Paul Craig Roberts on the Richie Allen Show

Paul Craig Roberts on the Richie Allen Show

Richie is joined by Paul Craig Roberts and Geraldine. Paul Craig Roberts is an economist, author, broadcaster and former US Assistant Treasury Secretary. Paul joined Richie to discuss Washington’s baiting of China and Russia and how the Chinese signalled their intent to stand up to US bullying, at a meeting last week in Alaska. Paul reviews the Trump Presidency, what he achieved and where he went wrong and looks ahead to life under the Biden administration. Paul also share his thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic.

Geraldine got in touch with Richie and asked to come on to speak about her brother John. John is in his mid-forties and in residential care in Cork. He has autism and epilepsy. His care home and his GP want John to have a covid vaccine despite his mother insisting that he shouldn’t have one. It’s an important story.

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