Passengers Evacuated due to Covid Outbreak on All-Vaccinated Cruisecruise

Passengers Evacuated due to Covid Outbreak on All-Vaccinated Cruisecruise

Inside Australia’s coronavirus cruise ship nightmare: Passengers will NOT be allowed off the Coral Princess until they test NEGATIVE for Covid – as the ship remains docked in Sydney after a major outbreak of the virus onboard

  • More than 100 passengers and staff from the Coral Princess have Covid-19 
  • Outbreak unfolded as the ship sailed from Port  Douglas to Brisbane on Sunday
  • Infected crew and guests to remain on ship until they test negative to the virus 
  • Guests were offered a refund for next part of the trip but most turned it down
  • Vessel will dock at Circular Quay on Wednesday before returning to Brisbane

More than 100 passengers and crew will be forced to remain on a Covid-infected cruise ship until they test negative to the virus as it docks in Sydney this morning.

Dozens of guests and staff members were infected on the Coral Princess as it sailed from Port Douglas in Far North Queensland to Brisbane on Sunday.

The ship will dock at Sydney’s Circular Quay at 6:30am on Wednesday with those infected unable to disembark until they return a negative Covid test. 

The outbreak aboard the cruise ship has mostly infected crew members, with 114 of them in isolation on Tuesday.

Passengers Evacuated due to Covid Outbreak on All-Vaccinated Cruise

One out of 20 is sick — and the UK is WORSE!

I am very sorry, obviously, for the ruined experience of the passengers on that cruise ship. They were all required to be vaccinated (medical exemptions are almost impossible to get in Australia).


It did not help, of course. The result is quite unfortunate, as one out of 20 passengers was diagnosed sick with Covid, and if I may guess, many more were actually infected. The ship was evacuated and the cruises were cut short.


The UK is an island nation, not a cruise ship. Right now, one out of 15 Brits is having an ongoing COVID infection. (this is ZOE data and it always closely agrees with the ONS incidence survey, which runs a couple of weeks behind).


I feel for the affected Brits, who, again for the umpteenth time, have their N-th wave of Covid, reinfecting the unfortunately vulnerable persons. Each subsequent wave looks worse. Is a storm coming?

The problem is that, unlike the Australian cruise ship, the UK cannot be evacuated. Where would the UK evacuate? To France? Germany? Italy? Those heavily vaccinated countries are having it even worse than the UK; and at least those actually count “Covid cases”, unlike the UK.

What should the UK do? I have my own answer: the UK should fire all “health authorities” who got it to where it is right now. In addition, people should stop listening to the corporate press who lied so much in order to get them into this situation, and then they can start looking for solutions with all-new people in charge — who would hopefully listen to everybody instead of dismissing opponents.

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  1. Maybe it would be best to decentralize health care and allow doctors and patients to decide for themselves what is best?

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