Protesters Establish Autonomous Zone Around Seattle PD Building as Police Retreat

Protesters Establish Autonomous Zone Around Seattle PD Building as Police Retreat

Portland, Oregon: Militants 

take over and create an 

“autonomous zone” in city 

with their own rules


The collapse of the Soviet Union has allowed globalist Capital to establish a 30-year regime of loot and plunder. The unequal distribution wealth has made the Western world inherently unstable. Not only the West, but also third world countries following the Western neoliberal model. Any match may light a revolt or revolution.

It started with the “Arab Spring”. Syria was nearly destroyed because of neoliberal economic policies adopted in the 2000s. Ukraine followed in 2014. The root cause of the riots in Hong Kong is the inequality and relative poverty brought by the city’s Capitalist model.

–Petri Krohn, via Facebook

Presumably DN! and Amy Goodman APPROVE of the revolution

In Seattle, protesters are claiming victory after they established a barricaded zone around a police precinct building that had been the site of protests — and a brutal police crackdown — for eight days. The precinct building is now boarded up. Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best described the move as an exercise in “trust and deescalation.”

On Friday, Seattle announced a 30-day ban on the use of tear gas, but officers continued to use it against protesters over the weekend. Meanwhile, the Seattle City Council has begun discussing demilitarizing or defunding the police force. On Monday, Seattle City Councilperson Kshama Sawant introduced a bill to ban police from using chemical weapons and chokeholds.

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