Oamaru Council: 90 graves “because of bad weather”

Oamaru Council: 90 graves “because of bad weather”

A couple of days ago I was made aware of the following footage where the poster pointed out 90+ fresh graves in a small town of 13,000 souls – Oamaru in the South Island

Yesterday I came across this retraction from the person who posted the original video.

This is what Counterspin had to say in response


This week a video went viral as a couple counted what they believed to be fresh graves at a cemetery in Oamaru, in the South Island.

Whilst we know something is rotten in the state of Denmark, we wanted to check out some cemeteries ourselves to corroborate what this woman & her friend were seeing.

We checked out 3 grave yards yesterday and saw nothing on the scale these two had; everything seemed normal.

Then last night we got sent this video saying by the original poster of the viral video that the council came out explaining that it was due to the weather.

This may be a case of jumping the gun, but it can’t hurt to stay vigilant & keep an eye out on your local cemetery from time to time, however we are getting reports more & more people are opting for cremation these days so an increase in overall mortality may not ever really be evident from cemeteries.

Let us know if you find any anomalies.


My first ( and second) reaction is that some pressure was put on her by local authorities and she was TOLD to remove the video.

Otherwise, how did she know about the Council reaction?

Did she read it or hear about it somewhere and responded with the video above?

Here a just a few reactions on Telegram from last night.

“This video. Is very important as I live in Oamaru and this video is truth. Since checking this out I have cried for hours that we have lost so many and the people that are asleep don’t have any idea if what is really going on… Local government and central government are in bed together”

“Nor leave them looking like fresh soil on them, If these graves we done some time ago they would have some grass and weeds. The council have been caught out”

“When the Oamaru council says 90 fresh graves are because of cold weather we need to think critically. How many people do they bury in a year in a small town?. How many cremations? What is the ratio cremation: burial? This might provide a clue”

“Hang on, if it was due to the weather, does that mean, the council didn’t bury anyone for the past year, then when the weather was right they  buried them all. Or are they saying the top of the graves washed away due to rain,? If so, did it also wash the headstones away? Either way, it doesn’t add up.”

“Compare the last few years obituary columns for the same day (like first Sat of August) That should give us a few things to discuss.  My jabbed in-laws look at the obituaries daily and although they don’t know why, they have noticed there are multiple pages of people rather than the  usual 1-2…”

“I work for a legal firm and they are getting 2 or 3 estates (dead people) a week when they used to get 1 or 2 a month, if that.”


Like everything in this whole sorry saga we will never know the truth. However we CAN use critical thinking and divine the truth.

Apart from the question about what sort of “bad weather” can explain so many fresh graves the main question is just how many people die in a little town. 

In smaller towns if there is a funeral it is quite an occasion and the town knows about it. I found this on a website that seems to show there were 6 deaths in Oamaru over the week, 8 -15 August.


If there are 90 graves and 6 people die that implies that what the good folk reported represents about 15 weeks of deaths in Oamaru.

That is not the end of it.

People have asked about cremations.

Short of getting statistics, say from the funeral home, there is no way of knowing how many people have been cremated.

On searching, I found that there is ONE crematorium in Northern Otago 

We will never know the truth unless a whistleblower comes forward. But I wouldn’t mind betting that bad weather was NOT the reason for all the graves.

To take that at face value you would need to have not am ounce of common sense and believe in coinkydinks and the tooth fairy

One thought on “Oamaru Council: 90 graves “because of bad weather”

  1. Unusual that weather would cause that many graves. Why did they not explain how that could be? … I don’t personally buy it. I have done a trawl around for clue… one Oamaru funeral director reported on fb at end of June, “The team is taking a brief opportunity to refresh and recharge following an exceptionally busy June, caring for a record number of Oamaru families.
    We are contactable by phone for families in need
    and back on duty for all other matters after 4.30pm.
    Looking after ourselves, enables us to keep looking after you.” Record number?

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