On the Counterspin response to VFF

On the Counterspin response to VFF

Voices for Freedom put out a very responsible response to Liz Gunn’s recent video without any name-calling or finger-pointing (that is the particular skillset of Counterspin – the actions and language of the ideological street brawler, Kelvyn Alp.

The “good cop”, Hannah Spierer has written the following with accusations of “impugning” their friend, Liz Gunn and overestimating their own skills which they say VFF does not have.

Meanwhile, Kelvyn has hardly put his head above the parapet since Liz failed to get 2 million votes (sic) in the election.


By Hannah Spierer

VFF are again trying to present themselves as the moral arbiters of truth by suggesting that those who don’t do things their way are irresponsible. Case in point, their recent response to Liz Gunn’s Mother Of All Revelations. A story that Liz was compelled to share in an attempt to ensure that no more lives were unnecessarily lost.

Everyone knows how much work VFF has done to help the cause, as have many other great people and organisations in NZ and around the world. Nobody can ever take away from the work they have done. But this latest tall poppy cut-down is absolutely preposterous.

It can be easy to presume that new developments in a story are not reliable or valid in the context of not knowing the full story.

Throughout history many ‘responsible journalists’ have seen evidence for various stories but have been unable to release that evidence, and the story still gets published. Liz is ex-MSM and a qualified lawyer – hardly an idiot.

CSM also has security, intelligence and MSM experience.  Again….hardly idiots.

Much thought and consideration went into making the statements Liz made. A simple off-the-record conversation between VFF reps and Liz could have alleviated the concerns VFF professes to have about the information witnessed.

Writing about her, without naming her is another slap in the face and suggests they are either trying not to “platform” her or are simply too gutless to stand by what they are saying about her. But this is a common occurrence with VFF, not wanting to give credit where credit is due, unless they are involved, or taking undue credit as with the Baby Will case.

The fact that VFF are determined to impugn Liz Gunn’s credibility and professionalism before being privy to all the facts shows that they are desperate to stamp their own opinions on this situation.


CSM Responds to VFF

Here is the response from Lynda Wharton of Health Forum NZ. Perhaps in Counterspin’s  eyes the hard-working and selfless Lynda is not even worthy of mention.


Liz Gunn is the founder of the NZ Loyal party that ran in the recent New Zealand election.

Yesterday she released the video below.

In the video Liz speaks of a Whistle Blower who has released data to her showing “tens of thousands” covid vaccine induced deaths in New Zealand.

As the founder of The Health Forum NZ, many people have been contacting me asking if we are behind this revelation.

In the interest of full transparency I wish to make it clear that The Health Forum NZ has not been contacted by Liz Gunn, and is not involved in the whistle blower revelations Liz speaks of.

Having worked at the coalface of Covid injection injury and deaths for the past two and a half years, I can however, say the following:

*We have had personal contact with many New Zealand families who have lost loved ones in close proximity to receipt of a covid injection.

*Medsafe have received 184 death following covid injection, reports, up to November 2022 (the time at which CARM stopped posting public facing data).

*Medsafe acknowledges no more than 5% of post vaccination events are ever reported to them.

*The typical number of post vaccination deaths reported to Medsafe, in a typical year (for all doses of every vaccine administered that year) is ONE or less.

*The Health Forum has for the past 2 years, collated a database of temporally related post covid injection deaths.  As we are not Medsafe, we do not make the claim that these are deaths attributed to the injection.

Rather we record the temporal connection.

This database is shared with NZDSOS for the purpose of informing the NZ Governmental authorities charged with our safety; with attendant appeals to cease the roll out of Covid injections in New Zealand, due to significant safety concerns. 

NZDSOS have submitted our database to New Zealand Regulatory and Safety authorities on multiple occasions, with no resulting interest or action from said authorities.

This database has not been presented to Liz Gunn.

*To date we have recorded 811 deaths on our temporally linked database.

Approximately 6 months ago we made the decision to stop recording deaths over the age of 70 as there were too many for our small team to verify and process.

The Health Forum NZ has worked tirelessly to bring attention to the unprecedented serious injury and deaths occurring following Covid vaccination in New Zealand.

We will continue to do so, and we eagerly await the release of the data referred to by Liz Gunn, to confirm our empirical observation of unprecedented harms in New Zealand and globally, resulting from mRNA injections.


Here, once again is the “Mother of All Revelations” from the wannabe “mother of the nation”

Meanwhile, Counterspin are totally silent about this most important news (because it didn’t come from them and they don’t like Sue Grey any more?).

The Imminent End of the Pfizer vax provisional consent on 3 November, 2023

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