In her mid-week report on the Arctic ice, Margo has identified what I can only describe as fraud to ensure that people do not easily identify what is happening at the North Pole.

In recent days, satellite pics from NASA Worldview have shown how ice is breaking up within 20 or so km of the Pole.

Luckily, we have a record of how this looks from the ground.

Two years ago, in 2029, the German research vessel the Polarstern reached the North Pole with ease and recorded views of the Pole.

The same phenomenon was repeated in 2021.

The difference was that this year the melt started at least one month earlier than before.  We have at least two weeks of high melt and then there is another month before the official end of the melt season.

An interesting phenomenon was identified by Sam Carana of the Arctic News blog. He used the earth at night filter which looks like this to get a clearer view…

And clearly shows just how close to the actual Pole this melt is happening.

The ice is melting at the North Pole.

This is how Nasa Worldview looks

If you zoom in on nighttime view this is how it looks.

This is how it looks in exactly the same view with the filter turned off.

Gone are the views of ice breaking up and in place of this is a thick, inpenetrable layer of cloud that is not there when the filter is turned on.

I will leave it to Margo to explain.

However, in 2018 we came across a satellite picture that clearly shows what look very much like chemtrails over Cyprus.

When I looked at NASA Worldview for that very day I found this.

The chemtrails had been scrubbed and we had this in its place.,,

Blue skies.

That is not the only example of NASA cutting and pasting. It is just the one example that has stayed in up my mind.

Now, here is my video with Margo’s commentary

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