POISONING OF FOOD : – mRNA Going into Cows and Pigs

POISONING OF FOOD : – mRNA Going into Cows and Pigs

Contaminated Food Supply Contributing Cause To Live Blood Analysis Findings In Unvaccinated? Darkfield Blood Analysis On Grocery Meat Products

A colleague of mine, Dr. David Jernigan treats vaccine injured patients successfully in Tennessee. He called me after I posted the results on Infrared Spectroscopy and electrical conductivity of live blood and confirmed all of my findings. He shared with me, that a short time ago some family members were eating meat and got very ill from it. Dr. Jernigan had developed a method to capture the frequency from a vaccinated rubbery clot of a deceased person and has developed a scientific way for detecting that frequency. He checked his ill family member, who tested positive. Then he checked the meat they ate and it had the same frequency of the cadaver blood clot. Subsequently he went to his local grocery store and checked meat products, and both organic and inorganic beef meats had the same frequency emission. He wanted me to go buy meat at my grocery store and do live blood analysis on different products to confirm his findings.

I have been wondering why I have been seeing every unvaccinated person in my office with contaminated blood. I have also seen an increasing amount of people with persistent severe diarrhea, that is lasting for months, but turns out to be negative when tested for ova and parasites or stool cultures for bacteria. I was suspecting vaccine shedding, chemtrail spraying, nasal swabs, masks, and contamination through synthetic biology named “ Covid and Long Covid”. Many are saying that what we are seeing in the blood are parasites, but they are not. They are self assembly hydrogel based synthetic life forms, more akin to microplastics but biologically engineered.

This morning I went to a local grocery store and bought different meats that had some visible blood in the package that I could analyze. I was also curious about milk products. Here are my results:

This is a milk product:

It appears to me that our food supply – in particular animal products – is contaminated with similar structures we find in human blood. Dr. Jernigan did frequency testing on fruits and vegetables and did not get a positive signal. I encourage others to do the same research and replicate my findings. This would explain to me why I see these live blood structures in everyone. It does not matter if the products are organic or not.

The next step is to find a local source and maybe do live blood analysis on cows or pigs. If they are contaminated even if unvaccinated, then this may be environmental, possibly via geoengineering spraying. The implications for humanity are profound. I asked my colleague Dr. David Nixon in Australia to replicate my findings, and we will ask Matt Taylor in Ecuador and Shimon Yanowitz in Israel. We need to verify these findings around the world. I will continue working with Dr. Jernigan.

Coincidently I came across this on Hal Turner’s site


The food supply of every American is going to start being INTENTIONALLY POISONED with mRNA genetic modifications being fraudulently called “vaccines.”  


Lobbyists for the cattleman and pork associations in several states have CONFIRMED they WILL be using mRNA vaccines in pigs and cows THIS MONTH.   It will actually become “vaccine food” and sold to YOU without your INFORMED CONSENT.

Buying and eating this beef or this pork may adversely affect you.  In some cases, it may KILL you.

Attorney Tom Renz says “To be clear – at this point there are zero states requiring informed consent for “vaccine food”. While I would argue that it must be done under existing law . . .”

Renz goes on to point out, there is an article from the year 2000 about “edible vaccines”: (Article HERE)  The article demonstrates how hiding a “vaccine” in foods, is absorbed into the body:

The trouble with this particular circumstance is that, to this day, no manufacturer of an mRNA vaccine, has fully disclosed the medically-active contents of the so-called “COVID “vaccines.” Moreover, tens-of-thousands of people have already DIED after receiving these so-called “vaccines” and hundreds-of-thousands of other people have become very sick or permanently injured from them.

NOW, if you were one of the smart people (like me) who DID NOT take those COVID (death dart) jabs, we will be intentionally POISONED with the mRNA because they’re putting it in our food without our informed consent.

Lawsuits will be too late.  We’ll already be poisoned and dying.   The public is reminded that “immunity” only works in court.  It offers no protection to the people doing this, from street justice.

Forcibly stopping someone who is trying to poison you is legal self defense.

One day children may get immunized by munching on foods instead of enduring shots.More important, food vaccines might save millions who now die for lack of access to traditional inoculants

Edible Vaccines FOODS UNDER STUDY as alternatives to injectable vaccines include bananas, potatoes and tomatoes, as well as lettuce, rice, wheat, soybeans and corn.

4 thoughts on “POISONING OF FOOD : – mRNA Going into Cows and Pigs

    1. A very expensive EMF/RF detection meter, and a whole lot of luck. (The signal may be broadcast intermittently. One day there could be a “pulse” from tower’s. Other day’s nothing.)

      “electrical signals that cause heart to beat, the P and T wave frequency generally ranges between 0.5 and 10Hz and QRS complex frequency between 4 and 20Hz.”

      There are other organs that operate at different frequencies. That’s just an example for the heart.

      One “pulse” could cause arrhythmia/dysrhythmia in susceptible individuals, within range in nanoseconds.

      1. Oh sorry, right you’re talking about testing your meat.
        I think you’ll need a crazy expensive microscope, that has the functions to create the images. Or maybe it’s another expensive piece of equipment that flashes a special band of light/frequency over the microscope slide before examination.

        Either way, I’ve assumed I have been consuming toxins, birth control, medications and graphene in the water supply. (Graphene in rainwater July 2021) There were people sticking magnets onto their meat years ago, when people found their arms/body’s becoming magnetic.
        It’s probably been in the food and water the whole time.

        1. This would be a step further. Admitting mRNA usage. Putting it in the public sphere.

          To me as a layman, when I heard that GMO crops were infecting organic crops. Monsanto was suing farmers…I had no doubt there was other genetic manipulation.

          Mosquitoes and other insects are public. Glyphosate mutates cells.
          Why not create a GMO insect pollinator? Instead of the silly PR bee-droid thing?

          It seems way more feasible, to have a modified species with genes that will help it resist all the toxins so it can continue to pollinate the GMO crops.(Not that I am for that)

          I am actually concerned about Merek’s disease in chickens. It could be a serious problem in the near future too. The vaccine (In the traditional sense) is very old and could have a breakthrough.
          It’s “Serotype 3, Live Virus-Turkey herpesvirus” Which is injected into all major farm’s chicks.

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