NZ has its first confirmed coronavirus case

NZ has its first confirmed coronavirus case

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Zealand confirms case 

of Covid-19 coronavirus

person who has been confirmed to have New Zealand’s first case of the
Covid-19 coronavirus “followed all of the steps you would hope
would be followed”, says the Health Minister.

Auckland City Hospital


February, 2020

Minister Jacinda Ardern confirmed this afternoon that a suspected
case of Covid-19 coronavirus has tested positive.

said the person was in their 60s, and was a citizen of New Zealand
who had recently travelled from Iran via Bali. They had previously
tested negative for Covid-19 twice.

person was in an improving condition in isolation in Auckland
hospital after arriving on Wednesday night before going home in a
private car.

of Health David Clark said the person “followed all of the steps
you would hope would be followed.”

of Health Ashley Bloomfield said the person arrived this week from
Iran, where the virus had been rapidly spreading.

said the first two samples which were taken from the throat, or
nasopharynx, were negative but the patient’s symptoms were much more
suggestive of a lung infection, so a third test was performed after
clinical advice.

Bloomfield said the risk of widespread infection was low at this

of the patient’s family members were in isolation, and others on the
flight would be contacted, he said.

health officials have begun tracing the patient’s other close
contacts to ensure that appropriate measures are in place and this
includes a group of people who were on the flight involved,
particularly for the final leg which was from Bali to New Zealand.

people who the public health service will be contacting are the
people who were in the same row as this individual or the two rows
ahead or behind.”

said they would be required to self-isolate for 14 days and that
self-isolation would be under regular communication with the public
health units.

Ministry of Health said anyone who was on the final leg of the
person’s flight – Emirates EK450, which arrived in Auckland on 26
February – and is concerned should contact the Covid-19 Healthline
number on 0800 358 5453.

earlier said five people were being tested for the virus in New
Zealand, but only this person fit the definition of a suspected case.

New Zealand government earlier announced it was 
its travel restrictions because of the virus
those travelling from Iran.

restrictions mean non-New Zealanders travelling from Iran are barred
from the country, while New Zealanders travelling from there would
have to go into isolation for two weeks.

said 130 tests for Covid-19 had been done this month, all of them
negative except this one.

a statement, the Ministry of Health said they received the test
results about 4.15pm today.

chances of community outbreak remained low, the ministry said, and
public risk from the new infection was being well managed because of
the public messaging, awareness of Covid-19 and public health
response to managing cases and contacts.

there remained a “high likelihood of sporadic cases”, the
statement said.

health officials have begun tracing the patient’s other close
contacts to ensure appropriate protection measures are in place,
including on the flight involved which originated in Tehran and came
via Bali.”

seeking information on the Covid-19 coronavirus were advised to
contact Healthline free on 0800 358 5453.

Australia for a bi-lateral meeting with her Australian counterpart
Scott Morrison
having just finished 

travel restrictions for Iran and China are reviewed every 48 hours.

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