One man’s story about Tucker Carlson

One man’s story about Tucker Carlson

One year ago at this time I was on house arrest, with a tracking monitor on my ankle, literally unable to step foot outside my apartment. For the guy who was known for traveling the country and rallying people coast to coast, it was devastating to be stuck inside 1500 square feet feeling like my life was falling apart.

During those months I reached out over and over again to many of my media contacts who told me they would not be willing to have me on to talk about what happened to me. I felt abandoned by so many and siloed.

Feeling as though I was running out of places to turn, I sat down and wrote a 4 page letter to Tucker Carlson explaining everything. To me, it felt like sending a message in a bottle. A cry of distress that I could only hope might reach him. I gave it to a friend who went outside and mailed it on my behalf.

Several weeks later, on a Sunday evening, I was laying on my bed, inside my room where I had been for more than 70 straight days. I looked down and my phone and saw a message that said, “Brandon, it’s Tucker Carlson. I just read your letter which shocked and upset me”… and he went on to say that he wanted to interview me about my experience. A month later, I flew to Florida, and sat with Tucker for over an hour to share my story. He has had me on numerous times since, to speak about the unjust treatment of J6 defendants, and to give me my voice back.

In a time when journalists are running away from stories for fear of what the public will think, this is a man who has shown true courage, integrity, honesty, and genuine courtesy to seek the truth even when it is dangerous or deeply unpopular to do so.

It is truly an honor for me to know him.

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