2 thoughts on “Plandemic #2 Coming | And We’ve Already Figured it Out

  1. Oh my! I cannot take ~Azole medications orally.
    I wonder if I have “Structures” growing inside me.
    If shedding is real, I likely do. I’ve not been ill, or had an injection.
    5G is online where I live. Canada has developed 5G coverage in all major population centers. In the past 2 years.

    With things like “The Havana Signal” or Delgado’s Bull. V2K, Voice to Skull and other RF and EMF technologies to control organisms, existing for 50 years…
    Rumors of “Operation Crimson Mist” in Rwanda. Sending a signal to certain genetic markers, causing the genocide. Hard to find proper documents, but they are out there.

    I think this poison injection is a lot of blue smoke and mirrors.
    I’m sure it’s a genocidal genetic experiment. But you can already give people heart attacks, with a targeted frequency. The governments of the world are moving fast towards their goal. The “New Normal” is here/very close.

    Thing’s might be even more nefarious than we expect.
    I’ve tuned out of the hype. But I haven’t forgotten.
    How about a soft-kill over the next 5 years from a “Sudden increase in heart disease, and stroke.”?
    Coupled with low fertility rates and an increase in neurological problems, ranging from Akathisia, Twitching… To Seizures, MS, Autism, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other nasty stuff.
    Of course “no one” will make the connection and people will die en masse.

    I would seriously be surprised if there was a real “Zombie” apocalypse.

    Make people hungry enough, and they will basically act like zombies anyway.
    Shouldn’t be far away with inflation, crop reduction, unemployment.
    (Everything has gone up in price, at least 20% where I live since December 2022)

    Hungry, vicious. In North America most will die of drug withdrawal, exposure, disease and malnutrition. They will start to rot within 2 months. If it’s a rapid signal like in the video. Unless we have some supernatural undead!

    1. Stage III medical trials end this Spring!
      I wonder if there will be any kind of public announcement?
      Or will the media be schtum and gloss over such a major marker in global events?
      Mum’s the word!

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