: “The first big step has been taken…”

Absolute horror in Israel – Shocking videos

The ISIS tactics applied by Hamas against women and children are shocking and appalling. Israeli soldiers reported that Hamas Islamists beheaded even babies!

The i24NEWS correspondent reports from Kibbutz Kfar Aza, across the Gaza border, the atrocities committed in the small community as soldiers clear traps and recover the bodies of dozens of victims.

It is confirmed in every way that the Islamists of Hamas wanted to cause as many Israeli casualties as possible to be sure of one thing:

That the Israeli Army will enter Gaza!

The Israeli government recently approved a request by Defense Secretary Gallant to call up 60,000 additional Reservists, bringing the total to 360,000.

Fears IDF’s Colossal Failure Opens Aeolian Gap: Islamists Attempted Deep 30km From Gaza – What Russians Say

What happened on the third day of the Israel-Hamas war

In Israel and in many capitals of the Middle East, there is great concern that the catastrophic failure of the Israeli secret services and the Israeli Army will open the Aeolian Gap in the region.

And this is because the Islamists and mainly actors such as Hezbollah, Iran and other organizations saw an unprecedented weakness of the Israeli Army which, combined with the internal political situation, opens the ” window of opportunity” for other operations.

This is the great fear of Israel at this time. Could the Hamas operation, which was carried out in a flash and on multiple axes, be a harbinger of a future broad operation against it with the participation of other forces such as Hezbollah?

On Tuesday morning, a spokesman for the Israeli armed forces confirmed that 1,500 bodies of Hamas militants had been found on Israeli soil. 1,500 Islamists entered Israel…

Hezbollah and Iran saw that the Israeli Army was completely disorganized. It took 72 hours to clear the home front and take control of the entire area around Gaza.

But mostly they saw that if the Israeli Army is taken by surprise then it needs more than 24 hours to gather reserves and man Units to counterattack. This time is critical for the course of the conflicts, especially if he faces Hezbollah.

The manning level of the Israeli Units was only at 30%.

Towards evening it became known that the Islamists were able to penetrate 30 kilometers from the border of the Gaza Strip to the Israeli city of Rahat north of Beer Sheva.

At the same time, for three days, the Palestinian formations held the bridgehead in the area of ​​the Erez roadblock and the settlement of the same name, and also maintained control of the section of the highway to Ashkelon!

Unthinkable upgrading of operations by the Islamists and the main thing: Iran and Hezbollah saw that the Israeli Army is not “invulnerable”!

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