President of Ghana represents Rockefeller’s report “Lockstep”

President of Ghana represents Rockefeller’s report “Lockstep”




This report details the orchestrated globalist plan to unleash COVID-19 in 2020, which ties in well with Microsoft Patent #060606 and ID2020. If you dig even deeper, you will find Dr. Anthony Fauci’s involvement very much so an integral component within the creation of COVID-19 derived from RNA proto-types of the AIDS Virus, for which Dr. Fauci was also involved with creating! All roads will lead to incriminating evidence for which Dr. Anthony Fauci connects deeply into. This Rockefeller Report details a 10-year plan which was made manifest in 2020, with main aim to force vaccinate the world with a particular Microsoft vaccination carrying this cryptocurrency microchip (Patent #060606). If they (the Cabal) become successful in vaccinating us, as a global community, with this Microsoft Bill Gates technology, it’s absolutely GAME-OVER!!! Yes, it is practically End-Game. Welcome to the World of an A.I. Anti-Christ and a New Hell on Earth – The Age of Luciferian TRANSHUMANISM!” ~Amaru Muru­

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Lock Step Rockefeller Document 2010

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