Personal note

Personal note

My active writing phase for my autobiography is more or less behind me. Just a bit more to go;  now I am editing and soon will be collating. 

I am quite keen to put it out for those who are interested, so I am now thinking I will put out the text in a PDF format with electronic editing, so it will be quite perfect. 

Preparation for publication on Kindle may take longer if, indeed, I do it.

It has been a fantastic process – a life review of sorts for me.

2 thoughts on “Personal note

  1. I’d like to read! Looking forward to it. PDF. is dandy!
    I only know SeeMoreRocks from, Wow, has it been almost a decade? Yes it has.
    Your older youtube videos… Margo and other’s you collaborated with.
    (Sea ice this year is crazy low! DMI changed their graph. I should have taken a screen shot. It was a steep angle down. 2 days later, it was altered to be in-line with the rest of the graph.)

    NBL was still doing things… Must have been years before 2019-2020.

    I like horses, and dogs. I hope you have a sheep dog story in your bio!
    There are some amazing shepherd’s/dog’s in NZ. Different whistle command’s for left/right, come, exc. The shepherd just stands on the hill and whistles different things to round up his herd. It’s amazing!

    Looking forward to reading it! Thank you for sharing!

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