On futile protest actions

On futile protest actions

The insanity that is today’s world entered our house when my partner Pam, came to tell me a 70 year-old friend-of-a-friend possibly wouldn’t be able to meet her because she might be in jail.

She appears to have been arrested for her part in disrupting traffic on a major Wellington street and currently in jail.

Protesters block Wellington traffic for second time in a week

Earlier in the week:

Protesters block lane of SH1 at Wellington’s Terrace Tunnel


Don’t get me wrong. I can understand that grandmother’s might be worried about their children’s future.

I can even understand a certain degree of disruption.

I am not a reactionary.

However, I think these actions are wrong mainly because they are completely futile.

They are ostensibly about public transport but they are not.

They are because they think they are “saving the planet“. 

If the headline below has any validity it makes the well-meaning action of the protesters something like a post-modern, western version of martyrdom.



In the old days people protested – against deforestation, against dams and the like.

Back then we were not living under communistic fascism and there was a chance of making positive changes. 

But times have changed radically.

In addition, the protests were directed against what people were protesting against; people tied themselves to trees rather than directing their protests against innocent people going about their daily business.

It is a short distance from gluing yourself to a major road to slashing the tyres of cars like this:

There are many things that are wrong. 

We could choose to hone in on one part of that reality and try to change that.

I see people very, very upset with geoengineering and chemtrails but I have yet to see anyone gluing themselves to a airplane runway to protest.

We all express our anger through posts on social media or we write articles like I do, but none of us ever dream of disrupting other people’s lives to make our point about something we feel about.

For me there is something very sad about seeing a 70 year old doing something that I might have done at the age of 18 without any thoughts about the consequences.

I have long thought that we are living in the age of consequences and there is nothing we can do.

I was told that I was “conservative”.

I would say, not even that because, I think, we have moved to a point where there is nothing we can conserve any more, let alone “create a better world”.

When it comes to climate change the horse has bolted, as I have said many times before.

What I am seeing appears something like, “the horse has bolted but let’s have a discussion about who left the gate open”.

Something about crying over spilt milk comes to mind. 

This has been reinforced in recent weeks and months from seeing that so much of the evidence that is used to justify “climate action” (and is guiding the people we are talking about) is incomplete, distorted or cherrypicked  to reinforce a particular point of view.

So, we have people that are carrying out something close to acts of terrorism to stop them from using their cars when the fact is that if we stopped the use of all the cars in the world the amount of greenhouse gasses would pale in comparison with, say, the pollution from China or India or the military machine, or aviation.

That is just for starters.

We now know that most greenhouse warming comes from water vapour.

But who is going to protest against the clouds? 

The CO2 that is being blamed is only a tiny part of the atmosphere.

What this means is that there are so many caveats and doubts that it throws all climate actions into doubt and makes it look, instead, like a self-inflicted wound.

As I go along the more I am interested in describing things AS THEY ARE.

While I will identify the factors and the people responsible I am becoming less angry; the anger is being replaced by grief.

However, not the liberal Left. 

This was the response of “comrade” Martyn Bradbury who has little to do with facts or evidence but has an opinion on EVERYTHING. 

That appears to be the nature of what goes for “journalism” these days.

“The Climate Protestors blocking Wellington Motorways are legends and true heroes”

Climate Change protesters righteously use their privilege to shut down Wellington motorway

That is the liberal Left to the tee. 

Rather than describing things in a factual way with plenty of evidence to back them up everything (but everything) is seen through the lens of right vs wrong with endless amounts of anger going along with it.

They are upset that their perfect world is disintegrating in front of them but they cannot talk about it in any other way than anger against the “other”.

In fact, the “other” has to be cancelled, to be destroyed.

Nothing could be further from the way I see things.

Things are deteriorating almost at an unimaginable rate.

That makes me want to be the best human being I can be within my own limitations and to get right with God.

I see all this and have to watch people I know and love trot off to get their next jab, probably the recently- introduced bivalent shot.

I have to deal with a lot of sadness and grief and none more than what I am experiencing today.

8 thoughts on “On futile protest actions

  1. Both water vapor and CO2 are responsible for global warming, and once we increase the CO2 in the atmosphere, the oceans warm up, which inevitably triggers an increase in water vapor. CO2 comes first.

  2. “I see all this and have to watch people I know and love trot off to get their next jab, probably the recently- introduced bivalent shot…I have to deal with a lot of sadness and grief and none more than what I am experiencing today.”

    I’m so sorry. Really sorry. I have family/friends… A lot of them out of touch, because they know my position. I’m estranged from a lot of family.

    I worry for them. It does weigh heavy on my heart. That I was not able to reason with them. That God did not intervene. Though there was some intervention for one of my Grandmother’s.(Jab Free) Who was hospitalized and offered Remdesivir, or get out of the hospital. Saved by a Registered Nurse in our fam. Who took care of her at home.

    “Canadian Trucker Convoy” was smashed by laws waiting in the wings 30 years old.
    I think they brought in UN troops to disperse people in Ottawa. The RCMP didn’t do it.
    Convoy 2.0 didn’t happen. Funders/leaders went to jail.

    On a good note. From my perspective. SeeMore, you are turning to Christ instead of Eastern religion’s/ New age theology. A few years ago, you weren’t averse to Christ. But you were wide open to many things. It’s nice to see people open/promoting Christ. In this growingly pagan/one world religion environment.
    May Jesus Christ our Lord, Bless you!

    1. I am pleased what I have learned from eastern religions. A quiet and reflective mind is one thing. But, in the current context they show their limitations in ignoring morality and the existence of Evil which is showing itself as being very real. I always come back to Solzhenitsyn who says every human heart contains both.

      1. I also spent time studying more of the Eastern religion’s Indian/Hindu, Tibetan… Exc. More than I mentioned. Because it’s so extensive.
        (New-age is just Pagan, so it’s not new. Sometimes I mix thing’s up, with all the things I’ve read/seen.) I suppose new-age might depend on your perspective.

        I can’t imagine you holding a crystal, burning incense, making sigils, chanting and doing hooby-doobie junk. Expecting a result. You’re not that gullible. I think you’re smart.

        I agree with your point on “Evil.” I was raised Christian, but left at 12. I’ve been semi-religious. (Agnostic)
        But evil, that is what turned me straight to God. It was around the Clinton Emails/Pedo-Gate/Pizza-Gate.
        I had an epiphany. Evil is real, God is real! The Bible is divinely inspired. Other religious text’s are very often not. I’m sure you’ve read a lot of text’s.

        Now I want to read a bit of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. I have seen him on this site. But I haven’t read any of his writing’s. In their entirety.
        Thanks again, Well wishes from the other side of the world!

        1. Sorry, Awareness of Evil. (Canadian, I can’t stop apologising? It’s growing less, but it people my age + often say sorry, for very little things.)

          It was the “Fear of God.” was placed in my heart by His accordance.
          I was drawn to the Bible… It was my choice. But we could go into “predestination” and other theology. Ramble on for hours/days.

          Oh also, I agree about the mirror/reflection of one’s self. Peace of mind.
          Self-Responsibility/Responsible for everyone. These are good things to hold onto. But I don’t believe in reincarnation.

          Ok, I hope I’m not annoying. You’re very polite. I can’t tell if I am bothering you.

  3. These people made me late for work on both days and cannot seem to grasp that if there were no cars used for transporting people to work the rail network wouldn’t cope.

    The protestors are also placing themselves in an extremely vulnerable position by being glued to the road. What if someone had had enough and just decided to drive into them? There would be no means of escape. One day they may get attacked by someone wielding a tyre iron. I have heard that some of the tyre deflators would up in hospital when they were caught in the act.

    Would it not be better for these people to hold up signs on the side of the road and avoid arrest, and possibly assault from a populace which is already strung out from the societal and economic situation?

    1. @SJ
      The illogical protestors have already been attacked and hurt. Some because of their “glue-actions.”
      If I caught someone puncturing my tires. I would lose my temper, and clean their clock. (Vigilante action’s) “Get away from my car! What in the world is wrong with you!?” (Violence incuses)

      People were arrested for holding pieces of paper saying: “Not my King.”
      Then they switched to blank paper, and were still arrested.

      Yes, get off the road/rail. The only blockage I mildly accepted was the Canadian Trucker’s, blocking USA trade to Canada. (To make a poignant point.)
      People need to go to work. They aren’t serving anyone, even their own agenda, by creating a public nuisance.

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