Personal note

Personal note

6- 7 years ago I started writing my autobiography but after writing several chapters I gave up.

On someone’s suggestion I have decided to continue with this project.

I am hoping to develop the discipline of writing for a few hours a day and persevere, so I can complete this project.

This may have some impact on my activity on this blog depending on my energy.

5 thoughts on “Personal note

  1. Will you post your auto-bio online, for all to read?
    Or have you searched for a publisher? Are you considering a physical text?
    Just curious.
    Thanks for being a “rock” SeeMore. (Someone who does not flip-flop, but carefully considers many directions.)
    Take care, and well wishes from Pinko-Canada!
    Thing’s are changing. There are rumors of an election before 2025. If NDP (orange party) reneges on their agreement with Liberals to agree on everything. Or the NDP leader steps down/is ousted.

    With his $5000 suit’s, Rolex’s… While claiming to be the “Everyman.” Jagmeet Singh, Turncoat! Oh wait Mr. Singh is a “Young Global Leader.” He’s a plain traitor!

  2. Hi Robin. One way to approach your autobiography is to write down your memory of events or stories in your life as they occur to you. Don’t worry about keeping it in chronological order. You can arrange them later and fill any gaps if needed.
    Looking forward to reading it! And thanks for all your great work.

  3. Robin, you need a good, catchy title. I suggest, “Guy McPherson: My part in his downfall.”

    OK, I’ll get my coat. Apologies to Spike Milligan.

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