I am having serious difficulties posting anything on WordPress.

For a while I was able to beat whatever is going on by posting on my old blog, copying and pasting IMMEDIATELY to WordPress and IMMEDIATELY posting. That seemed to work.

However, the Ai seems to have caught up and I was not able to use this tactic. What happens is that the area for pasting (or uploading) is grayed out.

After that happens that’s that; there is nothing I can do. I cannot post anything more. 

I decided to turn my computer off.

When I tried rebooting, nothing would happen.

My computer would not respond. 

Meanwhile, Hal Turner’s website has been seriously HACKED.

Looks as if the global coup is seriously underway. 

I STRONGLY suggest if you want to keep up to date you go to my Telegram page (link is on right hand side of the page) or my GETTR page (there is less there)

. @Seemorerocks

I am typing this on my tablet.

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