Possible Divine Warnings of Pending Assassination Attempt

Possible Divine Warnings of Pending Assassination Attempt

I strongly recommend watching this episode. 

I have never opened a TruNews program the way I am going to do it today.

Some unusual things have happened at our church in recent days that I need to share with our TruNews friends and family. I have served God for a long time and I’m sensitive to the Holy Spirit. When a series of things happen in a short time that contain a common element, I know to take such things seriously as a possible warning from the Holy Spirit.  Let me state it very clearly: I am not suicidal. If something happens to me soon, you can be certain it was not suicide or an accident.  Let me explain the series of unusual things have happened to me since last Friday.  I am taking the uncomfortable action of talking about it publicly because its my best defense if there is a serious plot underway to harm me. Let the plotters beware that Almighty God is watching.

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 9/6/23

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