Ole Dammegard’s compelling theory about the release of coronavirus

Ole Dammegard’s compelling theory about the release of coronavirus

39 “terrorist attacks” in a day averted and the release of SARS-covid-2

I found the story told by Ole Dammegard on the connection between a terrorist false flag plan to launch 39 attacks within 36 hours and the release of the coronavirus bioweapon compelling, so I decided to go through and find as much information as I could about the background.

Given the importance of the subject matter it was not easy.

Listen to his story HERE. I will post a video that parallels this further down the page.

I was unable to locate the video of the man he talks about, Ola Stettenmark, who talked openly about sending out an emergency 1 minute before a terrorist attack (that was not known about at the time. However I have found other material that relates to this.

Firstly here is the Twitter item in Swedish of Mr. Stettenmark.

Having worked in this field for perhaps 35 years Mr. Dammegard is perhaps better equipped at seeing through the code of this than most.

“Summarizes a very good steering group fashion in Barcelona. A total of 39 recommendations have been established in the five areas that the cities have worked with. We also had the opportunity to lecture on the task force and visit the memorial site for the attack at La Ramblia, interesting and chancellor”

Having worked in this field for perhaps 35 years Mr. Dammegard is perhaps better equipped at seeing through the code of this than most.

He put out an alert as widely as he could as here.

Or watch this:

Ole thought he might have ruined Mr. Stettenmark’s carrier but I found that he is still on both Facebook and Twitter.

The date came and went and he thought he must have been wrong but he received an email from a friend working in Brussels.

It seemed that Ole Dammegard’s alert (heard by several tens of thousands of people) may have created a panic.

First of all there was this:

The Defence Ministers of the North Atlantic Council met on 24-25 October 2019 at NATO Headquarters in Brussels. The meeting gave rise to fierce clashes between Germany, the Benelux countries and France on the one hand, and the United States and Turkey on the other.

The former members of the defunct Warsaw Pact, eager to keep up their guard against Russia, smoothed the waters.

Unlike the 1966 crisis, when France had refused to place its military forces under the orders of a US General and withdrew from the NATO Integrated Command, the current conflict is not about the independence of individual members from the USA, but concerns the survival of the Alliance itself.

Germany, Benelux and France have called for a military intervention in north eastern Syria, both against the armed forces of Syria and Turkey (a NATO member), and in support of YPG Kurdish militias. For their part, the United States and Turkey argued that US forces did not have a mandate to justify their presence in Syria, and that Turkey was legally acting on the basis of its right to counter attacks from terrorists inside Syria.

This situation raises the broader question of what will become of the Alliance now that the United States has decided to step down from its imperial throne, having already taken steps in that direction.

Nature abhorring a vacuum, Germany, Benelux and France are obvious candidates, as a group, to take over the task, though they lack the necessary means. This being said, Germany prefers to remain within the framework of the Alliance, [1] while France envisions this change to take place within the structure of the European Union (that is, without both the United States and the United Kingdom).

As a historical reminder, at the time of the collapse of the USSR, the Warsaw Pact did not survive Moscow’s recognition of the independence of its member states. The “Brezhnev Doctrine” of 1968 justified a military intervention in member countries of the Pact if the socialist character of the Eastern Bloc was at stake. Consequently, Moscow was able to crush the “Prague Spring.” By contrast, in 1990, Mikhail Gorbachev declared that Moscow was no longer in a position to dictate its law to its allies; a principle he facetiously called the “Sinatra Doctrine” (referring to Frank Sinatra’s song My Way). There was no repression in Hungary and, in the German Democratic Republic, the Berlin Wall came down all of a sudden.

The Atlantic Alliance also has stay-behind secret services, [2] in charge of keeping Member States in line, by resorting, if necessary, to assassination or regime-change methods. Although these services have been dissolved on several occasions, they are still active. However, it had never been anticipated that the problem would be coming from the United States.

This was the press conference cited by Ole Dammegard of the NATO heads General Jens Stoltenberg.

 Then there was news that all the Israeli embassies and consulates around the world had closed down.  This was ascribed to a “general strike”

I could not find anything in the internet archives about Pence’s plane turning around from the Middle East to go home although I do recall the story quite clearly.

Then Donald Trump announced that ISIS leader, al-Baghdadi had been killed (for the fourth time?

So, it seemed that something terrible may have been averted, at least in Mr. Dammegard’s analysis.

Now, we turn to the novel coronavirus outbreak which was then declared a pandemic with everything that has followed.

Just prior to all the NATO meeting described above there was Event 201, which was an exercise around a theoretical virus outbreak in a South American country. Although it was about a South American country there were no representatives from the continent but there was a Chinese contingent as well as all the usual suspects.

At the same time, in Wuhan, China there were the World Military Games held from October 18–27

There were 10,000 athletes from over 100 countries competing in 27 sports.

The theory of Ole Dammegard is that there was supposed to be 39 almost simultaneous attacks on the European continent to be followed by soldiers from the Military World Games returning to their countries carrying a deadly virus.

Instead, only 50% of the original plan was able to carried out and the bioweapon, albeit in a weak form, was released in western countries.

Here is a bit of background, courtesy of Spiro Skouras

Finally, there is also this very good interview that covers the same material.

Here is my video (partially) on this them from yesterday

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