News from the Kherson Front – 19 October, 2022

News from the Kherson Front – 19 October, 2022

Ukraine Fires 6 HIMARS at Power Station/Dam trying to Flood Kherson – all Intercepted!

The Ukrainian Nazi Army fired six (6) American-supplied HIMARS Multiple Launch Rockets at the Kakhovskyaya Hydroelectric Power Plant, shown above, in an effort to cause massive flooding of the Kherson region, for leaving Ukraine and becoming part of Russia.  All 6 HIMARS shells were intercepted and destroyed.

The location of this power station is shown on the small map below:

Had the Dam been hit and collapsed, all the water to the north of the Dam would have gone into uncontrolled release.  The flooding would have been forty feet deep in parts of Kherson located south of the Dam.

Yesterday, acting on covert intelligence, the Russians began evacuation of the civilian population in areas of Kherson likely to have been affected if the Dam was destroyed and flooding came in.   Upwards of sixty thousand (60,000) civilians evacuated, some of whom are shown in the news video below:

Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces launched another offensive against Kherson, in the exact same locations as their prior failed attempts:

The Ukraine Nazi Army went on the offensive in the south, trying to break through to Berislav in the Kherson region. Ukraine has even brought a reserve into battle.  It appears it is not possible to for Ukraine to break through now.  The battlefield map below tells the story:  

Russian Su-25 attack aircraft and Ka-52 “Alligator” helicopters are working on the Nazis and stopping them for now.

The fighting is described as “fierce.”


Elsewhere of note, Ukrainian troops on at least 30 boats tried to land in Energodar to capture the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant – again.

The battle went on for several hours, the sortie was stopped because most of the Ukrainians have been killed by the Russian Army.

At this hour (8:29 AM EDT) Energodar is completely de-energized due to a missile attack on the Luch substation, restoration work is underway.

Russian Army destroyed APU paratroopers near Zaporizhia NPP — Ministry of Defense | Russkaya Vesna

The Defense Ministry reported that today, at about 4 am, the enemy forces of up to two companies made another attempt to land troops on the left bank of the Kakhovsky reservoir and seize the territory of the nuclear power plant.

37 boats and boats with the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including 12 heavy and 25 light types, were involved in the landing.

As a result of the active actions of the Russian troops guarding the outer perimeter of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, the enemy’s landing force was destroyed.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces lost more than 90 Ukrainian servicemen and 14 boats.

The remnants of the landing force were dispersed by artillery fire in the water area of the Kakhovsky reservoir.

There were no casualties or damage at the station. The radiation situation is normal.

Ukrainian attack on nuclear plant repelled – Russian official

The amphibious operation in Zaporozhye Region involved 30 boats and followed artillery shelling, according to Vladimir Rogov
Ukrainian attack on nuclear plant repelled – Russian official

A Ukrainian attempt to capture Europe’s largest nuclear plant has failed, a senior local official reported on Wednesday morning.

Ukrainian commandos used around 30 speed boats overnight to cross the Dnieper River, targeting the city of Energodar, Vladimir Rogov claimed.

“After artillery shelling of the city, they attempted to land, including to capture the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant. The fighting continued for several hours, at least three or three and a half. The assault was fended off,” he said.

Earlier in the day the city administration reported Ukrainian artillery attacks on several key facilities in Energodar, including the city administration building, an access road, and a transformer station crucial for its power supply. The latter was disabled, causing a blackout, the head of the city administration, Aleksandr Volga, said.

Later in the day, the Russian Defense Ministry stated that the number of troops involved in the Ukrainian operation comprised up to two companies and that a total of 37 boats of various types were used. The military claimed that Kiev lost over 90 soldiers and 14 boats in the botched operation, while its remaining forces were dispersed by Russian artillery fire.

Energodar is located in Zaporozhye Region, one of four former Ukrainian regions that voted to become part of Russia last month. Energodar has been under Russian control since March.

The Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant, the largest facility of its kind in Europe, is located on the shore of the Dnepr just outside the city. The site was the focus of a diplomatic spat between Russia and Ukraine, with both sides accusing each other of attacking it and risking a nuclear disaster. Kiev also claimed that Russia was stationing heavy weapons at the facility, which Moscow denies. Russia formally included the plant in its civilian atomic energy infrastructure earlier this month.

The provincial capital, the city of Zaporozhye, remains under Ukrainian control and served as the staging ground for the amphibious operation, according to Rogov.

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