NZ government comes to the party, FINALLY

NZ government comes to the party, FINALLY

did this article based on figures from Saturday. Now we stand at
almost DOUBLE that figure.

was making the case that we have community transmission. Now the
government has made that admission and is moving over 48 hours to
level 4 I no longer feel the need to criticise to nearly the same
extent and I can get behind the government.

I heard from Jacinda Adern just a while ago is about as good as it
gets from a government.


government recognises 

community spread and 

announces transition to 

Level 4 national shutdown

The day started with a petition from an epidemiologist being circulated.

Then the former government science advisor, Sir Peter Gluckman weighed in on the argument.

Then at midday we learned that we have 32 more cases which takes us to DOUBLE the number of confirmed cases in TWO DAYS.

102 cases does not seem that much but if translated into the population of the United States the figure becomes over 10,000

I have updated the figures I did 2 days ago:

have updated my graph to take into account the last two day’s data.

is a small degree of distortion here in that, until the last two
days, I had to take the MoH data and painstakingly go through the
data and enter it according to what flight people were in.

now on the figures will be reported cases by date.

we weren’t before we are in exponential growth now!

36 new cases of 

Covid-19 in NZ, bringing 

total to 102

Ministry of Health (MoH) has revealed there are 36 new cases of
Covid-19 in New Zealand, bringing the total to 102.


March, 2020

than half are directly related to overseas travel, Director-General
of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said.

these are people who have returned to New Zealand recently and have
become symptomatic, been tested and confirmed as cases of Covid-19.
Most of the remaining cases are close contacts of a previously
confirmed case or are associated with an event where there were
confirmed cases already, for example, the Hereford Cattle conference
in Queenstown.”

were still two cases – in the Wairarapa and Auckland – that could not
be linked to overseas travel and are being treated as community

than 7400 tests have been carried out so far and there were 1100-1500
tests being done every day.

tracing efforts were being ramped up and the ministry was expecting
more cases, Dr Bloomfield said.

have expected them because we have had people returning from a range
of places around the world that have higher rates of Covid-19 and the
important thing of course is that we find these cases, we isolate
them, we identify close contacts and we isolate those people too.”

Ministry of Health’s new team to contact trace can do 50 new cases a
day and Dr Bloomfield said this was on top of the previous MoH team.

said the alert levels were a government decision and the prime
minister would be talking about the alert level within the hour.

more about the Covid-19 coronavirus:

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