Police Violently Take Parliament Grounds in Wellington, NZ

Police Violently Take Parliament Grounds in Wellington, NZ

Apologies if there is some duplication. I have put this together quickly.

Police Brutality at Freedom Village, Wellington, NZ March 2, 2022

(March 2, 2022): Chantelle Baker films the police moving into Parliament, violently hurting people, spraying pepper spray and pulling down tents. Chantelle’s father is on the front lines. One police officer targets Chantelle.

(Unedited) Police Raid Freedom Village, Wellington, NZ Wednesday. March 2, 2022

Police Raid Freedom Village, Wellington, NZ
Wednesday. March 2, 2022
Credit: Chantelle Baker and Megan’s Live Feeds @ NZ Parliament

Here’s raw footage I’ve recorded from Chantelle and Megan’s live feeds (https://www.facebook.com/ChantelleBake) as Police move in violently on the protesters.

Police punch and pepper spray the protesters. A large number dangerously rush the protesters. Many people are hurt. At least two police fall to the ground as their colleagues walk over their own.

At around 6AM, police moved in, securing the library, removing tents and setting up a perimeter in riot gear. Near the entrance to Parliament grounds, the police then started removing tents on the pavement, including a cooking area, using pepper spray on many innocent people.

As of around 8:30AM, police start removing protester vehicles with forklifts.

Sue Grey, Nelson lawyer and co-leader of the Outdoors Party, said (https://t.me/laron_g_s/5334) the Police Commissioner has been threatened with his job unless he removes the protestors.

There is a firebug on Parliament grounds

There has been a small fire burning on Parliament grounds.

Numerous reports of witnesses have confirmed that the fire WAS intentionally started, by the police by upturning a generator to create optics for the media.

The fire later developed into a sizable blaze, with a large plume of black smoke rising high into the sky.

The MSM were in position to capture all the drama both before and after!

Kindness – Jaxcinda / lego coster style

BEATING the SH@T out of a peaceful protestor that the evil brown shirt thug henchmen have captured.

The Nuremberg Trials are coming for each and everyone of you.
The people will see to that.

A 74 year old man knocked to the ground by Riot Police is now in Wellington Hospital.

The man, NZ Outdoors and Freedom party co-leader Alan Simmonds broke his hip after being knocked over this morning by Riot Police. DTNZ understands Mr. Simmonds is awaiting urgent hip replacement surgery.

Mr. Simmonds was recording evidence of violent police conduct when a police officer in riot gear repeatedly assaulted him with his shield, sending him crashing to the ground.

The assault was recorded on video.

The incident contradicts the public assurance given by Police Commissioner Andrew Coster at a press conference later in the day (@5:58) that he was ‘not aware’ of any injured protester having to go to hospital.

Alan Simmonds news
Alan Simmonds cared for by volunteer mandated medical staff at Parliament Protest

When asked about the incident Sue Grey co-leader of the NZ Outdoors and Freedom party said, “police do know about Alan, they have been texting me all morning at the hospital for updates

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