Notes from the Underground

Notes from the Underground


I am perhaps fortunate that my main interaction with the wider world is through this blog.

Most face-to-face interactions with others come with me either deciding to bite my tongue about the elephant-in-the room and I fear most who are aware of my position have given up on me as they line up for their experimental mRNA jab.

First of all there was this from my own brother who makes a speciality out of provocation,

Hi all

If you have looked at the Melbourne situation and realised that could be us….. you can take action yourself to book a Covid vaccination without waiting to be told:

Call  0800 282926 National Covid booking line. 

They will take your information and transfer you to your area District Health Board booking line.

Be prepared to set aside time for a long wait on hold.

I am totally perplexed by the ease with which the bulk of people I know don’t know fall for the 24/7 propaganda and are angrily unwilling to even ask basic questions

Like the (ex) sister-in-law of my partner who was sent to electronic Coventry for asking her to consider carefully before having the job.

I have some compassion for people who have been deprived of any ability to think critically and are conditioned to follow the herd.

I recognise I have to bite my tongue and day nothing which is why a largely avoid most interactions with others.

However, I have far less compassion for those who do know what it is about but make the decision to get the jab anyhow.

When I started hearing from people that they would “never” take the vaccine I rather cynically thought, when push comes to shove, “YES, you will!”.

When they come knocking and when you can’t travel, sit in a cafe or all the nice things people enjoy, YES you will!

Despite my cynicism I never thought that someone from “our” side would fold – even without any threat.

However, I got this from a Facebook “friend” who lives a little bit up the line from where I live, and has been sending me bits and pieces about covid-19 and the vaccine for over a year:

“Hi Rob Please be my private tracker as tomorrow Penelope my wife and I will have the first Pfizer jab. Penelope has a Home Care Giving Business with many compromised clients tetra and paraplegic and I with a Diagnostic Company . We are 70’ish and still want to travel. We are both extremely fit and healthy. So we will take our chances as the way things are. If anything goes amiss please let NZ and the world know.”

This was followed up by:

“Well we are both well a day later and 50 years to the day from when Penelope and I first met.”

Such lack of moral backbone is beyond my understanding.

My father and (presumably) this man’s father went to war to defend our freedom and yet this man and his wife fold without so much as the threat coming their direction.

It has been said that the population in losing devotion to a Greater Being have lost their moral compass and are totally attached to convenience and the easy life.

No moral  “red line” which must never be crossed actions are determined by “convenience”.

I totally fail why someone who is in-the-know should knowingly play dice with their lives because it would be “inconvenient” to do otherwise.

It is hard to express my lack of respect for these people.

2 thoughts on “Notes from the Underground

  1. Amen! The agenda has programmed the masses into complacency, devoid of critical thinking. There are so many “red flags” to this agenda of getting the jab yet many are doing so because the bought into the MSM rhetoric that freedom will come if you comply. I will never trade my health and well-being for the empty promises. I am a rebel without a pause. Bless you for continuing to provide information.

  2. Robin, THIS is the huge elephant in the room – and in my opinion the most existential question of our times.
    I don’t understand the people so easily won over by the forces of darkness… Are they unable to do the basic math of risk vs. reward? Are their minds being controlled? And if so, how? And equally important, how did we escape that?

    One thing I’ve noticed is that the ones so easily coaxed into getting the vax have watched a lot of MSM, and swallowed the rhetoric against Trump hook line and sinker. I personally find him distasteful, and after he failed to pardon Assange when he could easily have done so, I now hold an actual Hatred for him, almost equal to my hatred for Hillary. Yet the obvious lack of objectivity in the media coverage of him aroused my suspicions, so I never bought into their ‘orange man bad’ meme. but sought out alternative views so I could triangulate my own truth.
    But to summarize, thank you for tackling The Most Burning Question of our Times. Please keep us posted as you dig deeper. Your work is much appreciated.

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