News from the Ukrainian front – 24 July, 2022

News from the Ukrainian front – 24 July, 2022

Ukraine Army Hits Donetsk City with INCENDIARY Artillery Shells

7:18 pm EDT Saturday, July 23 — The armed forces of Ukraine have hit the civilian city of Donetsk with INCENDIARY artillery shells.  A White burning substance is dropping slowly from the sky onto the civilian homes and population below . . .

It seems as though the armed forces of Ukraine are trying to set the civilian city on fire.

Multiple videos are being uploaded to social media from multiple different locations inside Donetsk, showing the vast flaming attack:

and here:

THIS is your oh-so-gallant Ukrainian Army; attacking civilians with flaming munitions . . .

Trainloads of additional Russian Armor Arriving against Ukraine

Videos of Russian trains arriving with additional armored war machines, have been published on various social media the past three days and one thing has become clear: There is a GIANT escalation coming against Ukraine – and maybe NATO.

One such video, below, shows armor, on a train, as far as the eye can see:

This new echelon of armor is literally more than DOUBLE what Russia initially sent to Ukraine, before the Special Military Operation began.  If all of it is going into Ukraine, then Russian army strength in Ukraine will increase three-fold!

The Ukrainians can’t manage what Russia already has there, never mind three times more.

As things stand right now, July 24, 2022, Ukraine is losing the war very badly despite all sorts of weapons, ammunition, and intel, being supplied by the US/EU/NATO.   A new deployment of this scale by Russia will be a literal steamroller, and it will roll through the rest of Ukraine like a hot knife through butter.

US To Assassinate Zelensky?

Rumors are now exploding that the US has decided to assassinate Ukrainian President Zelensky; he’s not useful to them anymore.

The rumors began after US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan made a remark at the Aspen Conference this weekend.   That conference is basically a get-together of spooks and intel people.

At the conference, Sullivan remarked “I have concerns about the safety of President Zelensky’s life.”

When a remark like that, gets made by a guy like Sullivan, it is a signal . . . a projection . . .  of what has been decided.  It tells the intel community that Zelensky’s end is nigh.

Speculation surrounding Sullivan’s remark is already off the charts.   There is speculation that the US will kill Zelensky, likely while he is meeting with the top Generals of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Taking them all out with a missile strike is a simple task for the US, and it can be BLAMED on Russia!

That . . . .  that right there . . .  is RUMORED to be the new plan.

They kill Zelensky and maybe a couple of his top Generals, which will instantly implode the Ukrainian government and its armed forces.  There would be immediate chaos.   What’s left of the Ukrainian armed forces would disintegrate within hours.

Then, the RUMORS say, Sullivan and the Intel Community come out with all sorts of  (ahem) “evidence” allegedly (ahem) “proving” it was Russia that did it.   

The mass-media in the west will dutifully make it the top news for a week or more, to lock-into the public mindset that it was Russia that did it.

This leaves Russia holding the bag of blame, making them a pariah state in the mind of the general public.

The conquest of the complete rest of Ukraine will be a simple task for Russia at that point but here’s the rub:

What Russia will “conquer” will be a rump welfare state.  A failed land area, incapable of supporting itself.

The whole thing will have to be reconstructed and that will be a gigantic financial burden upon Russia, not to mention the saboteurs, terrorists,  and troublemakers that the west will undoubtedly utilize to make things all that much harder for Russia.

The “war” will be over.   Russia will have won.   But the victory will be made as sour as possible by the West.

Beyond imagination: Unprecedented attack with “Rain of fire” in the Donetsk – tête-à-Tête of Russians and Ukrainians in the forests of Donbass

Dead two American – Decimated the Ukrainian artillery

Unprecedented attack has taken place in the centre of Donetsk residents of the area to have woken up terrified from the creepy sight. The night became a day to the area has been filled with “rain of fire”.

These images are not recorded in any recent war, either in Syria or even in Ukraine. Never again until now. For this and has raised the alarm in the area.

No one even knows who’s responsible for the attack, the Ukraine or Russia.

The Russians claim that it was rockets filled with ammunition phosphorus fell in parts of the city where they live, only citizens and there are no military installations.

The Russians are blaming it on the Ukrainians.

Ukrainian information report that the Russians have launched incendiary rockets 9M22S over the neighbouring Mar’inka the last few weeks. Control the Donetsk region, so it may be it was some kind of failure of ammunition.

Unless, indeed, it is a Ukrainian attack, but until now the Ukrainians had not used it before incendiary rockets.

Some military correspondents claim that it is a phosphorus bombs.

“The Donetsk has never seen anything like this”, gloss eyewitnesses about what is happening in the capital of the region.

Fierce fighting in Kharkov – Dead two American mercenaries in the Donbass

Fierce fighting has broken out in the region of Kharkiv. Special Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation carried out a reconnaissance operations behind the contact line by locating the stronghold of the Ukrainian Forces in the area.

Initially, the Russian special forces killed the patrol of Ukrainians with small arms, which covered the main Ukrainian positions. Then the Russian team gave the coordinates of the Ukrainian positions and tanks, and direct artillery fire, with the result that he was killed enough staff, and destroyed light military equipment.

In the region of Kharkiv, Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and moving toward the direction of the settlements Udy, Dementyevka, Velikie Prohody, Rubizhnoye, Verkhny and Stary Saltov.

Also in accordance with the Moscow, Russian soldiers evacuated the civilian population of the village Kazachya Lopan, which was daily hitting artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

At the same time,two American mercenaries who fought on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have died recently in the Donbass. This is announced by a representative of the american ministry of Foreign affairs for ABC News.

“We can confirm that two American citizens recently lost their lives in the region of Donbass”, the official said foreign policy.

The names of the dead have not been released..

West should eliminate obstacles they’ve created themselves – Lavrov

Some Western counterparts tried to postpone Russian grain delivery issue – Lavrov

Speaking at the press conference with his Egyptian counterpart, Lavrov said that some of Russia’s Western counterparts had tried to do everything to just solve the Ukrainian grain issue, postponing the question of deliveries of Russian grain to the international markets, though Russia actually delivers much more grain than Ukraine. However the issue was resolved with both sides taken into consideration.

Russia Belatedly Admits Strike On Odessa Port – Says Warship With US Missiles “Destroyed”

After initially denying it, Russia has belatedly confirmed that its missiles struck the Ukrainian Black Sea port of Odesa on Saturday, resulting in UN condemnation, and the US and its allies expressing outrage.

But while the Ukrainian government said Russia’s military targeted grain infrastructure in an attempt to thwart the Istanbul grain export deal it just signed under UN auspices, the new Russian Foreign Ministry admission identified that a Ukrainian warship with US-supplied missiles aboard was the target.

“In the seaport of Odessa, on the territory of a shipyard, a docked Ukrainian warship and a warehouse of Harpoon anti-ship missiles, supplied by the US to the Kiev regime, have been destroyed by sea-based high-precision long-range missiles,” the ministry said Sunday.

Kremlin spokesperson Maria Zakharova also noted on her Telegram account that “Kalibr missiles destroyed military infrastructure in the port of Odessa, with a high-precision strike.”

Ukraine had alleged four cruise missiles were launched, two of which it said anti-air defenses had intercepted. Late in the day Saturday US Secretary of State Antony Blinken issued a blistering statement, saying, “This attack casts serious doubt on the credibility of Russia’s commitment to yesterday’s deal and undermines the work of the UN, Turkey, and Ukraine to get critical food to world markets.”

He added: “Russia bears responsibility for deepening the global food crisis and must stop its aggression and fully implement the deal to which it has agreed.”

Turkey had expressed deep alarm in the wake of the Saturday attack given it puts the Friday deal it just helped broker and finalize in jeopardy, given the tit-for-tat accusations:

“In our contact with Russia, the Russians told us that they had absolutely nothing to do with this attack and that they were examining the issue very closely and in detail,” Defence Minister Hulusai Akar said in a statement.

“The fact that such an incident took place right after the agreement we made yesterday really worried us,” he added.

It seems the quick, automatic response of Russian diplomats in Ankara was to hastily say “it wasn’t us” – despite the avalanche of reports that it was Kalibr missiles used.

Meanwhile, Ukraine says it is still preparing to move the some 20 million tons of grain which has remained blocked since Feb.24 invasion.

According to Reuters:

Suspilne quoted Ukraine’s southern military command as saying the port’s grain storage area was not hit. “Unfortunately there are wounded. The port’s infrastructure was damaged,” said Odesa region governor Maksym Marchenko.

But Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov said on Facebook that “we continue technical preparations for the launch of exports of agricultural products from our ports”.

As for the fresh Russian claims of destroying a warship with US-supplied Harpoon missiles on board, the Ukrainian side hasn’t acknowledged this and is unexpected to – just as with prior Russian defense ministry claims this past week that four US-supplied HIMARS long-range missile systems were destroyed.


Russia Informs Turkey It Had “Nothing To Do” With Odessa Port Attack

Update(1524ET)While the White House and European allies, along with the Ukrainian government, were lock-step in condemning as outrageous a series of reported Russian airstrikes on the port of Odesa the morning after the grain export deal was signed in Istanbul, the Kremlin is apparently denying it was behind the attack:

Turkey’s defense minister said on Saturday that Russian officials had told Ankara that Moscow had “nothing to do” with strikes on Ukraine’s Odesa port.

“In our contact with Russia, the Russians told us that they had absolutely nothing to do with this attack and that they were examining the issue very closely and in detail,” Defence Minister Hulusai Akar said in a statement.

“The fact that such an incident took place right after the agreement we made yesterday really worried us,” he added.

Ukraine for its part, has said it is still preparing agricultural exports despite the threat of more strikes. Key infrastructure at Odesa port was not damaged, according to local officials.

From Russian media

Russia Destroys Ukrainian Warship, Warehouse With US Harpoon Missiles in Odessa Port – MoD

Russian warship launches a missile as a part of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine - Sputnik International, 1920, 24.07.2022
The strike on the port also disabled a plant that was used by Ukraine to repair and upgrade its military vessels, the ministry added.
The Russian Navy’s strike on the port in Odessa destroyed a docked Ukrainian warship, as well as a warehouse where naval Harpoon missiles, supplied by the US, were stored, the Russian Defense Ministry has stated. The ministry added that ship-based long-range precision missiles were used to strike these targets.
In addition to destroying the unspecified military vessel and the warehouse, the Russian strike destroyed a plant located at the port, which Ukraine used to modify and repair its warships, the Russian Defense Ministry said.
While the Defense Ministry did not elaborate on the type of warship that had been destroyed by the strike, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova specified that it was a fast attack craft.

US Military Aid Destroyed

The Harpoon missiles stored in the warehouse levelled by the Russian strike are manufactured by the US defense industry giant Boeing, and were supplied by Washington along with other weaponry. They can carry a warhead weighing up to 225 kilograms and hit targets as far away as 280 kilometers.
Moscow has repeatedly called on the West to stop shipping weapons to Ukraine, warning that it can be misused to hit civilian objects or fall into the wrong hands. The Kremlin has condemned these shipments, as they only prolong the conflict in Ukraine and stressed that the Western countries do not bother to save the lives of Ukrainians. Russia cites the West’s military aid as one of the reasons why Kiev has abandoned talks to end the conflict more quickly.

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