Propaganda says unvaccinated 16 times more likely to end up in ICU or die from COVID-19

Propaganda says unvaccinated 16 times more likely to end up in ICU or die from COVID-19

This sort of nonsense from US VP Kamala Harris is illustrative (even though she also lets the cat out of the bag),  and is repeated by governments and media throughout the world.

This report of the numbers is taken from Telegraph and although unsourced, is likely to be true.  The vaxxed in hospital are likely to be there because they are obese, elderly or have underlying conditions and could be successfully treated by hydroxychoroquine, iverectin or a combination of vits. C, D, zinc and quercetin.

This is the situation today and is only likely to get worse.

via Telgram

Today there are more vaccinated people in hospital 41, than unvaxxed at 40. Wed 10th Nov

Cases in hospital: 81 inpatients (up from 79 yesterday): North Shore (26); Waitakere (1); Middlemore (22); Auckland (32)

Vaccination status of current hospitalised cases: Unvaccinated or not eligible (40 cases / 49%); partially vaccinated<14 days (11 cases / 14%) partially vaccinated >14 days (14 cases / 17 %); fully vaccinated <14 days (3 cases / 4%) fully vaccinated >14 days (7 cases / 9%); unknown (6 cases / 7%)

Average age of current hospitalisations: 53

Cases in ICU or HDU: 11

However, this is the propaganda position being spread everywhere.

Coronavirus: NSW data shows unvaccinated 16 times more likely to end up in ICU or die from COVID-19

Unvaccinated people are 16 times more likely to end up in intensive care units or die from COVID-19, Australia’s New South Wales state said in a report, with officials urging people to get inoculated as Australia begins to live with the coronavirus.

The data from New South Wales (NSW) health department out late on Monday showed only 11 percent of people out of 412 who died from the Delta outbreak over four months through early October were fully vaccinated. The average age of those deaths was 82.

Only around 3 percent of people in intensive care units had two doses, while more than 63 percent of the 61,800 cases detected between June 16 and October 7 were unvaccinated.

“Young people with two doses of a vaccine experienced lower rates of infection and almost no serious disease, while those unvaccinated in this age group were at greater risk of developing COVID-19 and needing hospitalisation,” NSW Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant said in a statement.

Outside Israel and the UK (something Jacinda Adern and her officials refuse to discuss) there has been little media confirmation.However, we now have the following from Belgium (home to Geert vanden Bossche)  something I regard as highly significant.

‘The patients we have on the IC are actually all vaccinated’

For those who would think that the intensive care units are now full of unvaccinated people: that is no longer true, reports the Belgian regional TV channel ATV .

“At the moment we see a large majority of so-called breakthrough infections,” said Kristiaan Deckers, a chief physician of the Gasthuiszusters in Antwerp (GZA). “That is different from a few weeks ago when we indeed had a majority of unvaccinated people on the IC.”

Between 55 and 60 years

“Right now, that’s not the case anymore,” Deckers continued. “The patients that we now have in the ICU in GZA – I checked it yesterday – they have actually all been vaccinated.”

The average age of people with breakthrough infections at GZA is between 55 and 60 years.

Elsewhere in Belgium, too, there are mainly vaccinated people in hospital. “The patients we are taking in are more and more vaccinated patients,” Jo Leysen, director of the General Hospital Turnhout, told the regional channel RTV . “I know people sometimes hear other rumors, but the vast majority of the patients we are taking now are vaccinated people.

Antwerp hospitals are very concerned: “All alarm bells are going off, the virus is everywhere again”

Hospitals in the province of Antwerp are concerned about the continuously increasing infections. They point to the exponential growth in the figures, which also puts a lot of vaccinated people in hospital, with another imminent postponement of care. “The staff is on,” it sounds.

On Thursday, CEOs and medical directors of Antwerp hospitals met. The mood was one of concern. “But there is also resignation: here we go again, we’ll solve it again?”, says Kristiaan Deckers, medical director of the Antwerp GZA.

“Postponing care is just not necessary. Our capacity of 25% beds for covid in the intensive care department is now completely full. We’re even a little bit over it because we helped a neighboring hospital in trouble. We did, however, have to phase out beds in geriatrics.”

Staff loss

“The alarm bells are going off. The concern is very great because of the strong increase in patients”, Jan Flament, CEO of Hospital Geel, agrees. “Thanks to the vaccine, the corridors are not full of corona patients, but the vaccines seem to be losing strength. A third vaccine makes perfect sense.”

Flament points to a lot of staff loss: “We have had an extra entire nursing ward down. Many of them are women. They especially appear to care for the children who are sick or in quarantine. Loss of more than a month or a year also seriously peaks, due to burnouts and the like. Add to that the significant outflow due to an aging population and the recent extension of the nursing training and you have a perfect storm .”

“We have not had to postpone any concerns yet, but there is the fear that we will have to do so due to absences. That is very high for nursing staff. It’s over,” Deckers said.

Guy Hans (UZA) also sees staff drop out. “They also become infected outside the hospital, through contacts or children who bring it from school, for example. The viral load is often very high. Although a vaccine shortens the infectious period in which they cannot work.”

A second issue is exponential growth, with the law of large numbers. “If you have enough infected patients, you will still get a lot of patients, despite the vaccines,” says Hans. “Certainly those who have underlying problems and the elderly. It is a vulnerable situation.”

All vaccinated

“The profile of our intensive patients?”, says Deckers. “They are now all vaccinated with breakthrough infections. Relatively young people aged 55 to 60, quite a few with immune problems. But we also see several seriously ill younger people, aged 30 to 35. So the question is whether the vaccines still work as well.”

Less crowds at AZ Klina in Brasschaat, with about twenty covid patients, including six in the intensive care department. “The situation has been stable for the past fourteen days,” said spokeswoman Joanne De Roeck. “We should not delay care for the time being, but if the numbers increase, we may have to open a second department. Staff loss? We also see a lot of quarantines of children of staff. We call on our people to be careful with contacts. They do. Even before the cancellation, several people thanked for the thank you edition for the care of Night of the Proms .”

UZA should not postpone care yet either. “But it’s puzzling and sliding, and what in the near future? The curve is still rising and not yet bending. And what if we reach a plateau that continues for a while?”

Hans is critical about phasing out the measures. “Could we not have prevented this by more time between relaxations? We knew that there was a much more contagious variant and a lot of people – such as the children – still without a vaccine. It remains to be seen whether the tightening will help.”

Reserved covid beds?

What about keeping hospital beds free for corona patients, after UZ Gent said it would no longer do that? Hans is basically behind a buffer. “But it is not the case that large numbers of beds remain open. You want a certain reserve, so that hospitals can share the burden in solidarity. That system has already proven its worth.”

“Ethically it is extremely difficult to leave a bed empty for a covid patient,” Deckers argues. “If there is an urgent problem, we will solve it. We are not going to refuse to offer solutions for any covid patients that are yet to come.”

Goedele Beckers (medical director AZ Turnhout): “Where we initially left empty beds, up to half a department, that is no longer the case anywhere. We simply agree to scale up and down as necessary. Our hospital is also busy and we have scaled up to phase 1A, where 25% of the beds are for covid care. But we are well prepared for a possible higher phase with more beds.”

Really! Do we expect this situation not to be replicated in New Zealand with its high vaccination levels? It already is!

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  1. Mate, don’t be a Muppet and show a doctored video of Kamala Harris saying vaccinated instead of what she was actually saying, which was clearly unvaccinated people.
    This sort of thing ends up destroying any credibility for those who are trying to help inform people of the real science behind all of this. Its not funny or ironic. Really quite disappointing from a person that obviously has some belief in Christian values, would sink so low. Keep it real mate.

    1. Your response is that typical of trolls. You identify something you can criticise and that provides am excuse to ignore the rest of the proof. I only discovered what she said about the vaxxed after i posted it.

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