Our magnolia tree tells a tale

Our magnolia tree tells a tale

I have been following our winters here in Lower Hutt and a measure of warming temperature has been that in previous years measured temperatures have been up to 4 degrees Celsius above reported average maximum temperatures.

This year, apart from the odd cold patch, we have had weeks of overcast weather with no sun where the temperatures have been much higher than in years gone by.

Unlike people who who base their perceptions on what they are feeling (“the sun’s not shining, it’s damp so we are having a cold winter I have actual measurements to back up my perceptions.

This year, our magnolia tree lost its leaves about 2 weeks ago and already (before the shortest day) the north-facing part of the tree has come into flower.

People’s normalcy bias is so extreme they think this is OK.

Here is my report from 2019

Warm night time temperatures, no frosts and disappearing snow on the mountains


One thought on “Our magnolia tree tells a tale

  1. Mind numbing isn’t it. I’ve been watching the gradual change around my neck of the woods here in Nova Scotia and I am seeing similar things. I left my glad bulbs in over the winter and they are going like gangbusters right now. They’re not supposed to make it through the winters here and never have in the past. Past couple of winters made me think they just might, so I gave it a go and here they are! The lakes around here aren’t freezing up enough to be safe much anymore. In the 80’s and most all years before we would be on our local lake by Xmas break at the latest. Doesn’t matter what you see happening it isn’t true, right?

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