“One Source of Information”

“One Source of Information”

In New Zealand we have another “one source of information”


I was not paying attention at the time until the deluge hit but this is the story I get from the one reliable source I have in Auckland.

I am told that there is a “one-upmanship” between NIWA and Metservice but the story I get is that Metservice and everyone else missed it, so that no warning was forthcoming.

Civil Defence In Auckland only put out a warning at 9 pm (where the flooding started at 2.30 pm), with a State of Emergency called at 1 am the next morning.

Meanwhile thousands were flooded out and two weeks later some low -lying areas still have stagnant water in houses with nowhere for the water to run.

Both my informant and I agree that this was a geoengineered storm designed to destabilise the country.

So thank you to the One Source of Information, I will go with Robert Deutsch, who, although very idiosyncratic,  not only predicted all of this as well as the earthquakes that hit the other evening.


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