News from the war in Ukraine – 5 December, 2022

News from the war in Ukraine – 5 December, 2022

Zelensky fears for his overthrow: Persecution pogrom with dozens of attacks on churches & monasteries – The Orthodox Church under Moscow is outlawed

Great anger in Moscow: “Zelensky and his circle will be the first to be hanged”

Zelensky fears for his overthrow: Persecution pogrom with dozens of attacks on churches & monasteries - The Orthodox Church under Moscow is outlawed

Great anger has been caused in Russia by the new move of Ukrainian President V. Zelensky to outlaw the Orthodox Church under Moscow and to order the Secret Service SBU to carry out dozens of raids on Orthodox churches, religious institutions and monasteries.

The SBU even raided the 1,000-year-old Orthodox monastery of Pechersk Lavra in Kiev! 

Officially, the Ukrainian security services were looking for saboteurs among the priests. The Ukrainian security service SBU has interrogated dozens of senior clerics, subjecting some of them to electronic truth tests.

More than 30 priests have been arrested for passing information to Russians.

The Ukrainian agency stated in its conclusion that it “found printed material that denies the existence of a native Ukrainian population, Ukrainian language and questions the right of Ukraine to exist as a state” .

Now we are talking about a Zelensky-Putin war until the end. Several Russian Officials are now speaking openly about the need to get the Ukrainian president out of the way at all costs before he destroys his entire people on the suicidal course he has set.

Zelensky and the Ukrainian leadership fear coup operations from within. This is the conclusion that many Russian analysts come to, and it makes sense. The Ukrainian Army has tens of thousands of dead, over 130,000, is without water, heating, etc. and without any possibility of recovery with Zelensky at the helm.

The Orthodox Church is outlawed

The government of Volodymyr Zelensky is preparing a law that will prohibit the operation of churches under the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine.

Many parishes and priests, mainly in eastern Ukraine, remained under the umbrella of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, which in May officially severed ties with the Russian Orthodox Church over the invasion of Ukraine. However, Kyiv is concerned that the latter still facilitates the infiltration of Moscow’s agents behind the scenes.

And so, as part of a crackdown on Moscow-linked churches, Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council urged the country’s government to draft the law after a series of raids on parishes and monasteries believed to be taking orders from Moscow in the midst of the Russia-Ukraine war.

The security council also ordered investigations into suspected “subversive activities of Russian special services in the religious environment of Ukraine” and called for sanctions against unspecified individuals.


The first Russian wave with more than 100 missiles is gone: Odessa is leveled – Ukraine is without water and electricity

Anti-aircraft alert throughout the country

The first Russian wave with more than 100 missiles is gone: Odessa is leveled – Ukraine is without water and electricity (video)

The Ukrainian Air Force Command reported that 38 Kh-101/Kh-555 missiles were fired from 8 Tu-95MS strategic bombers, 22 Kalibr, 3 Kh-22 missiles from Tu-22M3 strategic bombers while Su-35S fighters fired Kh-31P missiles and 6 Kh-59. 

A little while ago, another 30 rockets were launched.

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“The missiles have been fired, ” Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ikhnat said.

“Do not ignore the alarm,” urged the head of services of the presidency of Ukraine Andriy Germak.

Russian troops continue to strike the military-energy structure of Ukraine. The Russians hit targets in the Kirovograd, Odessa, Zaporizhzhya and Vinnitsa regions, as well as the Lozovsky and Volchansky regions of the Kharkiv region.

A number of important facilities were hit, in particular, the station, CHPP-2, electrical substations and other targets.

There is no electricity in Kharkiv region, Zhytomyr and Odessa, residents of Nikolaev and Sumy region are in the dark. In Zaporozhye, Odessa, Sumy and Zhytomyr there are interruptions in water supply.

In Odessa, traffic jams and queues at gas stations are multiplying. A real panic prevailed in the city. In Zaporizhia, one of the missile attacks of the RF Armed Forces hit a high-voltage equipment factory.

In summary, targets were hit in:

— Kirovograd
— Odessa
— Zaporizhia
— Vinnitsa
— Kharkiv (Lozovsky and Volchansky regions)

Blackouts exist in the following areas:

— Sumy
— Nikolaev
— Kharkiv (partial blackout)
— Zhytomyr (partial blackout)
— Odessa (partial blackout)

Water supply interruption exists in the following areas:

— Zaporizhia
— Zhytomyr
— Odessa
— Sumy

Ukraine-NATO strategic strike: They hit strategic aircraft bases 700 km inside Russia – Debut of the new Ukrainian drone

Heavy explosions with dead people at Russian strategic bases

In a strategic strike against Russia, Ukraine and NATO carried out drone bombing of the Russian Aerospace Forces base in Engels in the Saratov region.

This is the “nest” of the Tu-95 and Tu-160 strategic bombers. As WarNews247 had revealed, 18 to 24 strategic bombers had gathered at this base as the biggest air attack against Ukraine was being prepared.

Ultimately, the base, although far from the Ukrainian border, proved unguarded against a drone attack.

The Ukrainian-NATO attack took place very deep inside Russia, over 700 km, a fact that the Russian media also emphasize.

This means that Ukraine may have tested in full “operational conditions” the Ukroboronprom company’s new drone, a new unmanned system that the Ukrainians claim has a maximum range of 1,000 kilometers and is equipped with a 75 kg warhead.

Unless the attack was launched from within Russia.

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They hit the “nest” of the strategic bombers!

In more detail, several people were killed after explosions at two Russian military airports, according to Russian media.

The first explosion occurred at Engels Airport in the Saratov region.

In the morning at 06.04, December 5, an unknown aircraft crashed on the runway. At least two injured and two damaged aircraft were reported, Russian media reported.

It is not known how severe the damage to the aircraft is, however, the situation is of obvious concern as Saratov is located quite far from the border with Ukraine.

The governor of the Saratov region said security forces are investigating how the incident at the military facility may have been caused.

Already, Ukrainian sources are talking about a strike with a remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). .

It is worth noting that the two military bases are out of range of Kiev’s missiles, which means that the alleged attack was likely carried out by a drone.

Watch video from the moment of the attack


And 2nd attack

In addition to the attack at Engels airfield, there was a second incident this morning at a military airfield near Ryazan.

At least three people were killed and six others were injured when a fuel tank exploded at an airbase near the city of Ryazan, southeast of Moscow, the Russian news agency RIA reported.

Ukraine and NATO simultaneously hit two strategic installations of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

In general, after the bombing of the Crimean bridge, it became clear that there were no strategic facilities left in Russia that could be considered completely safe, the Russians say, in a clear comparison of yesterday’s attack with the events of the Crimean bridge.

In the video captured by surveillance cameras, you can see that the explosions at the airports in the Saratov and Ryazan regions are extremely powerful.

Watch video

Ukrainians lose game changer weapon: Winter and Russian forces’ new software turn MLRS HIMARS into “sitting ducks”

“HIMARS killer” software from the Russians

The winter and new software received by the Russian forces may spell the end of the MLRS HIMARS removing a game changer weapon from the Ukrainian arsenal.

The new software allows Russian forces to quickly detect and shoot down US-supplied HIMARS (MLRS) missiles in Ukraine.

The commander of one of the air defense units based in Zaporizhia made this announcement on December 2.

Experts now claim that the use of new software allows Russian air defense units to make calculations that are almost 100% more accurate, allowing them to quickly shoot down HIMARS missiles.

RIA Novosti quoted the Russian air defense commander as saying, “if at the initial stage the Russian air defense forces did not understand what the HIMARS missiles were, now after the software of the new program, they became a ‘normal target.’

“We see freely, observe and destroy without problems,” he added. He said the unit under his command had successfully shot down about 10 HIMARS missiles, including four in the past month. Alexei Podberezkin, director of MGIMO’s Center for Military-Political Studies, told Sputnik radio:

“In the first place, even before the new software, 75-80% of the missiles launched by the HIMARS systems were shot down, but not 100%.”

But HIMARS missiles could now be shot down with almost absolute certainty thanks to more accurate calculations, he added.

Russia has not disclosed when it updated its domestic air defense systems with this new software.

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