Paypal became 100% owned by foreign investors in China

Paypal became 100% owned by foreign investors in China

 I got the following communication from Hal Turner who I have been subscribing to.

In addition to this, I have been subscribed to Israeli News Live on Patreon. I noticed that I was not getting any notifications by email and his links would not work. When I checked yesterday I saw that PayPal had not paid out any money to Patreon since November.

I have emptied my account but may close it, but not immediately.

When  I looked at the possibility of buying some $US I found that my bank, the ANZ, has stopped doing foreign currency transactions, the only foreign currency exchange outlet in a close perimeter to where I live (Travelex) has CLOSED PERMANENTLY.

These are signs of dark times to come.

Here is part of the message from Hal Turner.

Dear Subscribers:

About one week ago, Paypal became 100% owned by foreign investors in . . . China.

Today, my radio show and web site wasde-platformed by Paypal.

On Monday, upon returning home from my fall-back / Bug-out location, where I spent most of the weekend and preparing for the debacle coming this week in our country,  I received an email sent by Paypal which claims that I have somehow violated their Acceptable Use Policy.  The email informs me that I am immediately and PERMANENTLY terminated from their systems.

The email DID NOT specify how I allegedly violated their terms, or what action by me did so.  I am completely in the dark from an official standpoint, but it isn’t hard to see that I am being retaliated against by the China Communist Party for my criticisms of their government over COVID-19 and their theft of our technology.  Or perhaps the lefties in Paypal don’t like my support of President Trump and me calling Biden “illegitimate.”  Either way, I’m out and cannot collect subscription payments via Paypal

I think we are getting the message to shut up and hunker down.

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