Paris Now Erupting in pro-Palestinian Riots

Paris Now Erupting in pro-Palestinian Riots

I have been waiting for this since I saw that Macron had the Eiffel Tower bedecked with the Israeli flag.

Do you know how many Muslims France has?

AUTOMATIC **DEPORTATION** — France “BANS” Pro-Palestinian Protests/Speech/Flags – Paris Now Erupting in Riots

According to French Interior Minister Darmanin, the government of France decreed today there can be no “Pro-Palestinian” gatherings, protests, speech, writings, or even flags.   Within hours, the people of France began to rise-up; there are now Riots in Paris and other cities.

Social Media is now lighting-up with images and video of the Pro-Palestinian gatherings taking place:

Police using tear gas against crowds:


More as I get it. . .


France just declared a new ‘rule’ for any/all ‘foreign nationals’…
Automatic deportation if they are seen or caught publicly ‘supporting’ Palestinians.

Who’s next? Will this coming apartheid now sweep Europe?

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