President of Kenya Urges Citizens To Get Rid of U.S. Dollars – soon (Operation Sandman????)

President of Kenya Urges Citizens To Get Rid of U.S. Dollars – soon (Operation Sandman????)




The President of Kenya today announced to all citizens they should get rid of any U.S. Dollars they may be holding because they will become worth less within weeks.


William Kipchirchir Samoei Arap Ruto, Ph.D, CGH; is a Kenyan politician who is serving as the fifth and current president of Kenya since 13 September 2022.




Prior to becoming president, he served as the first deputy president of Kenya from 2013 to 2022.




Today, in a nationally televised speech in Kenya, Ruto said “Those of you who are holding dollars, you shortly might go into losses. So you better do what you have to do because this market will be different in a couple of weeks.”




Here is actual video so you can hear him say it for yourselves:







This stunning announcement gives credibility to a RUMOR that has been circulating for over a year, that 142 countries around the world have secretly agreed to what they call “Operation Sandman.”




According to the RUMOR, Operation Sandman will “put the US Dollar to sleep” by having all 142 countries repudiate the currency on the same day, and refuse to continue accepting it for payment in Trade.




Countries around the world began planning this when they witnessed the then-Democrat-Controlled US Congress, go on a spending spree of several TRILLION Dollars in Omnibus Bills. Those countries realized there is nothing backing the value of US Dollars and they saw that the US Congress has no plans at all to reign-in spending.




One country’s Finance Ministry recently told the US, “We are no longer willing to accept ones and zeros in a bank computer as actual payment for real goods.”




The countries agreed that holding US currency was becoming foolish because it was becoming worthless on its face, thanks to all the rampant over-spending by the US Government.




Now, it appears those countries may actually take action “within a couple weeks.”




If countries around the world repudiate the Dollar as payment for goods in trade, then they would halt providing manufactured goods or raw materials unless paid in some currency OTHER THAN DOLLARS.




Since the U.S. barely does any manufacturing at all anymore, thanks to the business nitwits who thought it was a good idea to convert the US economy to a “service economy” then products we buy in stores will simply run out and we will be unable to re-stock because no one will want our money.




Among the business nitwits are also those who pushed for “Free Trade” claiming it would improve sales of American-made goods overseas if America agreed to halt Tariffs on all imported items. The government bought-into the idea, not realizing – or not caring – that these very businessmen weren’t at all interested in selling more American goods overseas. What they were interested in was shipping American JOBS overseas, taking advantage of cheap labor, then shipping those exact same products back to the USA to sell at the same high prices . . . . while pocketing the profit from the new, foreign, cheap labor without having to pay Tariiffs.




The Businessmen, their corporate Boards of Directors, and Commerce Organizations who touted “Free Trade” were the ones who moved American jobs overseas and now, the country barely manufactures anything, anymore.




So here we are, years later, and thanks to those businessmen, and the federal politicians who foolishly believed their lies about “Free Trade,” we have almost no manufacturing. Countries around the world seem to be actually planning to stop accepting the US dollar as payment, so we won’t be able to buy anything because it’s all made overseas now!




Retaliation against the people who did this should be swift and ferocious when Americans can no longer buy even life’s basics because corporate titans and certain others stripped our country of manufacturing.








Readers should make a list for themselves of all the “Basics” we take for granted, and make certain you have a bunch stocked up. Things like:








Socks (White and colored)


Shoes (Dress and casual), Sneakers, Boots (Hiking & Work)


Belts (dress and casual)




Coats and jackets




Bathing suits/swimwear


Jeans / Dungarees / Pants


Casual and dress shirts




Suits and Sport Coats


Head out to your kitchen and see if you need any new:






Pans (Cast iron and non-stick)


Mixing bowls


Dishware (Plates, Dishes, Bowls)


Utensils (Knives (Carving, Steak, and butter), forks, spoons, spatulas, etc.


Drinking glasses, cups, coffee mugs


Cutting boards for use with slicing meats or breads


Placemats (if you use them at your table)


Do you have a Sewing Box or kit?




Needles and thread for sewing


Spare buttons for shirts


Maybe a spare zipper or two




Knitting and Crochet Needles and YARN


Guys, don’t forget: TOOLS!






Screwdrivers (Regular 1,2,3,4 — , Philips 1,2,3,4–, Torx, and Robertson (Square drive))


Pliers (Regular, cutting, Vice-grip, tin snips, etc.)


Wrenches (regular and pipe (Monkey))


Ratchets and sockets (all sizes US and Metric)




Saws and/or saw blades (Wood, Miter, metal, chain)




Grease gun and cartridges of grease


POWER TOOLS !!! (Drills, saws, nail guns, and the like)


EXTENSION CORDS (For both inside a house, and long ones for working outside)


Gas can(s)


The list of everyday things we all take for granted is almost never-ending. I’m certain I missed a whole slew of things, but you get the idea.




Almost NONE of these things are made here anymore and if you’re running low or your stuff is old and wearing out, you need to get these things in your possession while you still can!

If these foreign countries do what it seems the President of Kenya has hinted they ARE GOING TO DO, then all these things become scarce overnight and will remain scarce for . . . . YEARS!

I’m sure there are many more things that you can think of. What ever they are, GET THEM. FAST!

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