Our “favourite” narcissist Down Under

Our “favourite” narcissist Down Under

I was vaguely aware that our favourite narcissist (“ask an ecologist”) Guy McPherson and his starry-eyed off-sider had been in New Zealand.

They got on an aeroplane to have a lovely trip to observe the penguins and the whales.

Did anyone mention to him (or does he care?) that we have a marine heatwave and the probable reason he saw so many penguins is because they are starving?

But, hey, ask an ecologist. It’s been 55 years since I wrote an essay on “what I did in my holidays”

I suppose that is what happens when you take several clotshots.

3 thoughts on “Our “favourite” narcissist Down Under

  1. Is it just me, or does Guy pause a lot more to finish a sentence?
    He always had this pause, in the middle of a sentence.
    Am I imagining things, or is he actually speaking slower than pre-2020?
    @3:30 His partner finishes a sentence for him.

    His ignorance/ignoring the ecological effects that are evident by the Tour guides not expecting Bluenose Dolphins or Blue Penguins (“Relatively Unusual”) Normally he would be screaming about changes in habitat.
    I’ve always appreciated Kevin Hester and his Anti-Nuclear position. I don’t really follow Guy at all. Since he left Belize and moved to NY. I almost completely forgot about him!

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