One thought on “Plants at Risk, Switch Away from Photosynthesis to Respiration

  1. I read the since deleted comment on an earlier post before dawn this morning.
    Up until the final insulting and stupid sentence I had some sympathy for the position he took.
    The heating of the planet trumps all else.
    It’s happening faster than almost anyone predicted.
    Even the likes of Paul Beckwith are starting to sound panicked,tho he still clings to the hope that the positive feedbacks will probably produce negative feedbacks, given how complicated these things are.
    A comment on his latest video echos a recent one of mine re the exponential factor that very few understand how insanely fast the “end time” is.
    I am past caring about those who haven’t got to grips with where this is heading just as I am past caring about those who are lining up for “the shot”.
    There are, and should be, consequences for ignoring reality.

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