NZ 2020 – a dirty election

NZ 2020 – a dirty election

What role exactly is Counterspin playing.

Let’s see if this is true.

Is Chipkins just talking things up or are we looking at an election in NZ USA 2020 style?

Chris Hipkins reckons Labour will win despite polling

Despite its poor polling, Chris Hipkins reckons Labour will surprise the doubters and emerge victorious after next Saturday’s election.

The Labour leader was energised at a number of walkabouts and meetings with supporters on Saturday after five days in COVID-19 isolation.

He made mention of his prediction that Labour would win the election on several occasions throughout the day.

“We are going to surprise everybody next Saturday,” he said at a stop in Ōtara, Auckland.

“I think the mood out there has shifted in the last couple of days. I think we are going to see huge momentum in the next week behind the Labour team and we are going to win the election next Saturday.”

Later at a phone bank in central Auckland, Hipkins again said he believed Labour would win.

“I absolutely do. I do,” he said.

The most recent polling shows Labour still trailing National by a large margin.

The latest Newshub-Reid Research poll in late September had Labour on 26.5 percent, while National was on 39.1 percent. The right bloc of National, ACT and New Zealand First would have 66 seats on that poll’s numbers, compared to just 54 for the left bloc.

Do you believe this is an “innocent mistake”?

I recommend listening to the entire interview. I think Gary Moller got it right

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