NZPP Threatened, August Lockdown Coming?

NZPP Threatened, August Lockdown Coming?

I don’t have any trust left in the political system and the ability to change things through the ballotbox.

But I do trust the honesty and integrity of Billy te Kahika and his honest desire to make a difference.

If people fail to get behind him on this the descent into tyrrany is going to be a short one

Threats against Billy te Kahika and the nascent NZ Public Party

NZPP Threatened, August Lockdown Coming? TK Tuesdays with Billy TK on the Vinny Eastwood Show

Billy TK and the NZPP. I don’t think the threats are fake.

I was there in Billy’s motel room as he was clearly in a bit of a panic. This before his event in the near packed to capacity McFadden’s centre. 

Watch the video and see my take on Billy.

This is from his time in Christchurch

I go a lot by what I hear but also by body language. There are people who are attacking Billy TK citing pictures of him with Helen Clark saying he works for the UN and the Dark Side,  That’s where interpreting EVERYTHING as a conspiracy theory takes you.

From what I can see I trust him and I trust the version of events above – far more than some of the toxic right-wingers I see active on Facebook.

Make up your own mind.

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