Nobel Laureate Warns Doctors: ‘Vaccines are Not for Killing, They are for Shielding’

Nobel Laureate Warns Doctors: ‘Vaccines are Not for Killing, They are for Shielding’

RAIR Foundation,

17 January, 2022


A critic of the coronavirus “vaccine”, French Virologist Luc Montagnier previously warned that the vaccines are creating the variants.

French virologist and Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier condemned the vaccine and warned physicians that they are “responsible for the future of mankind” if they continue to administer them to trusting patients.

The 89-year-old virologist was invited by Gianluigi Paragone, a journalist and politician who spearheaded the “Italexit” movement in Italy. Modeled after Brexit, the Italexit movement supports a break from the authoritarian European Union.

The comments were made during the “Together to Say Enough” event in Milan at the Piazza XXV Aprile and translated exclusively for RAIR Foundation USA. The event was held to resist the Green Pass, which will prevent non-compliant citizens from taking part in travel, banking, work, shopping, etc.

See a screenshot from the Italian government website (translated):

Screenshot (translated) from Italian Government Website

In April, 2020, RAIR Foundation reported that Prof. Luc Montagnier stated unequivocally that the coronavirus virus (SARS-CoV-2) “was manufactured and leaked from a Wuhan lab in China with HIV (AIDS) DNA.” The comments were “fact-checked” by Singapore-based Flora Teoh of Facebook’s Ministry of Truth, At the time, RAIR noted that Flora Teoh was “available to ‘produce compelling narratives’ in the field of science for a mere $30 per hour.”

A longtime critic of the vaccine, as well as the strategy of vaccinating the entire planet, the Nobel Laureate previously warned that the “vaccines” are creating the variants. During his remarks, Montagnier stated that it is now obvious that the vaccines “did not protect against the contagion” which is “[I]n contrast to what they announced at the beginning.”

Not only does the vaccine fail to offer immunity for the coronavirus, it also is responsible for causing illness. “It is not only because of the clinical evidence, but also all the results, all the diseases that this vaccine has caused,” Luc Montagnier explained.

“The spike protein, which is synthesized by the messenger RNA contained in the vaccine, is toxic to the cells,” Montagnier warned. He continued to say that the “vaccine” is “poison,” and reiterated how athletes have been affected. He further stated (and Montagnier has been consistent) that coronavirus vaccines “are likely to cause neurological diseases, very serious brain diseases.”

“Sometimes the neurological signs already manifest themselves after the second booster shot,” Montagnier warned. “And nobody can predict how many vaccinated people will suffer from these neurological syndromes, or not,” he continued.

Vaccines are supposed to offer immunity to illness. But the coronavirus vaccine harms people. “It cannot be tolerated,” the virologist declared. “Vaccines are not for killing, they are for shielding,” he continued. As far as giving the vaccine to children, Montagnier has echoed many others in stating that it is a “crime”.

The coronavirus vaccine was supposed to put an end to the pandemic. It has proven to be harmful, and does not protect against contracting the coronavirus. This is evident for anyone paying attention. At this point, healthcare workers who continue to administer the failed vaccine are complicit.

“So therefore I am asking all my colleagues to stop vaccinating people with this vaccine,” Montagnier pleads in his remarks. ” The physicians who keep vaccinating people are absolutely aware of this [the negative impact of the vaccine]”, he said. “Beware, beware, they are responsible for the future of mankind,” the Nobel Laureate warned.

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