On Merck’s new $700 alternative to Ivermectin

On Merck’s new $700 alternative to Ivermectin

How Big Pharma destroyed lives by making cheap and effective drugs unavailable and, after 2 years, developing expensive (and lucrative) rip-off alternatives with dangerous side-effects


As we know , there has been no “treatment” for covd-19; people have been sent home until their symptoms became serious enough for them to be hospitalised where they frequently died on a cocktail of remdesivir and the sedative, midazalam while on a ventilator.

Meanwhile Big Pharma has ensured that cheap and very effective medications such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were made unavailable, often based on fraudulent research papers. This has been detailed in Robert F. Kennedy’s book the Real Anthony Fauci.  

It was therefore a surprise when I heard New Zealand PM Jacinda Adern announce in a Facebook livestream that the government was importing 120,000 doses of “anti-viral” medications. Apart from thinking how ineffective “anti-viral” drugs would be in fighting something that is not a virus I left it at that an I missed the following news item from Radio New Zealand.

NZ purchases 120,000 courses of Covid antiviral medicine

Health authorities have ordered 120,000 courses of antivirals to combat mild to moderate Covid cases.

Ministry of health

Photo: RNZ / Richard Tindiller

The joint effort from the Ministry of Health and Pharmac comes as overseas cases spike during the northern winter.

It’s hoped the combination of high vaccination rates, more medicine options, and the booster shot will prepare New Zealand in time for our next winter.

New Zealand’s drug agency has ordered 60,000 courses of two tablet medications, in the race to secure treatments for Covid-19.

Pharmac chief executive Sarah Fitt says two of the new medicines involve taking a 5-day course of pills, and it’s also looking at a third treatment, which can be given intravenously or by injection.

“That brings our suite of treatments secured so far to six – three of them are already in use in the hospitals and three of them are subject to Medsafe approval, we’re hoping to secure stock of those next year.”

Fitt said Pharmac hadn’t yet determined who would be eligible for the drugs, but supplies would be limited.

Ministry of Health chief science advisor Dr Ian Town said New Zealand currently uses pre-existing medications for severe to critical cases.

He said the new medicines would help prevent cases from getting to that stage.

“If we can have a drug that’s made available to someone with a recent diagnosis of Covid-19, then we’re able to perhaps slow the progression of the condition and prevent them needing more intensive medical care or even ending up in hospital.”

Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said the current outbreak in Europe is the equivalent of New Zealand having between 3000 to 4000 cases and 10 to 20 deaths a day.

He said these numbers are related to the area currently being in winter, and said local agencies were working to secure the new medicines before the next New Zealand winter.

“One of the things we’re turning our minds to is how do we prepare for next winter,” Dr Bloomfield said.

“Our treatments, and making sure we’ve got those available will be a key part of that.”

The authorities said modelling here and overseas, in countries such as Ireland, had guided Pharmac on the amount of drugs it’s ordered.


It wasn’t until I started reading Bobby Kennedy’s book that I found the answer. First, he describes Fauci’s and Big Pharma’s campaign against two drugs that have been shown in clinical practise to be highly effective, both as a treatment and prophylactic  for covid-19 – hydroxichoriquine and ivermectin. He then describes the drug company Merck that was the original developer of the drug which is now off patent.

“On February 4, 2021, Merck discovered “a concerning lack of safety and the majority of studies”, regarding ivermectin. Merck, was ivermectin’s original manufacturer and had formally posted of ivermectin as it’s “wonder drug”

“During the 40 years that it marketed the drug worldwide Merck had never spoken of these worrisome safety signals. Since 1987 Merck has given billions of doses to the developing world for scabies, river blindness, lymphatic filariasis, elephantiasis and assorted parasites without any safety alarms. In 2016 Merck distributed 900 million doses in Africa alone. “The drug is safe and has minor side-effects “a Merck spokesman said at the time.

“Unlike previous treatments, which had serious – sometimes fatal – side-effects – ivermectin is a safe and can be used on a wide scale. It is also a very affective treatment, and has single-handedly transformed the lives of millions of people….”

The next question is what promoted Merck’ safety concerns?

Merck’s exclusive ivermectin patent rights expired in 1996, and dozens of generic drug companies now produce ivermectin for about 40c per dose, badly diminishing ivermectin’s profit profile for Merck. …..

Turns out Merck has a competitor for its own product that is far more lucrative.

But most importantly, ivermectin it’s also a low profit competitor for another new Merck product for Covid- 19 – a high cost anti-viral drug, molnupiravir, for which Merck had the highest financial ambitions. Ironically,a copycat formula utilised an identical mechanism of action as ivermectin. That drug will retail at around $700 per course but only if Merck can kill it’s cheap rival.

Next, we get some more details of the shady deals around this – from Robert F. Kennedy:

“It’s worth a moment to consider molnupiravir’s pedigree, because the drug emerged from a shadowy black market of spies, pharmaceutical mountebanks, biosecurity profiteers, and Pentagon contractors who played key roles in militarising and monetizing the COVID pandemic, and who you meet later in this book.  The CIA officer and bioweapons developer, Michael Callahan, one of molnupiravir’s key patrons, has dubbed this group of shady bioweapons operators as his “Secret Handshake Club.” Molnupiravir is a protease inhibitors that mimics the anti-viral properties of ivermectin.  

But is does not have the safety of IVM –

“Unlike ivermectin, molnupiravir showed safety signals so alarming that some of its developers at Emory University protested its introduction into human phase 1 trials. Among other problems, they cite the possibility that it will cause birth defects.”

“Callahan’s boss, bio weapons enthusiast and former DHHS Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response Robert Kadlec.MD  – an unabashed “gain of function” promoter with military and intelligence agency pedigrees who built his career profiting from hyped pandemics – almost single-handedly created the $7 billion National Strategic Stockpile and runs it as a personal fiefdom to enrich friends and connections. Kadlec also runs the super secretive P3CO Committee inside the NIH which greenlights- and never denies – Tony Fauci’s gain-of -function  bioweapons research projects”….

It was absolutely essential to Merck to kill off the opposition.

….”On June 9 2001, as FDA and NIAID were cranking up the medical cartel’ opposition against ivermectin, the HHS agreed to purchase $1.7 million 5- day treatment courses of molnupiravir from Merck for $1.2 million – when the drug wins FDA approval, a contingency that can be virtually guaranteed while Anthony Fauci is Washington’s drug king maker…

“Not only was the drug developed with tax payer money, but it’s $712 per dose price the taxpayer is 40 times more than Merck’s $17.64 cost of production work, which expects to make $7 billion per year on the new blockbuster, saw it’s stock price spike on news of the government contract and after president Biden is televised plug.

“With so many powerful and important godfathers and the United States president fully committed, it would be unprecedented for FDA to deny authorisation to molnupiravir, no matter how disastrous the clinical trial results may be. Merck is so certain of FDA approval that by September 2020, it was already scaling up manufacturing, even though it’s tropical tree trials are still underway.

“Merck announced in October 2021 that molnupiravir had shown “game changing“ results against COVID in clinical trials, reducing hospitalisations and deaths by 50% against a placebo. “The news of the efficacy of this particular anti-viral is obviously very good news”, trumpeted the White House is chief medical advisor and Farmer spokesperson, Anthony Fauci. “The FDA will look at the data and in the usual very efficient, very effective way, will evaluate the data as quickly as they possibly can, and then it will be taken from there.


Merck’s product, molnupiravir, was not the only product coming onto the market

As Merck stood poised to release its new horse drug molnupiravir onto the market, the other US behemoth, Pfizer was racing Merck neck and neck with its own anti-viral pill,

PF – 07321332, an ivermectin knockoff that is so similar to IVF, (except of course, in price point) that critics call it “Pfizermectin”. Like IVM, it is also a protease inhibitor antiparasitic. With these two drugs teed up for a simultaneous FDA approval, the entire medical/media cartel launched a final coordinated coup de grace against ivermectin – branding it a dangerous horse drug. Mainstream media outlets across the US and overseas obediently ran  stories promoting the horse medicine propaganda scam.

(pp. 56 – 59  Robert F Kennedy, The Real Anthony Fauci)

The rest is history. It seems that the FDA approved Mercks’s product on 30 November and Adern announced the importation on 10 December – 11 days later.

They didn’t waste their time!

  • The FDA’s Antimicrobial Drugs Advisory Committee voted 13 to 10 to recommend emergency authorization of molnupiravir.
  • Molnupiravir is an oral antiviral drug designed to treat adults with mild to moderate symptoms of Covid-19 who are at high risk of severe disease.
  • Most committee members said it was a difficult vote, with unanswered questions about the drug’s safety and potential impact, however unlikely, on driving virus evolution.
  • The drug needs final authorization from the FDA and CDC before it’s available to the public on an emergency basis

Britain didn’t even wait that long!

UK first to approve oral antiviral molnupiravir to treat Covid

Pill can be taken twice daily at home and priority will be given to elderly patients and those with health vulnerabilities

Here is N.Z’s regulatory body, Pharmac’s notice from 11 October

Pharmac negotiates deal for molnupiravir to treat COVID-19

Pharmac has negotiated an agreement with supplier Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) to purchase the antiviral molnupiravir. It will be used to treat New Zealanders with mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms, subject to the treatment gaining regulatory approval in New Zealand by Medsafe.   

“Getting vaccinated is the best defence against COVID-19. But we are pleased that we have secured an additional treatment to help those who become unwell,” says Pharmac’s Chief Executive Sarah Fitt. “The signed agreement is for an initial supply of 60,000 courses, giving Kiwis another line of defence against the virus.” 

“Our agreement is subject to molnupiravir getting Medsafe approval for use in New Zealand,” says Sarah. “Shortly thereafter, New Zealand will start receiving the treatment.” 

“MSD recently announced trial results showing that molnupiravir considerably reduced hospitalisations and deaths from COVID-19. While these are interim results, they are very promising,” says Sarah. 

The unprecedented nature of the pandemic, and the ongoing health risks posed by COVID-19, has meant Pharmac is proactively engaging global pharmaceutical companies to secure access to safe, effective COVID-19 treatments in New Zealand.  

“We have changed the way we operate, using separate funding allocated by Government, to make sure that New Zealand can access new COVID-19 treatments,” says Sarah. “COVID-19 is a unique health crisis and for this reason we are doing things differently.” 

“This is not the only new COVID-19 treatment we are working on. We are moving quickly to secure a range of new COVID-19 treatments for New Zealanders.” says Sarah. “At this stage, we cannot disclose other medicines we are considering, or the pharmaceutical companies we are engaging with, due to the confidential nature of negotiations.” 

Pfizer Seeks Emergency Use Authorization for Novel COVID-19 Oral Antiviral Candidate

  • If approved or authorized, PAXLOVID™ (PF-07321332; ritonavir) would be the first oral antiviral of its kind, a 3CL protease inhibitor specifically designed to combat SARS-CoV-2
  • EUA submission includes clinical data from an interim analysis of the Phase 2/3 EPIC-HR study, which demonstrated an 89% reduction in risk of COVID-19-related hospitalization or death compared to placebo in non-hospitalized high-risk adults with COVID-19
  • Rolling submissions have commenced in several countries including in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea, with planned submissions to other regulatory agencies around the world

We have already had life-saving drugs like HCQ and IVM that could have saved the lives of MILLIONS kept from people.

Now we have Big Pharma with the help of their enablers, many months after the onset of the pandemic introduce onto the market highly  – expensive drugs that are nothing more than rip-offs of the original, Ivermectin- all for the sake of patents and extracting still more profit.

In the meantime, how many lives could have been saved in the last last 2 years?

This is nothing less than a crime against humanity.

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