No Nanotechnology In The Nanotechnological C19 Shots?

No Nanotechnology In The Nanotechnological C19 Shots?

There Is No Nanotechnology In The Nanotechnological C19 Shots? That Is Not Logical

Image courtesy: Fig. 1: Overview of COVID-19 NP vaccine components, immunomodulatory properties and intracellular fate. Characterization of nanoparticles-based vaccines for COVID-19 Nat. Nanotechnol. 17, 570–576 (2022)

My subscribers are still letting me know of comments by people like Dr. Ryan Cole and others who claim there is no nanotechnology in the Covid 19 shots.

I want to explain to my readers how illogical that is, and how irrelevant for your continued consideration. In this article, I want to review and explain what nanotechnology is. I also want to make you aware of politics in medicine. You have already seen in this plandemic how doctors have misused their power by telling people “Trust me, I am the expert”. That has been proclaimed by Dr. Cole too. I don’t trust experts, I trust my own research. I don’t want you to trust me. I do not want to create “followers”.

The safest thing you can do for yourself in this age of deception, is to become a researcher yourself – so you will never ever be mislead by any “expert” again. If I can teach you to reason for yourself, look at things differently, understand how to evaluate problems from many different angles – which nobody around you may even see or consider – then my time writing all these articles was worth it.

Additionally, if you see what happened to Astrid Stuckelberger, PhD at the medical conference in Stockholm, where this renown scientist was prohibited to speak about nanotechnology and graphene in the C19 shots – you realize that all of those doctors unfortunately paid a lot of money not to be free thinkers, but followers. Freedom is exactly that – the freedom to think and express your views. Suppression of freedom is to prohibit alternate views and thereby influence and control a narrative. Any scientific organization or group that prohibits the discussion of scientific data is corrupted – be that by personal motives or political agendas. Science allows all viewpoints and observations, that is how it evolves. At some point recognizing deception of any kind is like knowing what fake news is and how to deal with it – it is simply time to change the channel. We must evolve to a level where nobody censors us, nobody undermines and prohibits discussion and explorations into new fields of understanding. The prohibition of the exploration of ideas is continued control of the evolution of our mind – and we have had enough of that.

Remember, it was claimed that all we see is cholesterol. Cholesterol is the very building block of the nanotechnology – another illogical comment. The technology is at a nano scale, hence invisible to a light microscope.

I have in detail explained why his points and analysis of the C19 vials are very limited – please review my rebuttal here:

You Can’t Find What You Are Not Looking For: Analysis of Dr. Ryan Cole’s Claims on Del Bigtree: “There Is No Nanotech and No Graphene” in C19 vials

I am not interested in what those who are not experts in this field of nano technology claim. I am interested in my subscribers becoming informed with different viewpoints, and see for yourself if you can wrestle with these ideas. Become a free thinker. Nobody can enslave people who think for themselves.

For your information and education, lets review the prestigious Nature Nanotechnology literature. Note, that I do not read the corrupted medical literature like the Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine or British Medical Journal. You cannot find answers to the questions we are discussing there. I read the technological literature that actually deals with matters of nano technology, artificial intelligence, robotics and quantum computing.

What is the definition of Nanotechnology? According to the CDC :

Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on a near-atomic scale to produce new structures, materials and devices. The technology promises scientific advancement in many sectors such as medicine, consumer products, energy, materials and manufacturing. Nanotechnology refers to engineered structures, devices, and systems. Nanomaterials have a length scale between 1 and 100 nanometers. At this size, materials begin to exhibit unique properties that affect physical, chemical, and biological behavior.

The first reason why all C19 shots ARE nanotechnology is their size. They are organic and inorganic materials manipulated at the level of a billionth of a meter:

Characterization of nanoparticles-based vaccines for COVID-19

Several vaccines against COVID-19 use nanoparticles to protect the antigen cargo (either proteins or nucleic acids), increase the immunogenicity and ultimately the efficacy. The characterization of these nanomedicines is challenging due to their intrinsic complexity and requires the use of multidisciplinary techniques and competencies. The accurate characterization of nano vaccines can be conceptualized as a combination of physicochemical, immunological and toxicological assays.

My comment: Anyone who wants to say there is no nano technology in the shots, please note that nobody to date has used the right equipment to negate this. We cannot see on a nano scale in a live environment. We can see what has self assembled on a micro scale and postulate from there the beginnings of this technology on a nano scale.

Several COVID-19 NVs have been developed2,10; they can be grouped into three main categories based on their functional components: virus (not addressed here), protein based or nucleic acid based (Fig. 1a). Almost all the NCs share several components, such as ionizable lipids, polyethylene glycol (PEG)–lipids, structural lipids and cholesterol (Fig. 1a), assembled as NPs of 50 to 150 nm in size.

My comment: Note, here is your cholesterol. Its not just a harmless molecule, it is an intrinsic component of the nano technology.

Nanotechnology can be made from any material. It can be organic like RNA, proteins or inorganic like certain hydrogel polymers and metals. Here is an explanation of nano technology based on proteins that can be configured and genetically engineered into any shape. Because it is at a nano scale, these materials have unique quantum properties that can manipulate subatomic force fields and structures, not just cells.

Many materials like Graphene are extremely versatile at a nano scale, so it can be used for medical purposes but also for quantum computing processing. Because of its small scale, we are now entering the realm of quantum phenomena like quantum entanglement, quantum computation and quantum cloaking. These are very different laws of physics compared to what governs the larger world. Relativistic quantum phenomena in graphene quantum dots

Back to how proteins can be configured and manipulated into geometric forms on a nanoscale that can manipulate cellular matter:

Protein-based antigen presentation platforms for nanoparticle vaccines

Nanoparticles have the ability of self assembly. This means from a nano scale they can be programmed to grow into any type of structure. Nano scale technology can grow via self assembly to very large macroscopic sizes. These nano platforms can build pathogenic sequences like the spike protein that science would call “virus like”. It is simply a building block that can make an organism like a human sick. Biological nano technological warfare – a hot topic given the US operated Ukrainian and other biolabs – manipulates matter at a nano scale to create a weapon. It can use sequences from a vast library of computational materials some would call “gain of function pathogens” or “directed evolution” and combine it with any other material like gold metals or quantum dot technology. Either way, it is an ARTIFICIALLY ENGINEERED TECHNOLOGY with the purpose to alter an organism, make it sick or kill it. You can combine a pathogenic sequence with biosensor, quantum dot technology and encapsulate it in a cellular delivery system called a lipid nanoparticle. Regardless how you call it, it is still nano technology. If is is programmed to fuse with the human cells, you are now also in the realm of transformation into synthetic biology, soft robots and cyborgs. This means the human cellular tissue is modified by artificial structures that fuse with the organism to create an artificial hybrid.

All of this is simply engineered on the computer – its like playing Lego on a nano scale. It is possible to program matter and nano robots and have them 2 and 3 D printed or program them for infinite self assembly. It is easy to create nano robot swarms that replicate within the body. Uncontrolled self replication is like the nuclear bomb of nano scale weapons. Its just a different kind of warfare.

Engineered nanoparticle platforms

Through rational or computational design, dimeric, trimeric, tetrameric, or pentameric proteins have been engineered to assemble into larger, highly oligomeric complexes that offer greater control over antigen stoichiometry, spacing, and particle size. These engineered particles present additional platforms for vaccines beyond the limited number of natural platforms. In order to develop novel platforms several methods and techniques of generating self-assembly have been developed. There are several design parameters for designing self-assembling proteins for use as a platform. First, the geometric symmetry and shape of the desired nanoparticle are determined by type of building blocks used. Second, self-assembly must be promoted by either fusing two different building blocks or engineering an interface between building blocks. Lastly, at least one terminal should be exposed and accessible for antigen attachment. Described below are the design and evolution of novel self-assembling proteins that have led to engineered platforms.

Reasons for success and lessons learnt from nanoscale vaccines against COVID-19

These robotic platforms can have artificial intelligence. They can operate like a brain, can be self learning. Engineers put tens of thousands of artificial brain synapses on a single chip The design could advance the development of small, portable AI devices.

Hopefully this was helpful. Never listen to anybody that tells you there is no nanotechnology in the C19 shots. The shots ARE nanotechnology.

Above all, think for yourself.

One thought on “No Nanotechnology In The Nanotechnological C19 Shots?

  1. From my simplistic layman’s perspective… Editing genes is “Nano-Technology.”
    Albeit without tiny robots, or graphene structures.
    Spring 2023… End of Pfizer trials. There is definitely something to the “Graphene” elements. I did not know that Astrid Stuckelberger was snubbed/censored.

    Ryan Cole is part of that group of Doctor’s, who virtue signal’s and hold expensive conferences. While doing very little. Considering they are “aware” of the biggest experiment on the human population ever. They like to smear in Gaia theory, and other New Age (Pagan) stuff.
    While lying, obfuscating the truth and sprinkling just enough, to be palatable to the masses.
    I tuned out of Del Bigtree et. al. after I noticed them offering “treatment” for something entirely novel. Charging big bucks for treatment and online/in-person viewing.
    Data harvesting…
    Noack was onto something… If he was still working and alive. We would know a lot more.
    Then again the internet these days, is garbage. Canada is looking to censor it more with bill C-11? Or some number, there’s another one that’s C-#? that is also very tyrannical.

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