News from totalitarian New Zealand – 2 December, 2022

News from totalitarian New Zealand – 2 December, 2022

Has the NZ government given authorisation for vaccinating 6 month –  5 year olds?

It would appear that the infant Co^id 🥕 was formally granted provisional consent yesterday. We presume this is for the 6-month to 4-year-olds given the dose.

Interesting that this has not been updated on the Medsafe website, and there have been crickets in the media…


This is the link to the NZBlood Service documents re Directed Donation that they’ve recently and conveniently removed from public access on their website!!

So yes instead of govt(+media) making a big deal out of “bad parents refuse jabbed blood transfusion” ffs, the real headline should’ve been “authorities refuse parents request for directed donation, for which there is an established protocol when blood products are received from a known donor”

Great if people can download and save the pdf before link gets disabled too.

Have posted the link in the comments.”

This is gone from the website

NZ Government Confirms Access To Facebook Censorship Portal

An Official Information Act response by the NZ Department of Internal Affairs has confirmed that the Department has access to Facebook’s government censorship portal, colloquially known as the takedown portal. The OIA response is being widely circulated on social media.


Both Facebook and Instagram have a formal process to allow governments to flag content that they want censored off the platforms. Individuals with government or law enforcement emails can access the portal to request the censorship or suppression of specific content as part of a global crackdown on so-called “misinformation”.

The Intercept, a non-profit news organisation, first reported on this portal at the end of October and provided a link to what appears to be a powerpoint presentation describing the process of access. The Intercept’s report focused on the US and its Department of Homeland Security. It found that the US government has plans to expand its censorship efforts, targeting “inaccurate information” on numerous topics, including “the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic and the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines, racial justice, U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the nature of U.S. support to Ukraine.”

Other NZ OIA requests are now expected to be in train to expand on the information provided, which are likely to include other government agencies with access and details on the content that has been censored.

See the documents HERE

In August Yemini was blocked from entering New Zealand. The journalist was told this was because of a prior conviction for domestic violence. Yemini was planning to cover the Freedoms & Rights Coalition protest at parliament.

Yemini’s summary conviction did not meet the threshold for denial of entry.

‘But that didn’t stop the mainstream media from regurgitating their lie,’ said Yemini.

‘Not even one correction, not even after an INTERPOL memo link proving New Zealand Police trying to stop me from entering even before they knew about my previous minor conviction.

‘And not a correction after the Freedom of Information Request revealed an internal communication where their real fear was written down in black and white – ‘my propensity to agitate and incite people with opposing views.’

‘But unlike the mainstream media fake news, an alternative news source in New Zealand (the BFD) has been hunting for the truth, and this week they received another 285 pages of shocking internal communications.’

‘The first thing we’ve suspected from the beginning but had no proof until now, the whole saga all started with a defamatory and baseless smear email from a New Zealand Herald reporter Akula Sharma.’

An email from Sharma to Immigration New Zealand claimed Yemini had ‘a serious conviction for assault on a person in a family relationship and more domestic violence convictions.’

This was ‘complete and utter fake news,’ said Yemini. ‘My conviction is for a summary offence, which by definition is not a serious conviction, and nor do I have more domestic violence offences or convictions.’

‘Those lies were the catalyst for everything that ensued.’

The reporter for the Canadian-based Rebel News media organisation confirmed he plans to come to New Zealand next year to pursue court action against ‘corrupt officials.’

The Expose writes on Baby Will

Discrimination and Harassment of Baby in New Zealand Shows There Is No Limit to Covidians’ Intent on Death and Destruction

The New Zealand (“NZ”) Blood Service at present does not separate blood or blood products depending on vaccination status and many people, quite rightly, have concerns about potentially receiving blood from vaccinated donors.  The right to choose what goes into our bodies has come to a head in the case of four-month-old baby Will.

Sam and Cole Savage-Reeves want to ensure their baby, Will, who needs open heart surgery has unvaccinated blood during the operation. But shockingly, the surgeon and NZ Blood Service won’t allow them the human right of the freedom to choose or refuse what goes in their baby’s body.

The clip above is taken from a 23-minute video ‘Freedom to Choose Clean Blood’ which you can watch on Rumble HERE.

There are many potential reasons for concern about blood from vaccinated people because there are many unknowns, said New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (“NZDSOS”).  NZ Blood has said that there is no evidence that blood from vaccinated individuals is harmful.  It is very important to understand that an “absence of evidence” is not the same as “evidence of absence.”  NZ Blood can say there is “no evidence” but is that because no one has looked?

The onus must be on NZ Blood, and the doctors prescribing and administering blood and blood products, to provide the evidence that the blood is safe – both short and long-term.

As lawyer Sue Grey said on her way into court yesterday: “This family want the best for their baby … This family actually want better for the baby than what the government is offering … They want safe blood for their baby.  They don’t want their baby to be contaminated with something that could cause more harm than the poor baby is already facing.”  You can watch a detailed brief from Grey after the court case yesterday HERE.

Liz Gunn of FreeNZ Media spoke outside the courthouse: “Doctors must listen to what the parents want … This case is about Will’s life … it’s about the lives of your children and grandchildren.”

Unfounded Prejudice Is Gripping the Nation, Misleading Government Publicity Is To Blame

I am not sure how much more I can add to the debate about the case of baby Will, except to say that the situation has turned nasty. Here are two sincere parents who have already been traumatised by the heart condition of their four-month-old which necessitates an operation. They would like unvaccinated blood to be used and they arranged for matching donors. 

But the surgeon and the NZ health system have refused this easy option. Instead, they decided to go for the jugular. They are seeking custody of the child to enforce the use of blood from the public blood bank. They are refusing to admit that studies finding the persistence of spike protein indicate any risk. An extreme position. It is of note, as we have previously written, that even pro-vaccine advocates overseas are admitting the existence of novel blood clots, (whilst arguing implausibly that their causes are unknown). 

For two years now, vaccine advocates have been asking for separation between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Expressing a deep, yet unfounded, fear of the unvaccinated. Even seeking to avoid breathing the same air. This has been encouraged by government publicity. Now they want the unvaccinated to exclusively and compulsorily receive vaccinated blood transfusions. 

Both national dailies have decided to demonise the parents, abandoning all semblance of humane compassion. There can’t be any greater condemnation of the effect of vaccination. Apparently, it makes people angry and uncaring. 

At a time when the parents deserve understanding and support, all semblance of recognition of the provision of medical choice in the NZ Bill of Rights has been abandoned. Medical choice is off the table and it is open season for vicious attacks on the unvaccinated.

The uneducated hysteria involved is frankly frightening. Instead of listening to government-inspired rants, read the studies published in international journals. There is a gulf widening between government messaging and the content of Covid science journal publishing. mRNA vaccination poses definable and significant risks for health. These are not small. To people keeping up with the science, they are very concerning.

Baby Will has a heart condition. It is admitted by our government that heart inflammation – myopericarditis – is a risk of vaccination. It is admitted that some studies indicate the persistence of spike protein in the blood. So why on earth would the government insist there is no risk? This is further evidence of a bunker mentality and a hint of madness.

Concerns that NZ Blood Service Must Address


If there is no evidence that satisfactorily reassures potential recipients of the safety of the blood, then the precautionary principle should apply and blood from unvaccinated donors should be provided.  History is littered with examples of products and procedures that were initially thought to be safe that later turned out not to be.

Questions and Concerns to NZ Blood:

1. The Pfizer injection uses new technology and there are many unknowns with its use. The original clinical trial is ongoing until 2023 and the injection still only has provisional consent in NZ suggesting that Medsafe is not satisfied it has all the information it needs to grant full consent. This is the original consent. This is the renewal of consent.

2. The vaccine mRNA has been modified in several ways (use of pseudouridine in place of uridine, poly-A tail, is guanine-rich).  These modifications mean that the vaccine-induced spike protein is not the same (in amount, location, structure, duration of production or persistence) as the ‘naturally occurring’ spike protein from infection.  It is not clear how long the mRNA will persist or how long the vaccine-induced spike protein will persist, but both have been shown to remain in the body and blood far longer than the original blanket reassurances. It is possible that both these substances may be present in donated blood.

3. The Medsafe data sheet says “5.2 Pharmacokinetic properties Not applicable.” Does this mean that it is not clear or not important exactly what happens to the vaccine mRNA and lipid nanoparticles (or the resultant spike protein) once they are injected into the human body, with regards to biodistribution, metabolism and excretion?  It is not clear how NZ Blood can state: “Any COVID-19 vaccine in the blood is broken down soon after the injection.” ​​​​​​​  This is a flat-out lie if ‘soon’ is still defined as within 48 hours as originally suggested. 

4. The lipid nanoparticles are also a significant part of the vaccine and it has been demonstrated in animal studies that they are widely distributed in the body.  They can be highly inflammatory and, as their ingredients are still proprietary, it is not clear what short- and long-term effects they could induce. 

5. The spike protein has been shown to be toxic in its own right, with adverse effects on cells lining the blood vessels and cells in the heart muscle among others. A recipient of blood from a vaccinated donor could potentially be exposed to spike protein and it is absolutely possible that this may cause harm to these organs.  This study shows that the spike protein can persist in vaccinated individuals.

6. Spike protein can cause clotting both at a micro and macro level which could potentially be harmful.  Has it been proven that blood from vaccinated donors does not cause or contribute to abnormal clotting? What about the bizarre structures being found by funeral directors in the blood vessels of the suddenly dead following vaccination? 

7. Myocarditis is a recognised adverse effect of Pfizer Comirnaty vaccination, presumably due either to direct damage from the spike protein or possibly due to an autoimmune phenomenon.  Has it been demonstrated that there is ZERO risk of myocarditis from coming into contact with blood of vaccinated donors?  It is emerging that subclinical (i.e hidden) heart inflammation is thousands of times more common than is quoted by “experts”. Recent studies from Thailand and Switzerland (which suggest that every vaccinated person gets a degree of heart damage!) should force an immediate stop of the shots and examination of donated blood. Even CDC data shows a 140x increased risk of clinical myocarditis in teenage boys aged 12-15 in the week following their 2nd dose.  There has been another sudden death just last weekend of a 14-year-old Kings College boy, following myocarditis from the “vaccine”. Another 14-year-old Dunedin boy and a 13-year-old girl from Auckland, both active and sporty, have collapsed and died in the last several months. 

8. It is possible that mRNA is persistent in individuals for some weeks/months after vaccination which means that a person could be exposed to the components and/or products of the vaccine from the donated blood and any potential adverse effects they may cause.

9. What is the risk of autoimmunity?  Medsafe requested that Pfizer address this issue in condition 5 of the original provisional consent. Is it possible that blood from vaccinated donors contains odd or unusual proteins that may set up an autoimmune reaction in recipients?

10. There have been concerns raised about the manufacturing standards of the Pfizer product.  Has it actually been made to satisfactory standards?  This article and associated video detail a litany of problems with the manufacturing processes such that it appears impossible to say exactly what has been injected into people and what adverse effects may occur.  Receiving blood from someone who has been injected may be a lottery.  Many of these conscientious blood donors will be none the wiser as they were not informed of the many unknowns and uncertainties. 

According to the HDC Code of Rights New Zealanders should be respected when dealing with health professionals.  Their questions should be answered and their concerns taken seriously.

Read the full article HERE.

Doctors Are Not Trained in Vaccines

In the case of Baby Will, the surgeon told Liz Gunn that he didn’t believe there was any problem with the blood of vaccinated people and that’s why he was not allowing the surgery to go ahead according to the wishes of Will’s parents.  However, can the surgeon truly claim to know the biodistribution of vaccine contents or what Covid injections do to the human body unless he has done specific research on the subject?

In a recent interview with Children’s Health Defense, Dr. Russell Blaylock began his presentation on vaccine-induced spike proteins and neurodegeneration by saying:

“[The medical profession] really doesn’t understand this injection.  They don’t understand what it does to the neurological apparatus of the brain and spinal cord.”

And Canadian Dr. Byram Bridle, a viral immunologist, confirmed doctors’ lack of knowledge about vaccines in an interview with NZ’s Freedom TV, see video below.

“In Canada … specifically in Ontario … the average number of lectures that somebody who gets an MD, so that’s a medical doctor, so that’s somebody who would be training to become a physician … they average between 5 and 12 50-minute lectures [in immunology] in the first year of their program … within that, they might get 15 minutes of coverage on vaccines.  So, the reality is, the average physician has only the most superficial understanding,” Dr. Bridle said.

This is from the Outer Light 

This is from 2021 on blood from the vaxxed

German Doctors and Lawyers Assess Blood Smears from People Who Have Had Covid Injections: “For me this is euthanasia. For me this is mass murder, a crime on a grand scale”

MUST SEE VIDEO: Dr. Bärbel Ghitalla analysed the blood of people who have had Covid-19 injections to try to help her patients suffering from the aftereffects. Dr. Ghitalla also obtained a bottle of Johnson and Johnson’s Covid-19 injection for analysis. Alarmed by what she saw through her microscope, she discussed her findings with a medical colleague, Dr. Axel Bolland, as well as two lawyers, Holger Fischer and Elmar Becker.

Germany: Vaccine and blood analysis under the microscope. Presented by independent researchers, lawyers and doctors

Dr. Jane Ruby, on The Stew Peters Show, broke the news from Germany.  A summary of Dr. Ruby’s main points are:

  • The blood smears of these “vaccinated” patients shows that red blood cells (“RBC”) have acquired a positive charge (instead of a negative one, which allows blood cells to repel others and stay single) permitting them to ‘stack’ one upon the other. This is typical of blood cancer. They are called ‘rouleaux’ formations. So, the injections are changing the electron charge to positive in the RBCs.
  • There are also coiled pieces present with a metallic sheen. They can easily be seen as they do not absorb light as RBCs do.
  • The German doctors and lawyers in the video think it represents the beginning of thrombotic activity. The level of rouleaux formations in these blood samples is ‘severe’. We’re looking at severe RBC damage.
  • From the Johnson and Johnson vaccine vial she obtained (it has a lot number and expiration date), samples show rigid structures/lines with tiny white dots in between.
  • The German lawyers said there is a gross lack of informed consent.

Further reading: ‘On the trail of the Covid 19 vaccines – the first blood tests are carried out (German-English translation).

Blood Smears from the UK

At the beginning of July, Dr. Philippe van Welbergen, Medical Director of Biomedical Clinics, was interviewed on a South African community channel.   He explained that when his patients started complaining about chronic fatigue, dizziness, memory issues, even sometimes paralysis and late onset of heavy menstruation (women in their 60s upwards), he took blood samples. Their blood had unusual tube-like structures, some particles which lit up and many damaged cells. Few healthy cells were visible. Until three months earlier, he had never seen these formations in blood.

At a medical conference in The Netherlands, he found similar blood was being discussed; some blood samples even showed blue and red cells, which were not organic matter. “Linking the dots, we found they had all had the Covid ‘vaccine’,” Dr van Welbergen said.

Dr van Welbergen’s interview is two and a half hours long, however, Dr. Ruby briefly explained what Dr. van Welbergen discovered, watch HERE.

Blood smears from Switzerland

Covid “vaccination” causes instant clotting at the microscopic level, said Armin Koroknay, the effect in a person’s blood is most severe after the second injection.

Switzerland: Armin Koroknay, Catastrophic effects of “vaccination” on the blood

Most of the video above is in English but some parts are in French.  A reddit user has helpfully translated some of the French portions into English.

“The introduction says: Researchers use a specific technology (fluorescence) that allows the observation of red and white cells under a microscope. The first picture with a blue background that you see is that of the red cells of a healthy patients. Experts asked themselves, “does the blood look different before and after vaccination?”

“At 48s, the picture you can see is: on the left, the blood of an unvaccinated individual; and, on the right, the blood of a vaccinated individual.

“At 3mins 45s, it says blood observations made so far on a statistically significant enough number of patients show that vaccination results in: a lower level of white cells; grouping of red cells; and, excessive coagulation.

“At 4mins 33s a radiologist speaks about what he has observed: strokes typically occur within 1 – 3 months following mRNA injections; there will most certainly be long term consequences on lymphocytes and red cells, possibly leading to leukaemia and lymphomas.  He says he gets lots of consultations these days for pulmonary embolism, blood clots, and other symptoms caused by excessive coagulation.”

Countless Warnings

There have been countless warnings, from many sources, from many countries, for many months about blood clots caused by the Covid injections.  We too have been highlighting this life-threatening effect.  A quick search on our website will bring up a list of numerous articles spanning several months. Some are, sadly, personal stories of people who have been vaccine-injured and some are articles about warnings from doctors and scientists that blood clots are a common effect of the Covid injections.  Below is a small sample of our articles referring to blood clots resulting from the experimental gene-based Covid injections:

Gaslighting and censorship by corporate state-controlled “mainstream” media continues

The Trusted News Initiative, a BBC led organisation, is censoring experts who oppose the official narrative on Covid-19.  Last year the BBC collaborated in the Origin Project and earlier this year the BBC teamed up with others to create the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity to combat “misinformation and disinformation.”  The BBC is the biggest propaganda machine the world has ever seen.  Below are examples of that propaganda in action. 

Doctor Zoe Williams was cut short during a This Morning show while responding to a question about Vaccine-induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT) blood clots.

This Morning (ITV) Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford speaking with Doctor Zoe Williams

Although ‘This Morning is an ITV show it broadcasts from studios run by BBC and is regulated by Ofcom, the UK broadcasting regulator.  As reported by The Daily Sceptic in June, Ofcom is relying on “fact-checking” organisation ‘Full Fact’ to inform what it should suppress. Not much research is needed to begin to see the links between these corporations, media organisations and their initiatives.

Another recent example of censorship and attempts to silence voices speaking out is Dr. Anne McCloskey, a General Practitioner in Northern Ireland.

Dr McCloskey retired in 2019 but returned to the health service last April in response to the pandemic workforce appeal.  Ten days ago, Dr. McCloskey made a public appeal:

Dr. Anne McCloskey talks about massive increase in Covid injection victims’ blood clotting

A few days later she made an appearance on a BBC Radio show.  On that same day, Dr. McCloskey was suspended by the Health and Social Care Board for her “Covid-19 vaccine comments.”

It is outrageous that the voices the public needs to hear from are being denied.  Especially considering the public’s health and well-being is at stake. A far superior job of investigative reporting is being done by the hard-working alternative media researchers without Big Pharma’s blood-stained advertising dollars.


Baby Will Wants Unvaccinated Blood (New Zealand Mainstream Media Coverage Compilation)

Maajid Nawaz, On the Covid Tyranny in New Zealand (Full show dedicated to NZ and Kiwis)

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