NZ, turn off your TV and tune in to the truth

NZ, turn off your TV and tune in to the truth

From Debra Rock-Evans, via Facebook

Watch what’s happening on the ground this week NZ, turn off your TV and tune in to the truth. Keep your eyes open for the evidence of the we the people standing up and stopping this.

There are people who have activated Murder by Decree documents which lists all the charges and have already served them on all MPs. This document gives all human beings the authority to make citizens arrests and the first one to be made will be Andrew Little in New Plymouth this Friday!
There are people serving all marae vax centre’s with Notice of Liability too.
Notices of Liability have also being served on all principals and board of trustees of all schools in NZ, NZSCU has activated this, motivated by Sue Grey’s submission to the Select Committee Hearing on Friday with Dr Matt Shelton announcing that a NZ laboratory discovered nano particles of graphene in the Pfizer vaccine.
Hold off on vaccinating your children until this all comes to light – please! 🙏 Don’t get the booster!
Hold. The. Line.
When she talks about Murder by Decree she seems to be referring to THIS
Plan to arrest the Minister of Health

Brett Power, a Taranaki Engineer, has initiated the arrest of Health Minister Andrew Little, the charge – culpable murder.

A 30 page Statement of Claim has been accepted by the high court, charge sheet has been drawn up and will be presented at the New Plymouth police station on Friday, February 4.

The police will be given then opportunity to make the arrest, if they fail to carry out their duty, a citizens arrest will be made in accordance with the New Zealand crimes act where a citizen requires no warrant to make an arrest if someone is known to have caused harm

Special Report: Kiwi Citizens Initiate Arrest of Health Minister Andrew Little

I have been informed that my Statement of Claim (submitted on 22 .12.2021) against the Minister  of Health has been accepted by the High Court Registrar and the case outlining the details of the falsifying and suppression of millions of adverse effects upon those who were given the Pfizer serum,as is clearly shown in the lodged court documents accepted by the High Court Registrar is now currently being examined by a High Court Justice.

Given the urgency to this matter and the seriousness of the continuing crime causing continuing culpable murder to large numbers of the community this matter will now be presented in a formal written complaint to the New Plymouth Police station at 12.00 noon on the upcoming Friday 4 the Feb 2021.

A formal written request , asking for the police to immediately receive this written complaint and immediately respond in writing with the issue of a complaint number and a police action  (investigation) will be made.

Myself and the accompanying members of the public will remain at the New Plymouth Police station until the complaint is formally responded in a written acknowledgement from the Police.

The official complaint in regarding the current on going criminal acts being perpetuated , needs to be acted on within 24 hours.

If no action is taken by the police within 24 hours then at 12 noon on the following day the people will assemble outside the Taranaki property address of the Minister of Health Andrew James Little, and make an arrest of the Minister of Health under s35 of the Crimes Act 1961, and declare that the Minister must accompany them to the police station in New Plymouth.

Crimes Act 1961

35 Arrest of persons found committing certain crimes

Every one is justified in arresting without warrant—

(a) any person whom he or she finds committing any offence against this Act for which the maximum punishment is not less than 3 years’ imprisonment

Under s172 of the Crimes Act 1961,

(1) Every one who commits (culpable) murder is liable to imprisonment for life.

So in this case as murders have been committed such as upon Rory  Wilson,a formally young  and fit man  ,who died from a heart attack after taking the Pfizer serum and whose body was examined by a coroner ,whose report stated the cause of death was from the Pfizer serum,then the Minister of Health is to be held accountable for culpable murder.

It is my hope that we can get hundreds and preferably thousands to turn up on Friday 4 Feb 2022 outside the New Plymouth Police station at 12 noon in support.

And then thousands to turn up to arrest the Minister of Health Andrew James Little at his place of residence in Taranaki or at any other place that he may be located

Time is of the essence

We must act now.

If you have any thoughts or can help

Please contact me asap

Regards Brett Power

Mobile 0284365145


2 thoughts on “NZ, turn off your TV and tune in to the truth

  1. At last the truth is starting to roll out. This is actually VERY OLD information however, but at least is now coming to the attention of New Zealanders at last.
    Go guys go!!!! Take them all down and out to bring sanity back to our Nation.

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