Odessa is on fire in every corner

Odessa is on fire in every corner

“The worst attack so far”: Odessa is on fire in every corner – The screen of the air defense controllers was filled with missiles – The grain is finished – The Ports were destroyed

According to Ukrainian Officials, Odessa experienced one of the worst nights. The city has been burning for 24 hours as Russia has unleashed an unprecedented intensity of bombardment with almost all of its air weapons.

Ukrainian officials admit launch by Russia:

– 16 Kalibr
– 8 Kh-22
– 6 P-800 Oniks
– 1 Kh-59
– 32 Shaded drones

The Ukrainians claim to have intercepted only:

– 13 Kalibr
– 1 Kh-59
– 23 Shaded drones

For the first time, the Ukrainians admit that they did not intercept all the missiles! Besides, they couldn’t do otherwise as the city was burning all night. The air defense of the Ukrainians in Odessa-Nikolaev must have “left us time”.

Russia began dismantling Ukraine’s ports and related infrastructure by ending the grain deal.

Literally now the agreement is “dead”. Storage facilities, grain storage crane, etc. were destroyed.

Violent attacks were made on:

– Odessa Commercial Port
– Black Sea Commercial Port
– Rybport
– Dniester Estuary Bridge (Zatoka Bridge)
– Dniester Bridge at Mayaki
– Odessa Airport
– Skolny Airport
– fuel storage facilities

-Yuzhny, Reni, Izmail and Kiliya ports

Watch video of the launch of Onyx missiles from the territory of Crimea

Odessa in flames!

Strong explosions but the whole — Odessa throughout the night.

The massive combined attack lasted several hours. Russian Aerospace Forces launched X-22 missiles, Navy launched Kalibr. Geran-2 kamikaze drones also hit targets.

Also, four Tu-22 M3s were recorded taking off from Mozdok airfield in the North Caucasus and four Tu-22 M3s flying along the eastern border. A total of eight strategic bombers.

The first explosions occurred in Ukraine’s Sumy, and Dnipropetrovsk regions, although air raid sirens sounded across its territory.

The bombings then shifted towards Odessa and the wider Odessa area. Russian forces were striking the port and military infrastructure of Chernomorsk.

A little later, information appeared about a series of explosions on the territory of the part of the Zaporizhia region controlled by Kiev, as well as in Zhytomyr.

See here the residents of Odessa at the time of the bombing

“One of the worst nights” – What air defense controllers’ screen showed – See images

Footage from the screens of the Virazh-Tablet automated control system of air defense controllers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was published by Russian media demonstrating the intensity of the night attack by Russian high-precision weapons on military facilities and infrastructure facilities in southern Ukraine.

On the monitors of the controllers, dozens of aerial targets appeared flying from Crimea to Odessa.

It is obvious that the Ukrainian air defense is not able to intercept such a number of Russian Kalibr, Onyx, Kh-22/32 missiles and Geran kamikaze drones.

The authorities of Odessa stated that they do not remember such a strike since the beginning of the “special military operation”. In particular, the mayor of the city, Gennady Trukhanov, described yesterday’s Russian attack as “terrible, the worst so far”.

Russian aerospace forces and Black Sea Fleet ships managed to destroy fuel and ammunition depots, as well as a number of port infrastructure facilities.

“Russia’s withdrawal from the grain agreement made it possible to carry out long-awaited strikes on places where terrorist attacks against Crimea were being prepared, “the Russians said.

“The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation carried out a group retaliatory strike with high-precision naval weapons at facilities where terrorist acts against the Russian Federation were being prepared using unmanned vessels, as well as at the site of their construction in a shipyard near the city of Odessa,” the Ministry of Defense said yesterday of the Russian Federation after the first retaliatory strike.

The results of last night have yet to be summed up, but it is clear that the Russian military is methodically destroying the infrastructure of Ukraine’s Black Sea ports to minimize the possibility of attacks by the Ukrainians…

Watch video








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