News from the Ukraine war – 24 April, 2021

News from the Ukraine war – 24 April, 2021

The Ministry of Defense announced a chemical attack on Russian troops from a drone

Chief of the RCBZ troops Kirillov announced a chemical attack on the Russian troops from a drone

Photo: Press Service of the Russian Defense Ministry / RIA Novosti

In the Russian Defense Ministry said that it recorded a chemical attack on Russian troops from a drone in Ukraine. This was announced by the chief of the Russian Defense Ministry’s RCBZ troops, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, quoted by TASS.

According to him, the attack occurred on April 21. Kirillov claims that a container with ampoules containing a toxic substance was dropped on the position of Russian troops from a drone. It was planned that when they were destroyed, a chemical reaction would occur, which would cause an explosion and fire with the release of toxic substances, he added. The contents of the ampoules will be analyzed in the laboratory of the 27th Scientific Center of the Russian Defense Ministry.

Kirillov also accused the US of participating in the attack. He recalled that the United States is the only country that has used all three types of weapons of mass destruction, and said that ” the Kiev regime, at the suggestion of the American administration, is able to implement scenarios that will lead to the death of tens of thousands of Ukrainian citizens in the near future.”

Previously, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Alexander Shulgin saidthat Western countries may seek to extend the activities of the OPCW prosecution mechanism to Ukraine.

Urgent Briefing from the Russian Ministry of Defense regarding new provocations

Via Vineyard of the Saker

The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation ( held an urgent briefing, ( detailing a provocation against the Russian Federation prepared by the USA and NATO with the accusation of using nuclear, biological and chemical weapons

💬 The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation possesses the information related to the preparation of provocations by the United States of America in order to accuse the Russian Armed Forces of using chemical, biological or tactical nuclear weapons.

There are three scenarios to be applied in order to accuse the Russian Federation.

👉 The first one is a ‘staged incident under a false flag’ that is the most probable.

👉 The second one refers to a ‘Maximally covert use of weapons of mass destruction in small volumes’ for neutralising the will power and the capacity to resist within the fulfilment of a particular operational task.

👉 The third and the least probable one is the ‘overt use of weapons of mass destruction at a combat area’.

The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation possesses the information related to the preparation of provocations by the United States of America in order to accuse the Russian Armed Forces of using chemical, biological or tactical nuclear weapons. This plan has already been developed and represents a response to the success of Russia in conducting the special military operation.

▫️Only in March and April senior officials of the Western countries have been making regular provocative ‘warning’ statements. The mass media propagate the points about the possibility of using weapons of mass destructions by Russia.

▫️For example, the National Security Advisor J.Sullivan has commented on Biden’s words that the USA “in kind” to the possible use of weapons of mass destructions by our country. And on February 27 the American permanent representative to the UN Greenfield announced an intention of Russia to use any instruments ‘under a false flag’, including chemical and biological weapons for intimidating the Ukrainian population and the international community.

▫️Against this background, the US State Department considered positively the transfer of up to 400 sets of personal protection equipment, 390 NBC reconnaissance devices and 15 ‘Stryker’ reconnaissance vehicles.

Staged use of WMD is aimed at accusing Russia of using prohibited weapons with the subsequent implementation of the so-called «Syrian scenario», in which the state is subjected to economic and political isolation, as well as exclusion from international organizations, including the UN Security Council.

▫️A possible way forward is to put pressure on the countries loyal to and friendly to the Russian Federation, including India and China, to compel them to impose sanctions on our country.

❗️We would like to recall that the Russian Federation completely destroyed its chemical arsenal on September 27, 2017, which is confirmed by an OPCW certificate. In turn, the United States, with its strong financial, economic and technical potential, is the only country party to the Chemical Weapons Convention that still possesses an impressive arsenal of chemical warfare agents (672.5 tons).

▫️CIA Director Burns’ statement about Russia’s possible use of tactical nuclear weapons is absurd. With the current level of technical equipment of the international nuclear test monitoring system, it is impossible to conceal the use of such weapons. If the CIA director does not understand this, then he is either unprofessional, or he is being misled.

▫️The biological weapons programs in the USSR were completely phased out in 1972. At the same time, the number of U.S. biological laboratories is incomparable to other countries. According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Washington controls 336 laboratories in 30 countries, which is of great concern.

To date, the United States is the only state in world history that has used all three types of weapons of mass destruction.

▫️The dropped nuclear bombs during the Second World War on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the use of toxic chemicals in Vietnam and Iraq – all these crimes were not properly assessed by relevant international organizations.

❗️Thus, in an attempt to discredit the special military operation of the Russian troops, the Kiev regime, at the suggestion of the American administration, is able to implement scenarios in the near future that will lead to the death of tens of thousands of Ukrainian citizens and cause an environmental and humanitarian catastrophe.

The various posts on the Mod Telegram channel starts here:

Russia to investigate alleged SAS activities in Ukraine

At least two British special ops groups have reportedly been deployed in the Lviv region
Russia to investigate alleged SAS activities in Ukraine

Russia’s Investigative Committee said on Saturday that it will look into media reports that sabotage experts from the British Army’s special forces have been deployed in western Ukraine.

“This data is going to be checked thoroughly,” especially considering the fact that Special Air Service (SAS) forces have established themselves as “experts in organizing mass protests, assassinations of political figures as well as preparing terrorist attacks,” the agency said in a statement.

This comes after a security source told RIA Novosti earlier in the day that at least two groups of British servicemen had arrived at a Ukrainian Air Force base in the town of Brody in the Lviv region. They traveled all the way from “the city of Hereford in the UK, where SAS headquarters is located,” the source said.

Each group allegedly consists of between 8 to 10 officers, specializing in sabotage, guerrilla warfare, and the recruitment of agents to work in hostile territory. SAS experts are considered to be among the best in the world in these areas, according to the source.

“Those aren’t ordinary special forces. They’re intellectuals. In each group there is always an ideologist – a professor of sorts – and the rest are experts in their specific areas,” he explained.

When deployed in conflict areas, SAS sabotage teams usually operate under the guise of medical or humanitarian workers, including the White Helmets group, which was active during the Syrian conflict, according to the source.

“It’s highly likely that these specialists arrived in order to improve the Ukrainian special forces’ skills and efficiency in coordinating activities of their sabotage groups on the Ukrainian territories currently controlled by the Russian forces,” he said.

The UK has been one of Ukraine’s primary backers and arms suppliers during its ongoing conflict with Russia. London has sent weapons ranging from anti-tank and anti-aircraft missile systems, to armored vehicles to Kiev. Earlier this month, Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a surprise visit to the Ukrainian capital to meet with President Volodymyr Zelensky and personally assure him of Britain’s support.

Last week, The Times reported that SAS troops were also in Kiev training their Ukrainian counterparts to use British NLAWs shoulder-fired anti-tank missile launchers.

A few days ago, Johnson revealed that some Ukrainian servicemen were in the UK, where they are being trained to operate the 120 armored vehicles provided by London. Another group of British experts were training Kiev’s forces in Poland to use anti-aircraft hardware, he added.

On Friday, the British prime minister acknowledged that there was a “realistic possibility” of Russia achieving military victory in Ukraine, insisting that the weapon deliveries to Kiev should be ramped up.

Moscow has repeatedly condemned the arms supplies to Kiev sent by NATO countries, saying they only destabilize the situation on the ground and hamper the prospects for peace. It also insists that Western convoys will become legitimate targets for the Russian forces once they cross into Ukrainian territory.

Russia attacked the neighboring state in late February, following Ukraine’s failure to implement the terms of the Minsk agreements, first signed in 2014, and Moscow’s eventual recognition of the Donbass republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. The German and French brokered protocols were designed to give the breakaway regions special status within the Ukrainian state.

The Kremlin has since demanded that Ukraine officially declare itself a neutral country that will never join the US-led NATO military bloc. Kiev insists the Russian offensive was completely unprovoked and has denied claims it was planning to retake the two republics by force.

Mass Crime propaganda in Mariupol Exposed!?

UK named Putin’s ‘prime target’ as Russia warns it can launch ‘nuclear strike’ on Britain

A RUSSIAN MP singled out Britain as the next “prime target” for Moscow after Ukraine in a startling rant on Kremlin-controlled state TV

A Russian lawmaker issued a sinister death threat against Boris Johnson after singling out Britain as a “prime target” for Vladimir Putin. Boris Johnson’s strong stance against the Russian invasion of Ukraine has earned him a spot as the number one enemy of Kremlin supporters. Speaking on Kremlin-controlled state TV, Russia-1, one lawmaker said Russia “can carry out a nuclear strike against Great Britain”.

Britain threatens to use non-NATO nuclear weapons – Russia identifies SAS forces in Ukraine: “Your island is the No. 1 target”

British-Russian episodes

British SAS forces have entered Ukraine, Russian media reported, noting that they are experts in sabotage operations and guerrilla warfare.

Their goal is to carry out attacks in Crimea, southern and eastern Ukraine on Russian-controlled territories.

Moscow is threatening to say that this could be considered Britain’s official entry into the war against Russia.

Russia-Britain tensions have escalated in the last 48 hours, with Johnson threatening Russia with non-NATO nuclear weapons.

Russia: London enters the war against us

“The appearance of the British SAS special forces in Lviv can be considered as a direct entry of London into an armed conflict with Russia,” Russian sources emphasize.

And they add:

“London continues to show pure hostility towards Moscow. Great Britain sent military forces to the territory of Ukraine.

We are talking about at least 24 members of the special forces of the well-known SAS of the United Kingdom Armed Forces.

The specific British forces were sent in two groups of 12 people each, they are experts in sabotage, guerrilla warfare, coup organization, mass demonstrations, assassination of state leaders, recruitment of agents and preparation of terrorist attacks.

They are currently at the “disposal” of the 16th Army Air Brigade “Brody” (16th Brigade, military unit A2595, checkpoint B3765) in the city of the same name in the Lviv region.

The British arrived from Hereford, England, where the SAS “Credenhill” training base is located and the 22nd SAS Regiment is parked.

“British special forces in Lviv can be seen as a direct entry of Great Britain into an armed conflict with Russia.”

Britain: Threatens with nuclear weapons without NATO approval

In an unusual move, the British Prime Minister, M. Johnson, threatened a nuclear attack without NATO approval.

In particular, Johnson Boris announced that the United Kingdom is considering launching a nuclear strike without coordinating the move with other partners in the North Atlantic Alliance.

Mr Johnson did not disclose the reasons for his decision to pursue a nuclear strike without NATO approval, but the British prime minister’s statement came amid successful tests of Russia’s RS-28 Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile and the deployment of British forces in Britain. .

This has caused concern in the United Kingdom as according to British experts, this missile alone is enough to destroy an area of ​​about 250 thousand square kilometers.

“In the event of the use of weapons of mass destruction, the United Kingdom reserves the right to retaliate on its own, without consulting other NATO countries,” said Boris Johnson.

Russia: The loop “fits” very well with Johnson – Your island will disappear!

The response came immediately from Russian state television controlled by the Kremlin. A Russian lawmaker has sent nuclear threats to Britain and Boris Johnson.

In particular, a Russian MP in a show on Russian state television stressed that “Russia can also use nuclear weapons without consulting NATO.”

Speaking, he suggested that Johnson be hanged, noting that a loop “suits him very well”.

He specifically said:

“Consider the British statement on the possibility of a nuclear attack on Russia without consulting NATO.

Listen, we can carry out a nuclear strike against Great Britain without consulting NATO.

Great Britain is the primary target. It is an island nation that would minimize damage to the continent.

It has a weak missile defense. If they move without consulting NATO, then Article 5 on collective defense may not apply.

I listened to him and thought that the noose around Mr. Johnson’s neck during his trip to India suited him very well. “

Ukraine Reported Considering Withdrawals in Northern Donbass Because of Heavy Russian Shelling

Russian Soldiers In Battle And Giving Humanitarian Aid In


This group of Russian Soldiers lead by call sign “Angel” have been Giving Humanitarian Aid In to frontline areas all over Mariupol. This time they and we found ourselves in the middle of a battle just 100 meters from the Azovstal plant. This report is an extended version of a report I released and filmed last week.

Exclusive: Surrendered Ukrainian Officer Opens Up on Conflict Between Marines, Neo-Nazi Fighters

Surrendered Ukrainian forces being checked for ID by Russian and Donetsk People's Republic Forces. Screengrab of DPR Interior Ministry video. - Sputnik International, 1920, 23.04.2022
Some 1,026 troops from Ukraine’s elite 36th Marine Brigade surrendered to Russian and Donetsk militia forces last week in Mariupol, among them 162 officers. The coastal city has been virtually cleared of Ukrainian forces, with army remnants, Azov Regiment neo-Nazi fighters, and foreign mercenaries blockaded at the city’s Azovstal steelworks.
Neo-Nazi Azov Regiment troops considered themselves superior to other branches of the Ukrainian military, to the point of having violent confrontations with their comrades-in-arms, Major Vladimir Labuzov, an officer from the medical service of the 36th Marine Brigade, said in an interview.

“Azov fighters considered themselves superior, not only to the Marines, but to other troopers of the Ukrainian Army. I don’t know why this is the case, but they constantly glorified themselves, constantly showed that they were better, ‘faster, higher, stronger’ than everyone else, let’s put it that way”, Labuzov, who surrendered to Russian and Donetsk forces alongside over 1,000 other Ukrainian troops last week, said. “It’s possible that this is tied to their ultranationalist ideology”, the officer suggested.

Labuzov recalled an incident in 2017 in which four marines had to be given urgent medical assistance after a conflict with Azov fighters in Mariupol, with high command seeking to cover up evidence of such conflicts.
“They didn’t raise a fuss, and troops were simply told that they were ‘fools for getting into a conflict with them’, and that’s it”. Command didn’t seem to want interested parties, including the military police, getting involved with their investigations, the officer said.

A serviceman of the DPR People's Militia is seen on a front line in Mariupol, Donetsk People's Republic. - Sputnik International, 1920, 23.04.2022

Labuzov also provided details on how he and his fellow soldiers were trained in the use of Javelin and NLAW anti-tank missiles provided by the US and the UK.
“There were Javelins and NLAWs. They arrived in 2022 for sure, probably in January…It was interesting. The NLAW is an interesting and simple device. Of course it was interesting… On the mock-up they showed it to us – place here, press here, hold here, something like that took place. This happened at some point in January. But to go to the training ground and to try shooting one – that didn’t happen”, he said.
The United States began delivering Javelin anti-tank missile systems to Ukraine in 2017. UK authorities only formally announced the delivery of NLAWs to Kiev in January. However, documents found at an abandoned Ukrainian military position seized by Russian forces revealed that British instructors have been training Ukrainian forces on their use since at least 2018.

An instructor shows a new member of the Territorial Defence Forces how to operate NLAW anti tank launcher during military exercises amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine, in Kyiv, Ukraine March 9, 2022 - Sputnik International, 1920, 31.03.2022

Handwritten Instructions in Ukrainian on How to Use Brit-made Anti-Tank System Found in DPR

Vanishing Commanders
Labuzov said he and his comrades made the decision to surrender in Mariupol after their commanders “disappeared”.
“They said they had decided to attempt a breakthrough… They got into an armoured personnel carrier and left. At some point we realised that we did not have a brigade commander, a head of staff, a deputy brigade commander… These [roles] are the three pillars upon which the exercise of command is based. At that point we gathered in a narrow circle of officers and began thinking about what to do next. The only sensible and logical option in this situation was to surrender”, he said.

Labuzov said that somewhere around 10 March, high command ordered forces in Mariupol to “hold on”, promising repeatedly to break through a corridor by which it would be possible to replenish supplies and medicines and to evacuate the injured. “And from 10 March, even 2-3 days, they would constantly tell us ‘soon-soon-soon’”, he said.

Classified us army manuals found at Azov neo-Nazis' base near Mariupol - Sputnik International, 1920, 22.04.2022

Classified US Army Manuals Found at Azov Neo-Nazis’ Base Near Mariupol – Video

The 36thMarine Brigade lost about 130 troops killed and at least 300 seriously injured, according to the medical officer’s calculations. “These are the troops I know about. There are also those missing in action that I don’t know about yet”, he said, noting that these number at least 100 people.
Labuzov also indicated that high command seemed unconcerned about the scale of losses which he would regularly report. He recalled that he would tell them “guys, we have 12 wounded and 9 dead, and this is only for today. And if we take the week as a whole… They were very disinterested in attempts to evacuate the heavily wounded. Very disinterested”, he said.
1,026 Ukrainian servicemen of the 36th Marine Brigade surrendered on 13 April. On Thursday, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu told President Vladimir Putin that some 2,000 fighters from nationalist formations were trapped in Mariupol’s Azovstal steelworks. On Friday, the Russian president told European Council President Charles Michel that Kiev was deliberately preventing the besieged Ukrainian forces at Azovstal from surrendering.
“All servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as militants of the national battalions and foreign mercenaries, who lay down their arms, are guaranteed life, decent treatment in accordance with international law and provision of qualified medical care. But the Kiev regime does not allow this opportunity to be seized”, the Kremlin said in a press statement.

US blocks initiatives to verify Biological Weapons Convention – Russian Defense Ministry

The United States has kept in its national legislation the norms allowing for the possibility of carrying out work in the field of biological weapons, Chief of Russian Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Protection Force Igor Kirillov said

MOSCOW, April 23. /TASS/. The United States is blocking international initiatives to verify the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on their Destruction, which creates prerequisites for violating international agreements on the nonproliferation of biological weapons, Chief of Russian Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Protection Force Igor Kirillov announced on Saturday.

“Given the United States blocking any international initiatives to verify the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons, prerequisites appear for violating international agreements on the nonproliferation of biological weapons,” Kirillov said.

According to him, contrary to its international obligations, the United States has kept in its national legislation the norms allowing for the possibility of carrying out work in the field of biological weapons.

US, NATO move to final stage of plotting provocations in Ukraine, diplomat says

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova added that Washington could not pressure Russia economically, switches to plan of using weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine

MOSCOW, April 23. /TASS/. According to data by Russia’s Defense Ministry published on Saturday, the US and its NATO partners have moved on to a final stage of plotting provocations in Ukraine, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote on her Telegram channel.

“Information by the Russian Defense Ministry published today clearly proves: Washington, in close coordination with NATO partners, has moved on to a final stage of plotting provocations in Ukraine which should convince the global community that ‘Russia is using poisonous combat substances and biological agents’,” the diplomat noted.

She stressed that Washington’s initial plan involved economic pressure on Russia to make Moscow “completely reconsider legitimate interests in the security sphere.” “It didn’t work out. Now the US is moving on to involving the weapons of mass destruction (WMD), practically – to the games beyond the ‘red line’,” the spokeswoman stated. “If this happens, there will be uncountable victims. And each one of them is on the conscience of American strategists in the offices of the White House, the State Department and the Pentagon, and on the conscience, if there is anything left of it, of their puppets in Kiev,” she added.

Earlier, Chief of Russian Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Protection Force Igor Kirillov said that the US is preparing provocations in order to accuse Russia of using chemical, biological or tactical nuclear weapons, According to him, Washington prepared three scenarios: the first scenario being “a staged false flag incident,” the second – “a covert use of the weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in small volumes,” and the third, the least probable one – ” the open use of the WMD in combat.”.

Putin To Test Nuclear Missile Capable Of Striking US By Autumn

The Kremlin said Saturday that it plans to test a new-generation nuclear ICBM capable of striking the US by the fall.

According to Reuters, the ambitious target was announced by Dmitry Rogozin, head of the Roscosmos space agency, on Saturday just days after the first test launch was carried out on Wednesday. Western military experts said more tests would be needed before the missile could be deployed.

The Sarmat is capable of carrying 10 or more nuclear warheads (or decoys) and of striking targets thousands of miles away in the US or Europe.

This week’s test came after years of delays due to funding and technical issues. The missile test marked a show of strength by Russia at a time when the war in Ukraine has sent tensions with the US and its allies soaring to the highest levels since the 1962 Cuban missile crisis.

During an interview with Russian state TV, Rogozin said that the missiles would be deployed with a unit in the Krasnoyarsk region of Siberia, about 3,000 km (1,860 miles) east of Moscow.

He added that they would be stored at the same sites, and in the same silos, as the Soviet-era Voyevoda missiles they will be replacing, something that would save “colossal resources and time”.

Rogozin added that the launch of the new Russian “super-weapon” would be an historic event that would guarantee the security of Russia’s ‘children and grandchildren’ for the next 30-40 years.

Andrei Martyanov: Nuclear false flag, timing and victory in Ukraine – Geopolitical Reality

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One thought on “News from the Ukraine war – 24 April, 2021

  1. This tit for tat, the current round of throwing threat bombs at each other. Why would one side want to tell the other what it plans to do? You’d think they would want to keep it secret (did Japan first threaten the US with an attack on Pearl Harbor?).

    As for Russia, behind this posturing, what’s not mentioned is their ability to damage satellite communications of western nations, mount cyber attacks on their energy grids, or cut undersea communication cables. Once an attack is launched, it would likely be multi-pronged (including nuclear) —- and preemptive.

    But then there’s the school of thought that an obvious deterrent exists when there is the possibility of mutual destruction. Has that been forgotten?

    My friend Sol says we already crossed the line marking great civilizational change back in January 2020. We are now in it and can’t turn back (so from here on, it’s a matter of how that change will turn out). My feeling is the temptation is there to refer to this change as (the currently in vogue term) The Great Reset. This may not be a misnomer if it means making a clean slate of the societies of the major powers by doing away with the excessive means that led to their creation in the first place — namely, the collapse of their financial and economic structures formed under the capitalist model.

    The previous cycle of civilizational change began in 1512. In the New World, we saw Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes ‘crossing the line’ into the lands of the indigenous peoples of Mexico. After many eventful years of campaigns undertaken by Cortes, in 1521 the leader of the Aztecs finally yielded to the Spanish, whose influence in thought and religion then spread to the southern areas of what would eventually become the United States of America, and then into Central and Latin America. In 2021 Mexico marked the 500th anniversary of that fateful year.

    Meanwhile, as of Tuesday 26th April 2022, the news is that UN’s Antonio Gutteres is scheduled to meet Putin in Moscow, and Zelensky in (Kyiv ?) Ukraine to work out possibilities for peace.

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