Propaganda Course for Long -term Care in Ontario if you Refuse the Vax

Propaganda Course for Long -term Care in Ontario if you Refuse the Vax

Have to take this “educational course” to keep your job in LTC, in Ontario, if you are refusing the vax. Do you think they will stop here?

Doctor who shared COVID vaccine concerns says he is facing workplace harassment

Doctor who shared COVID vaccine concerns says he is facing workplace harassment

A doctor from the University of Guelph who has been outspoken about his concerns over COVID-19 vaccines claims he has been on the receiving end of workplace harassment after voicing his opinion.

Dr. Byram Bridle, an associate professor of viral immunology, recently spoke at a press conference in Ottawa hosted by independent MP Derek Sloan. Sloan, who was controversially removed from the Conservative Party in January, held a summit allowing medical experts the opportunity to raise concerns over censorship of dissenting opinions.

That press conference has now been seen more than 470,000 times on YouTube.

Dr. Bridle, the first speaker at the event, spoke about the “very public smear campaign” he claims is being run against him.

“I’m experiencing harassment — lots of harassment — in the workplace,” Dr. Bridle said. While the University of Guelph administration has been supportive of his right to share his opinion and of his right to academic freedom, Dr. Bridle revealed much the harassment he spoke of is coming from colleagues, both on social media and in person.

“One of the members of the Ontario COVID-19 science advisory committee, they were actually the first ones to post a link to the slanderous website and they have fanned the flames of this smear campaign quite strongly since then,” Dr. Bridle revealed.

Dr. Bridle appeared to be referring to University of Toronto professor of epidemiology David Fisman, who on May 29 tweeted his opinion regarding some of Dr. Bridle’s claims and pointed readers to a website using Bridle’s name.

Fisman was previously criticized by Ontario Premier Doug Ford for his paid work on behalf of the province’s teachers’ union, while simultaneously serving on the Ontario Science Advisory Table. 

Dr. Bridle explained how the issues went beyond disagreements over COVID vaccines, but that “they even went so far as to release confidential medical information about my parents.”

“This is an egregious act. This is a practicing physician,” Dr. Bridle said.

On May 31, Fisman tweeted that a “friend” had told him that an interview broadcast on Toronto-based Global News affiliate caused Bridle’s parents to cancel their vaccine appointments.

The University of Guelph told local news outlet GuelphToday that it is standing behind Dr. Bridle, despite the controversy his claims have generated.

“This overarching commitment and mission aligns with the right of individual faculty to express their own opinions or to pursue curiosity-driven research, even when it may be perceived or believed to be controversial and at odds with the common understanding,” the statement released to GuelphToday said.

“Universities must continue to be places that value differing viewpoints, champion free speech, and promote inquiry and academic freedom. We do expect that all researchers adhere to the highest levels of scholastic integrity and comply with applicable laws and regulations.”

Legal update: Rebel News’ lawyer on COVID jails Charter challenge and our plan to appeal

Canadian Health Officials Admit that Only Those Vaccinated for the Flu are Getting the Flu This Year


by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

In a report published by CBC in Canada, government health officials are saying that they have not found a single case of seasonal flu this year.

Health officials in B.C. have not detected a single case of influenza circulating in the community since flu season began, continuing an “exceptional” nationwide trend even as the province sits in the thick of its regular flu season.

The B.C. Centre of Disease Control (BCCDC) confirmed the non-existent seasonal flu numbers to CBC News on Monday.

“It’s still a big goose egg in terms of influenza detection provincially. It’s really quite exceptional how low the influenza activity is,” said Dr. Danuta Skowronski, the lead for influenza and emerging respiratory virus monitoring at the BCCDC.

“I’ve been on the influenza beat for 20 years and I’ve never seen anything like this … and that’s not for lack of trying.”

But if you continue reading the article, you will see that they have actually tested some people positive for influenza via nasal swabs: those who were injected with the live-attenuated influenza vaccine.

The BCCDC has tested 30,000 samples for influenza this year. Only a dozen of those tests came back positive and all were linked to people who’d received a vaccine, which doesn’t count as community spread.

By comparison, the centre found 861 positive tests last year with roughly one-third of the testing.

B.C.’s experience is reflected across the country. A report from the Public Health Agency of Canada on Thursday said there hasn’t been enough influenza cases to even declare that the 2020-21 flu season has begun in Canada.

The 30,000 tests run for the flu this year is four times the average number of tests B.C. has done over the past five flu seasons. The dozen positive results were all connected to people who’d received the “live attenuated” flu vaccine, which is made from weakened influenza virus and delivered by nasal spray.

“It’s not unusual to pick up the vaccine virus in the nose swab,” Skowronski said. “What is unexpected is to find no influenza viruses otherwise at all in the province.” (Source.)

This is not a new phenomenon, of course. For years now there have been no cases of polio in most countries around the world, except among those who are vaccinated for polio. See:

I wondered if this phenomenon of zero flu cases was also being experienced in the U.S., so I did a search on the term “zero flu cases.” The result is in the graphic at the top of this article, which shows that many communities, hospitals, cities, and even states, are reporting the same thing as Canada.

The first 9 results found articles reporting zero cases of the flu this year, while the 10th result was a “fact checking” article stating that reports on Facebook stating that there were zero cases of flu this year were FALSE.

Of course, the reason being given as to why the flu just all of a sudden disappeared is because of COVID-19 measures, which stopped the flu, but not COVID-19. Not even the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines” have stopped COVID-19, as the majority of people dying today with a COVID-19 diagnosis have been “fully vaccinated.”

And yet people in the public actually believe this explanation as to why the flu has suddenly disappeared??

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