Proof that this Government is silencing vocal opposition

Proof that this Government is silencing vocal opposition

The following is a series of emails between the head of DART (Disinformation Assessment and Response Team) and Netsafe. Both organisations are government funded with DART being a direct division of the Ministry of Health. Netsafe of course say they are ‘independent’ however they are able to maintain their business through grants directly from the MOJ and MOE.

It’s common knowledge that Facebook censors content that it deems is breaking the community guidelines. The guidelines are extensive and vague, covering virtually any and every area. However, we have seen content of ours restricted that does not seem to break any guidelines (case in point our confrontation with Kate Hannah from the Disinformation project).

The strange timing of content being wiped and the nature of the content being removed made us suspicious that something more was at play. Over the last few months, our head of investigations, Phil has been submitting extensive Official Information Act requests to uncover if this current Government has a hand in censoring information through Facebook. What he found is not only shocking, but it was deeply disturbing

The code that he refers to is the NZTech and Netsafe newly developed ‘The Aotearoa New Zealand Code of Practice for Online Safety and Harms which has been adopted by Meta (Facebook and Instagram), Google (YouTube), TikTok, Twitch, and Twitter.

The co-founder of NZTech includes Mitchell Pham who is also heavily involved in the creation of the Digital Trust Framework bill that was recently passed under urgency.

What we are seeing is a Government organisation pressuring private companies to censor information that they disagree with. Of course, the emails do not show any information that we put forward that is false. They don’t need to. They can simply say they want it removed and voila! Dissent is silenced

Operation People is not the only target of the radical division known as DART. Their Senior advisor Daniel Dominey also goes on to highlight that he also believes many other voices that oppose the Government’s extreme covid measures are ‘disinformation’.

Including NZCPR, which former ACT MP Muriel Newman heads up, The Platform headed up by Sean Plunket, The BFD from Cam Slater and many more. It begs the question – is no one allowed to question the Labour Governments poor decision-making?

Access the full document through this link :


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