Op-Ed: Is **YOUR** Doctor a “COVID Quack?”

Op-Ed: Is **YOUR** Doctor a “COVID Quack?”

Hal Turner often can say things i can’t

Quackery is defined as “dishonest practices and claims to have special knowledge and skill in some field, typically medicine.”  What we’re seeing these days is Quackery on a massive scale with the so-called “COVID-19 Pandemic.”  Is YOUR doctor a “COVID Quack?”

When China alerted the world about a new novel coronavirus making people terribly sick in Wuhan, China, the World Health Organization (WHO) designated the virus as SARS-CoV-2 meaning Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) CoV (Coronavirus) -2 and disease it was causing as “COVID-19” meaning Co (corona) Vi (virus) D (disease) from the year 20-19.    Bear in mind, health entities had already dealt with a similar outbreak years ago (2002) which they called SARS-CoV, so this latest coronavirus incarnation became SARS-Cov-2.

The initial symptoms of the disease were, fever, cough, congestion in the lungs to the point of severe difficulty breathing.  Sometimes the infected person developed so much fluid in the lungs, they could no longer exchange air.  In an effort to save lives, Doctors put such people on mechanical ventilators to breathe for them.   Very many died anyway.

Yet, there are other diseases . . . common diseases . . . which result in similar symptoms.  Influenza “A” and “B” are such diseases.  Viral or Bacterial Pneumonia are others.   All cause the infected to develop the same symptoms.

But with “COVID” in the news, Doctors seemed to quickly succumb to something known in the Emergency medical field as “tunnel vision.”  When a person came into hospital sick, with these symptoms, Doctors saw a certain part of the overall picture, and proceeded from that part, rather than look at the whole picture.   Anyone who came into a hospital or Doctors office with fever, coughing, difficulty breathing, was automatically viewed as having “COVID.”

Turns out, that wasn’t the case — at all.

Northern Italy was hit especially hard.  Thousands of elderly Italians got sick, presented at hospitals with the symptoms above, and were summarily treated as “COVID” patients.  Many of them died.

These deaths only served to reinforce the tunnel vision to the point where, in the medical field, another problem arose: Group Think.

Instead of Doctors performing Due Diligence upon each and every person who came in, to definitively determine what Pathogen was making them sick, Group Think was applied.   “These symptoms = COVID.”  Period.   

In the overwhelming majority of cases, Doctors utterly failed to do Bronchoscopies, to pull a sample out of the lungs, and put it in a Petrie dish to see what, if anything, grew.

Viruses will not grow in Petrie dishes.  Bacteria will.

So had they done these tests, and nothing grew, only THEN would Doctors have confirmation they were dealing with a virus. Conversely, if something grew, they would know what that something was and could begin treating it.  In most cases, that most basic medical testing was NOT done.

Now, we know the results.  So many Doctors failed to take samples in Italy, for instance, that post mortem testing found 86% of the people who died “from COVID” actually died from Chlamydia Pneumonia; a bacterial infection fully treatable with Azithromycin (a.k.a. “Zith Kit” or “Z-Pack”). Story HERE

Now, these people may have **ALSO** had COVID, but the human body can only fight off so many things at once.   The body performs kind of a balancing act when dealing with multiple things, and it focuses on the worst, first.  This balancing act is called the “Immune Quotient.”  The body divides up its available resources to fight what needs fighting.

Now, in our world, bacteria can also make us sick.   Bacteria are ubiquitous. They are literally everywhere. All the time.  In our bodies, there are bacteria lurking around all the time.  Sometimes they go dormant, but they are there nonetheless.

When COVID attacked some of these people, it interrupted the Immune Quotient, which then saw their bodies devote resources to fighting the virus, instead of both the virus and any Bacteria.  That allowed the Bacteria to grow, unchecked, which ultimately killed those who were sick.

Had Doctors administered Azithromycin or some other antibiotic, the body would have still fought the virus, but the antibiotic would have been killing off the bacteria.  A LOT of people who died, didn’t have to.  Were it not for Tunnel Vision and Group Think, many of them might be alive today.

This failure – or was it refusal – to do the most basic Petrie Dish sampling appears to have been DECEPTION.  Why was one of the most basic tests not done?

Elsewhere, in California, a UCLA Doctor says the whole COVID thing is “fake” and reports that out of 1500 “COVID” cases, their research showed that NOT ONE person had COVID, but they ALL had either Influenza “A” or “B.”  I did a story on this back in April showing the symptoms described as COVID were actually the Flu!   (Story HERE)



As this disease outbreak worsened, the CDC officially began actual Quackery.  They issued an Order to medical professional instructing them that anyone who died with these particular symptoms – fever, cough, congestion, fluid in the lungs . . . then COVID was to be listed on the top of death certificates as the official or primary cause of death.

This was DECEPTION.  Deliberate deception by medical professionals. Taking people who could have died from Influenza or Pneumonia and deliberately classifying them as COVID was a DECEPTION.

It appears to many, the CDC **wanted** the COVID case count to rise.   Why? 

One can only imagine but “Orange man bad” seems to have factored into it. Medical tyranny may have also played a role.   But the most apparent reason seems to some people to have been: CDC wanted a vaccine.

Now, there were no vaccines for coronaviruses.  If there were any, they would have been created long ago to deal with the Common Cold.  Believe it or not, the Common Cold . . . IS A CORONAVIRUS!    Anyway, the thinking became that a vaccine for this new disease outbreak had to be made.   And there’s a very real and tangible reason this was vital to the CDC.  MONEY.

CDC owns the Patent on Coronavirus and all its research. 

If a vaccine was to be made, CDC and its off-shoots, like the the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Institutes of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) headed by Doctor Anthony Fauci, would have to be paid a licensing fee for the research, and a further licensing fee for any vaccines developed, and more licensing fees for each vaccine dose sold and distributed. 

Incidentally, CDC regulations make clear their employees CAN PROFIT PERSONALLY from such developed products.  Its all legal.

We’re talking tens of millions of dollars in licensing fees, and perhaps BILLIONS in fees from vaccine sales!  When you start dividing up those sales among CDC and NIH/NIAID employees, it turns into very big monetary gains for those people individually.  Personal  bonuses they can spend themselves.  BIG MONEY.  So CDC, NIH and NIAID all have personal monetary motivation in this affair.

Now, in order to develop a vaccine, there are many clinical trials and tests that must be done over a long period of time: YEARS.   But the world didn’t have years because the whole COVID thing was being drummed-up as the horror of our century. 

With CDC having conveniently altered the Order about how deaths would be classified on Death Certificates, they guaranteed themselves an official body count all attributed to COVID, whether that was the cause or not.  As the body count rose, people began panicking for a vaccine.

Then, the federal government stepped in and made everything worse.  They decided that any hospital that put someone on a ventilator for “COVID” would get $39,000 from the government!   Well, that was easy.  All the hospitals had to do was tell families “your loved one is having real trouble breathing.  Sooner or later he’s going to get exhausted.  So if you let us put him on a ventilator, the machine will breathe for him and he’ll have a better chance of surviving.”  What family would dare say no to that?   With that, the hospital cash registers started going Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching.

Now, every hospital in the country had financial incentive to make sure they put as many people on ventilators as they could and call it all “COVID”: $39,000 each!

After the bills started coming in, the feds balked and said that Hospitals could only charge those fees if the patient was in Intensive Care AND at least Seventy-Five percent of the Intensive Care beds were already in use.

So what did hospitals do?   Well, if their Intensive Care unit had fifty beds at the beginning of this outbreak, all they had to do was take half of those beds out to lower the threshold for reaching 75% capacity!    That’s exactly what many hospitals did.  They took beds OUT of their intensive care units, and then claimed their Intensive care units were “overflowing.”   At 50 beds, a hospital would have needed 37.5 beds of the ICU filled to get the money.  But if they took half the beds out, leaving an ICU of only 25 beds, then they only needed 18.75 beds filled to get the federal money.

In very many cases, ICU’s being “overflowing” was pure fiction.  Double talk.  More DECEPTION.  All for money.


In 2010 a brand new company, Moderna, got started in Cambridge, MA.   The company has never brought a medicine to market that is fully licensed.

Moderna claimed their “messenger RNA” product could be made to instruct human bodies to look for a particular “Spike Protein” like the one on the corona virus causing COVID-19, and thereby cause people to develop an immune response.  It sounded promising.

But such a potential development was literally years away from licensing.  There were real and major problems with this new product.  Animal testing is part of the development of any potential vaccine and Moderna had big trouble in that area.  Most of the animals their product was tested on . . . DIED.

So many animals died that Moderna asked for . . .  and got . . . a waiver for animal testing.   Instead of saying to themselves, “Holy shit, this thing is killing almost every creature we give it to, let’s stop” they instead said, “let’s get a waiver and go on to human trials!

There was yet another major problem with getting their mRNA to market.  In order to get Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA to try the Moderna mRNA vaccine the law states, NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT CAN EXIST.

Therein was a huge obstacle because the National Institutes of Health, and the National Institutes of Allergies and Infectious diseases, has already shown that another SARS-CoV virus, from an outbreak in the early 2000’s, proved that Chloroquine and it’s less potent cousing hydroxy-chloroquine in “Concentrations of 10 uM completely abolished SARS-CoV infection”.  The NIA and NIAID has formal studies PROVING that those two medicines cleared out the SARS-CoV from a badly infected and sick person, within six hours!!!!!!!

I did a story about this back in August, 2020 which includes the full NIH test results, and images showing the complete destruction of the SARS-CoV virus which was done back in the year 2005. (Story HERE)

Yet despite this clear proof that two medicines destroy coronavirus within hours, and thus are an alternative treatment for this current coronavirus, this testing was ignored and the FDA issued an Emergency Use Authorization anyway, in direct contravention of federal law requiring that no other treatment be available.

When FDA issued the Emergency Use Authorization, millions of people started lining up to get the shot.  No, they weren’t sick, but they wanted it anyway.

And as those people lined up and got the shot, bad things started happening: People started dropping dead within hours or days.

Nobody told any of these folks BEFORE they took the shot, that most of the animals who got this shot died.  It was all kept very quiet.

No one told these people there is no virus in the so called “vaccines” but instead it is gene therapy to alter their DNA.

Now, with millions having been given the shot, we see tens of thousands dead.  We see professional soccer players, who are young (29) and at the peak of human fitness, dropping with heart attacks and getting CPR on soccer fields.

We see at least four Pilots from British Airways who died within days of getting shot.  Oh, did I mention . . . . those pilots died . . . .WHILE FLYING PLANES!

British Airways, which requires its employees get the shots, is now in emergency negotiations with the British Government because it is starting to appear that the shots cause blood clots, which kill people, especially people who are flying in planes.  If the pilots do not get the shot, they are banned from piloting, and if they do get the shot, they are now dying while flying planes.  

We see 13 year old boys dropping dead with heart attacks.

We see people developing skin rashes, where their skin blisters and falls off.

We see people of all ages developing blood clots and dropping dead from strokes or myocardial infarctions, when heart arteries get closed by clots.

All sort of reactions are happening, and no one is stepping up to say THIS IS QUACKERY.  This is deception by medical professionals who are engaged in deception for money. 

From the CDC, NIH, NIAID to your local hospitals, we’re seeing deception after deception.  And money is the driving force.

Meanwhile, the medical profession and public servants are still pushing the hell out of “getting the jab” as if none of this bad stuff is even happening. 

We see published reports claiming the Relative Reduction Rate (RRR) of people who get sick, is 95%, but there’s a nasty asterisk pointing to the Absolute Reduction Rate for this vaccine . . . showing it is only TWO PERCENT effective.

How they base the relative reduction rate is PRICELESS.  There are fewer COVID cases, so, they say,  there is a reduction in the spread of the disease. 

Except . . . .on January 20, 2021, the very day “Orange Man Bad” left office, the CDC revised its Death Certificate criteria as it related to COVID, reversing the changes they made a year earlier.  Having reversed the phony criteria, which called almost anything “COVID” the number of COVID deaths began to . . . . plummet.  Gee, what a coincidence!

So the “Relative Reduction Rate, based on fewer deaths and cases, is a fraud too.

Given these hard realities, you need to start asking if YOUR Doctor is one of these COVID QUACKS?

Is YOUR hospital full of these COVID QUACKS?

Because folks, a lot of what is taking place with this COVID is actual, deliberate QUACKERY.  And your life is at risk if you listen to these QUACKS.

The next time you see your Doctor and he asks whether or not you’ve gotten the vaccine, look him square in the eye and ask “You’re not one of those COVID Quacks, are you?”  Tell them that you know all about that Quackery and you won’t have any of it. 

Believe me, if you call your Doctor a Quack to his face, he will shut his mouth immediately.

One thought on “Op-Ed: Is **YOUR** Doctor a “COVID Quack?”

  1. Yes, my doctor in Canada is a quack.
    Told me (a 30 year old man with no underlying health conditions) I had a 1% chance of dying from CV, if I caught it. To take a shot to protect myself and others.

    When they are confronted with scientific facts. I am told to respect them, and the time they spent in medical school.

    While they ignore my facts about aerosol transmission, CDC death rates, “vaccines don’t stop you catching or transmitting”… exc.

    They just jabber on “to protect yourself and others.”
    No pun intended. The psy-op is powerful.

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