Paul Cottrell on the weekend’s events and Trump’s “caravan”

Paul Cottrell on the weekend’s events and Trump’s “caravan”

 I am very tired and somewhat sick today so I am not of a mind to cover the news unless something major crosses my bow.

I have not watched Dr. Paul Cottrell for a while ago, but his video in the weekend about Trump possibly being on a ship caught my attention so I was very interested in what his follow-up might be.

His line of thinking parallels my own in many regards and I will certainly go with his statement that this is very ODD and we don’t really know what the truth is so all is left is to speculate, which is something the mass media does but without any proof and certainly without any nuanced arguments.

Red Line War Room Ep22 

(Trump’s caravan on Oct 4th) 

by Dr. Paul Cottrell


I meant to say October, not December. I am very tired.

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