NZ: Wellington Hospital mandates covid jab before heart transplant

NZ: Wellington Hospital mandates covid jab before heart transplant

  • Threats to remove patient from hospital.
  • Offers euthanasia


⚠️⚠️WARNING: High blood pressure risk ahead!

Last night, I was alerted to a situation that I can’t BELIEVE is still happening in NZ in 2023 with ALL we know.

Right now, there is a gentleman in the Cardiology Ward at Wellington Hospital requiring a heart transplant.

His relative tells me that if he does not receive a heart transplant, he will likely die.

His surgeons have given him an ultimatum: Get the Covid vax, or they will not perform the surgery.

Say, WHAT?!!

His relative says that failure to agree with their ‘terms’ may result in the police being called to remove him from the hospital, as he will not be ‘eligible’ for the care his life depends on.

To top it all off, they also informed him of the new law in relation to having the right to choose euthanasia.


So, here we are in September 2023. It is completely clear the jab does not stop infection, transmission, hospitalisation or death, and yet a person in need of serious medical care is being forced to take a dud product with a hideous safety profile or die.

What the hell has this country come to?

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