One-third of Israelis are Bisexual

One-third of Israelis are Bisexual

By extension, there must be a similar preponderance of LGBQT in the IDF.

And they are going to fight Hamas in Gaza?!

STUDY: One-Third of Israelis Are Bisexual

A new study of sexuality in Israel, portrayed as the first of its kind, reveals that a significant number of people in the Jewish state identify on the bisexual spectrum.

According to this new survey by the Israeli website Mako and the Panels Institute of several hundred secular Jews living in Israel, 67 percent of participants identified as “exclusively heterosexual,” while only 3 percent said they were “exclusively homosexual.” The answers from the remaining 30 percent said they identified as being in between being exclusively heterosexual or homosexual.

The survey used a Kinsey scale, having respondents rank themselves from 0 to 6, 0 being exclusively heterosexual, while 6 was exclusively homosexual. One-third of the participants placed themselves along the 1-5 bisexual spectrum, noting they are open to sexual activity with different genders.



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