People’s lives don’t matter

People’s lives don’t matter

Labour refuses to help save the lives of children because it doesn’t fit their political game

Principals complain it is racist to require literacy and numeracy for NCEA

Stuff reports:

School principals around the country warn new literacy and numeracy standards could “provoke a crisis” and “undermine the credibility” of the  assessment system. …

During the pilot, principals spoke out about their concerns the tests would leave behind Māori and Pasifika students, worsening “institutional racism” in the education sector. …

Nic Richards​, principal of Naenae College in Lower Hutt, wrote that his staff were “highly concerned” the literacy and numeracy standards would “exacerbate institutional racism in the education sector”.

The tests would “potentially exclude our most vulnerable  from equitable access to educational credentials” at all levels of assessment, he said.

That last sentence sums up everything wrong with education today. The belief that that requiring  to be able to read, write and count is less important than “equitable” access to educational credentials.

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